Monday, March 15, 2010

Marc Brown for the 180th

Out of all the criminal justice races that we had in the primaries, the only one going to the run off is for the Republican candidate for the 180th District Court featuring Felony Division Chief Marc Brown versus terminated-for-incompetence-many-years-ago Danny Dexter.

This is an important race because the winner will be facing off against the Democratic Candidate Darrell Jordan who has some severe issues of his own (not the least of which is inexperience).

Marc Brown has recently gotten the endorsement of legendary former District Attorney Johnny Holmes (who rarely comes out of retirement to endorse ANYONE), and I'm hoping that this will motivate you, and your Precinct Chairs to get the word out that Marc Brown is far and away the best candidate in the race.

Not to mention that his former opponent in the race, Emily Munoz, has also endorsed Marc for the job.

Marc has a fundraiser tonight at Diego's (formerly Picazo's) in Downtown from 5:30 - 7:30. I hope you can make it and lend your support for the unquestionably most qualified candidate in the race.

More importantly, don't forget to vote for Marc once the run-off early voting begins.

Tell your friends!


Anonymous said...

VOTE Brown or VOTE Dexter, but GO VOTE!! It is more important now than ever that Harris County show all elected officials that they are vulnerable and should be held accountable to the electorate. The entitlement left over from 2008 is nauseating and we, the electorate need to send a clear message that shows ALL elected officials that they work for us, not us for them!!

Anonymous said...

Marc drew number one so lets get going and let your friends know about the race and how important it is. Tell your friends to vote and vote for Marc.

Anonymous said...

The former Democratic candidate is also supporting Marc Brown over incompetent Darrell Jordan. It's telling.