Friday, March 5, 2010

Mobilize for Marc Brown

If political history has taught us anything over the past two years it is this:

The run-off system is not always the best qualified candidate's friend.

Exhibit A, of course, is none other than Pat Lykos.

Out of the Criminal Judical Races, only one of them is headed for a run-off, and thank goodness it is.

Marc Brown and Danny Dexter will face off on April 13th (with early voting the week prior) for the Republican Nomination for the 180th District Court. In case you missed my original recap of the race, you can find it here.

Folks, Danny Dexter has got no business being in a position where he would literally preside over life and death situations in a Capital Murder trial. He is one of a very small amount of prosecutors that was ever fired for incompetency while I was at the Office.

Marc Brown, on the other hand, has the knowledge, skill, and temperment to be an excellent judge.

Sadly, Danny has had the support of some Republican bigwigs that know nothing of the Criminal Justice System, and it is that kind of support that thrives in the runoff system. It's that kind of support that got Pat Lykos elected.

And it's that kind of support that we've got to be fighting against now.

There aren't going to be that many races with runoffs, so mobilize now. Marc has a Facebook website up now. You can become a fan by going to it here.

Emily Munoz (who was previously in the race) has already given her support to Marc, and hopefully those who voted for her in the election will vote for him.

You just have to remember to vote during the Run Off. Join the Facebook website and mark your calendars to vote in April. Tell your friends and family.

Don't let another Lykos scenario happen, guys.


Anonymous said...

This is another example of why I hate politics. Marc and Danny are not even in the same league. Marc is in the major leagues. Danny played T-ball once upon a time, and was kicked off the team because he couldn't find the ball, or the bat, or the glove, or the base.
There is no way in this world that they should be in a run-off.
If you want a judge who knows the law, vote for Marc Brown.
If you want a judge who has years of felony trial experience, vote for Marc Brown.
In short, vote for Marc Brown!

Anonymous said...

Dexter is going to buy this bench. He has spent at least fifty thousand dollars of his own money. This shows how bright he is because that is more than a third of what his salary will be come January. How did he spend that money? Ten thousand dollars to The What's Up Radio Program (Terry Lowry)for the Link Letter Edorsement. Six thousand dollars to the Texas Conservative Review (Gary Polland) for a non-endorsement that said he had run the "most impressive race" of the three candidates. Five thousand dollars paid out of personal funds by his wife Barbie Dexter to The Conservative Republicans of Harris County (Steve Hotze) for his endorsemet. I hear Dexter wants Barbie to either buy the Chronicle or start her own newspaper so he can get a newspaper endorsement too. Money talks people. Too bad for Marc that he doesn't have money to burn.

Anonymous said...

You should stop using the Lykos example as a bad run-off result. Many of us are not ahppy with Lykos, but she's a damn sight better than Siegler. Is she were here, the whole damn office would be crusading like Diepraam ran off with his tail between his legs to do up in Montgomery County. Good riddance to both of them, and several others.

Anonymous said...

Did Danny ever try any capital murder cases? No.
How do you sit on a felony bench with no capital murder experience? Oh, I guess he could just call it unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

I worked with Danny Dexter when he was an Intern at the DA office, he was barely qualified for that, except he knew spreadsheets, his background financial. He was better suited to stay in the banking business. His personal and professional life do not qualify him for such an important bench in the criminal law area. The DA's office knew they made a mistake in hiring him shortly after the hiring took place, they gave him several chances and he never could step up to the plate.

Don't vote for Danny he is not qualified at all. Make sure you get your friends to go vote who normally wouldn't on a run off election. This one is too important to pass.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean that Danny isn't qualified because he has never tried a capital murder case? Exactly how qualified do you have to be when most judges come out of the prosecutor's office and automatically side with the State? You could get any 5 year old up there to say "overruled" when the defense makes an objection, and they would probably work for cookies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53. Wah Wah. Dexter will be another loser like Helm, Harper etc. Look at Judges like Cosper and Don Stricklin who were former prosecutors. Did they make you cry too you big baby? If you can't take the heat of being a defesne attorney then get another job!

Anonymous said...

Let the chips fall where they may at this point... I know for certain that we in Misd. Div. are just happy that Palmer failed in her attempt to take the bench. In retrospect though, now we are STUCK with her.

As for Dexter, there are good points and bad points made on this blog about him. It's politics. I would hate to see this blog become a campaign site for Marc. He's a great guy and an asset to our office. We will certainly miss him when he goes, but let HIM run his campaign and let US banter about why or why not to vote for either of him.

Ever thought that Marc is running for the 180th to run away from Lykos and her idiots? She is a disgrace to everything this office stands for and time and again she proves that people like Marc (and the rest of us)find it more and difficult to hold our heads high saying we are doing the right thing for the right reason. If the general public knoew what goes on around here, they would outraged!! I have never spoken with Marc about it, but I'm sure he would agree. He just has too much class to vocalize his true feelings knowing what the punishment could be for doing so.

That said, let the chips fall where they may and whatever side you fall on in this race, VOTE!!!! It's the only way we can rid the county of the idiots that are running this village.

Anonymous said...

Anon.February 25, 2010 12:23 AM "Here":

I think certain comments from a few weeks ago are worth repeating for those of you who did not read them elsewhere on this Blog. Marc is now the new Kelly. Déjà vu all over again - Read on:

Regarding discontent about Judge Lykos getting elected District Attorney of Harris County, Consider this: "Sometimes great Generals (Chuck & Kelly) make for baby politicians".

The people that WORK HARD as seasoned prosecutors or criminal defense lawyers, haven't the foggiest idea what it takes to truly have the ability to "step into the sewer" called politics.

It's not like a Jury trial where you get to make a structured spell binding final argument, or think you have personal control over the set of rules that are placed before you to follow.

To be "political" many times runs contrary to "seeking Justice" or " "zealously representing your client" - IE: yourself.

The better analogy is like this nightmare: "You show up for trial and as you try to present your case by direct or cross - there's no code of evidence or procedure, No referee, & the Jury changes number from 6 or 12 to any number from 8 to 73 as well as their faces and bodies change from one hour to the next. What one odd numbered group of "jurors" heard a minute ago, the presently and phantasmal seated odd numbered & stranger jury has never heard any of it before. Every 14 & 1/2 minutes a bell rings and the State and Defense switch tables in a courtroom that resembles part brothel, church, bar, and field. Then both sides also take turns "playing" judge and even trade sides completely. There is no Bailiff and the case seems to never end - like the old Law School case styled; "Jaundice vs. Jaundice".

In short fellow members of the Criminal Justice Community - the most qualified people in some people's mind don't normally get elected and good hard working people get voted out. How many of you vote just every now and then and not every time you can? How many bitch here anonymously but forgot to vote on that fateful runoff day when Kelly lost? How many of you have ever worked a polling booth or donated to a political campaign without having to be asked? How many of you can't vote next week because you simply are not registered to vote?

You see this ever fluid group of people I refer to above as the phantom jury represents the people that just don't give a shit and throw "all that political mail" in the trash. Regardless of how strong you feel positive or negative about one candidate or another - they all have one thing in common: Win or lose - they took the chance to compete and get dirty. They are on the field and you are not. Be charitable with your anonymous "drive by shots". It's a wonder anyone of any substance even thinks about running for an elected office when there is so much to loose - like dignity and privacy.

Postscript: Judge Lykos won because she was the better POLITICIAN than Kelly AND many of Kelly's supporters took things for granted and just didn't vote or stay the course.

Regardless of how you feel about the present "situation" in "The Office" - are YOU willing to take "HER" on personally or financially? Are YOU willing to get out from your comfort zone of anonymously griping to actively getting politically active on YOUR candidate's campaign? Have YOU ever attended the mired political functions these people have to attend just to keep this phantom ever changing jury's attention and hope they remember your name on election day and hope they know where to drive to even vote?

If you don't like Lycos - she will have to be beaten in a world many of you are ill equipped to enter. Don't take it personally. Take the challenge...but stop counting how many Jury trials you have because politically - it doesn't matter.

February 25, 2010 12:23 AM

Anonymous said...

"You should stop using the Lykos example as a bad run-off result. Many of us are not ahppy with Lykos, but she's a damn sight better than Siegler. Is she were here, the whole damn office would be crusading like Diepraam ran off with his tail between his legs to do up in Montgomery County. Good riddance to both of them, and several others."
Anon 7:57

Your writing ability and attention to detail is reflective of your insight....hence your bitterness.
Don't you ever get tired of just being another crab in the basket?
Pat Lykos, Danny Dexter and you detest what you all desire most.....true talent and ability.

Anonymous said...

Anon.February 25, 2010 12:23 AM "Here":

Enough already! If you work at "The Office" and love it - great! If you no longer work at "The Office" & hate the current admin. - great! If you STILL work at the Office and Hate it - then quit or YOU DO SOMETHING to correct the situation!

The people here who constantly bitch over & over & over about Lykos, Kelly, Rosenthal, Lykos, Kelly, Rosenthal.... Lions & Tigers & Bears - OH MY! - ENOUGH ALREADY! Quit wining and DO SOMETHING other than talk. Move in the direction of ACTION / EFFORT! To merely incessantly argue anonymously on an e-mail Blog is pure mental masturbation. This is getting very old. My Gawd - EVERYONE ON THIS BLOG QUIT BITCHING AND START GETTING POLITICALLY ACTIVE!

RIGHT NOW I CHALLENGE EVERYONE WHO TRULY CARES ABOUT THE D.A.'S OFFICE TO ENCOURAGE MIKE ANDERSON TO RUN IN 2012! If he accepts the challenge then I challenge YOU - yes YOU = to help him with time, money, effort AND as Winston Churchill said during the Blitz:

"Never give up! Never give up! Never give up!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53pm,

This blog provides a forum for those of us involved already to exchange ideas and get some insight into the CJC from alot of involved people. It just happens to be a political season so the posts you see are related to the climate at the time.

As for your "mental masturbation" comment, I noticed that you failed to post your name, too. Some of us do in fact work at the DA office and for obvious reasons cannot readily post our names on this blog. None the less, this blog is a very powerful tool we use to share information about wha tis happening at our office and our courthouse. We ARE doing something by sharing ideas and thoughts about those who hold office and those who want to hold office. Pay attention and you will soon notice that alot is said here that matters to alot of people, most of whom cannot wait till 2012 to see this smoke and mirrors game be over with!!!

Anonymous said...

To: Anon 1:53pm,

From: Anon.February 25, 2010 12:23 AM.

I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

From: Anon.February 25, 2010 12:23 AM
TO:Anon 1:53pm:

Read your post again. No...go ahead I'll wait........Done?

OK - do you see how all you did was TALK about TALKING? Candidates need more than kvetching! They need help - tangible help. I mean REALLY! - How many times does it take to merely TALK about the SITUATION or as you say: ("by sharing ideas and thoughts about those who hold office and those who want to hold office".) This is like running on a treadmill. "Hey look mom, I ran 20 miles but I'm still in the same place!"

Also, don't take the masturbation comment so personal. I did seem to have hit a nerve there - no pun intended.

Whats wrong with me suggesting ACTION by getting involved in the political scene - the VERY place Lykos will have to be beaten - rather than agreeing with merely sitting still and talking about talking or the ever so powerful - discussing ideas? Get off your ass and help these candidates win!

Oh that's right you still work there and CAN'T OPENLY HELP. OK, YOU WIN - KEEP TYPING ABOUT TALKING.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:57
The Betty Ford Clinic called and they want you back. Nobody here buys your stupid argument that crappy prosecutors like Siegler and Diepraam and Wilson and ... left the office and only the nation's top prosecutors run that office now. A Jack and Coke is waitnig for you.

Anonymous said...

With all the talent that has left the HCDA and the judiciary who really cares if Dexter wins. Harris County is the butt of jokes around the state and it is not getting better anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

For a little levity go to, he's the Democratic nominee for county judge. Click on issues and see what he says about criminal justice. Mind you, he's an immigration lawyer. This is the Demcratic plank in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

Want to change things? Call up the Marc Brown campaign, I'm sure they're listed with the local Repub party or check out Marc's website, I would think he has one and volunteer. Volunteer, block walk, phone bank, tell others to vote for him, donate, buy his volunteers a pizza, just do something. Dan Patrick's right, organization beats money every time.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone look at the results. Dexter has a machine behind him. He had 9000 mail in ballots to 1000 or so for Marc. Dexter is going to win this runoff hands down. We must understand no one cares about qualifications if so how did Dexter win by such a large margin. Wake up people either write checks or shut up and lay out the welcome mat. This is why America is in the shape we are in, people with law degrees have no idea about the basics of politics.

You all think Mike Anderson can be the DA. That is crazy. Does he have a war chest to spend on the race? No Does he have high name ID? No. That is what it will take to beat an incumbent. Please go read a book about politics and stop guessing like you do on your day jobs.

Anonymous said...

Anon.February 25, 2010 12:23 AM

Anon.March 7, 2010 9:51 PM

Wow, such know it all pessimism.
Your reply will most likely be you are a realist. I say you are a defeatist! OK folks listen up: ANY ONE WHO HAS BEEN BITCHING HERE ABOUT THE CURRENT D.A. ADMIN. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT RUNNING IN 2012 because it just can't be done.

Lets see what the PAPER SAID THE DAY after THE RUNOFF:

" In the March primary, Siegler got 43 percent of the vote and Lykos got 29 percent, with two other candidates splitting the remainder. A runoff was necessary because no candidate got a majority of the vote. Turnout for the runoff fell below 40,000 votes countywide, compared with the 140,695 votes cast in the race in the first round on March 4."


Anonymous said...

Dexter has a machine behind him. He had 9000 mail in ballots to 1000 or so for Marc.

Actually, this may very well hurt him in the runoff.

I've worked get out the vote campaigns for years, and mail ins are a great way to get people to vote who otherwise would not get out of the house. It works best for Democrats, because their turn out is traditionally lower. But in this case, they'll be hard pressed to get that many people to show up at the polls for a runoff who didn't for the primary.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51,
All the Mike Anderson courthouse cheerleaders are clueless to political reality. Mike is a great guy and way better than Kenny Magidson, but outside of the CJC world nobody cares.
Like it or not we need a big name with big money who is a scrapper. A mustachioed cowboy clone might fulfill a nostalgic delusion, but won't win a DA election.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is absurd. Anyone who has worked with Danny will tell you he is a nice person but has no business being a judge--not even a JP for that matter.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to help the Marc Brown campaign, they can contact Marc at or Edward Porter at You can make a difference if you act.

If anyone wants signs contact me. We should have more signs in the middle of the week.

Edward D. Porter

Anonymous said...

Just be thankful that you do not live and practice in Smith County!!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Holmes has endorsed Marc in the race. See his web site or elect Marc Brown group on facebook.

BLACK INK said...

As you know all too well, a political campaign reveals a candidate's character;it does not create or destroy it.

I hope Marc remembers who brought him to the dance and not simply who paid for the bus ride.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:57- Get long as Lykos is in that office Harris County will be a big joke. Let Kelly stories go. She was and is a super star in the world of a prosecutor and an admirable and honest person. You never heard Kelly calling a Judge a "f___K Face. You guys need to take the high road and live with what you got yourself in to. Harris County has lost some of the finest prosecutors our county has seen in years. I am anxiously waiting to se who will be the next DA. I think you will be surprised.Thank God I retired- Murray keep up the good work my friend.

Anonymous said...

I support any judge that has the backing of judge pat lykos. as a pct judge I put my faith and vote with whoever pat lykos support.

Anonymous said...

Thank the maker that Palmer did not make it into a runoff. And she won't be in the office too much longer I hope. But Mark is a classy guy and is one of the most underused assets in the office. He is always above the frey. He would have made a good DA. And will make a great judge. Keep blawging Newman! Aggies suck! Hook'em horns!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:31 so you don't have a mind of your own. You need to get one and be a responsible voter.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Danny is unqualified for any bench - but why couldn't he get the Mayor to appoint him to the muni court? It'd have been a damn sight cheaper and he'd still get to wear a robe.

Anonymous said...


Do you live in the real world? Have you read his evaluations and heard about his "purchased endorsements"??? These are not rumors people.... these are legitimate facts. There is only ONE qualified candidate in this race (Marc Brown) and if you think otherwise you must be an ignorant baffoon.