Oh Danny Boy

The truth, the truth is calling . . .

Looks like 180th District Court candidate (and failed prosecutor), Danny Dexter decided that he could find an ear to listen to his story over at www.bigjolly.com, as he addressed what he believed to be unfair criticism over his job performance on this blog and in the minds of all those who suffer from common sense.

In his lengthy response to Big Jolly, he denied that he had been fired from the Office for incompetence, pointing out that he had resigned.

But then Marc Brown had to haul off and point out the truth by forwarding Big Jolly the memo from then-First Assistant Bert Graham detailing the meeting he had with Danny when he politely gave Danny the option of resigning or being fired -- for incompetence.

You can read the post here.

Danny. Danny. Danny.

What are we going to do with you? I mean, it's one thing to have no clue what you're doing, but to start blatantly misrepresenting facts is getting dangerously close to getting the old "Liar" label.

Tsk tsk.


Anonymous said…
And your boy Lloyd Oliver was no-billed. Big day for judicial candidates.

jigmeister said…
Got to wonder what Oliver said to the GJ to get NB. Bet it was "very sorry, won't do it again, don't punch my ticket". Too bad; one less scumbag and a lesson to all.
Anonymous said…
And the state bar can still take a poke at him.

Anonymous said…
Poor Danny, you really must read his email posted in Big Jolly, it is quite humorous. You would think Danny is a knight in shinning armor against the wrongs of the world. But if you worked with him you would know Danny was a big disappointment.
Anonymous said…
What lloyd Oliver did was minor in comparison to all the letter writer lawyers. They are the ones the bar needs to go after. Car sales gimicks are what they use to get clients.
Anonymous said…
Why, oh why, did the Harris County District Attorney's Office send Danny to Career Prosecutor School? There was a time when only the cream of the crop was sent to that "school." There seems to be a disconnect with Danny's apparent dismal performance at the office and the odd investment of funds in sending him to a "school" which was not a harbinger of his usefulness to the office. It seems to me a disservice was done to Danny - the office apparently allowed him to think he had a future as they were at the same time cutting his "pri....." off - an all too familiar exercise by certain supervisors at the office. Based on his performance, as noted by contributors to this blog, he should have been long gone - now he is within a hair of being a district judge. Some of his supervisors with no ....... (since I'm sure he had both sexes) are thus responsible for a possible electoral snafu.
Anonymous said…
My guess is they didn't let Danny go sooner for fear of an age discrimination lawsuit.
Anonymous said…
Anon, 3:48 pm, what the "letter writers" do is constitutional and legal. I know, I helped argue the case in federal court. As I recall, the Harris County DA's office appeared before Judge Hittner and made the argument that criminal defendants would be "harmed" if they had access to affordable legal representation before a 30 day period expired, after which they agreed it would be legal for a lawyer to send them a letter. That would, of course, give the DA's office at least 2 court appearances to pressure them into a plea. I'm assuming that you know that prosecutors won't even offer deferred to someone that doesn't have an attorney. At the very least, the presence of a "letter writer" attorney would get a defendant a deferred offer instead of an outright conviction. Yes, some lawyers that write letters aren't any good, just like some appointed counsel routinely plead out defendants on the first appearance without even bothering to ask the defendant what happened. I've watched that happen for 20 years too. Got any indignation for that practice? Letter writing gives many beginning lawyers without a big advertising budget or referral sources a chance to build a practice. Most of the ones I've seen work very hard for their clients, because they want those future referrals and they want to build a reputation as a good lawyer. Furthermore, the State Bar approves all advertising, including letters, TV ads, web pages, and all other forms of advertising in this state, in case you didn't know. I personally find letter writing far less offensive than almost all the personal injury lawyer ads I've seen on TV. If you don't approve of letter writing as a form of advertising, don't do it.
Anonymous said…
Lets talk about "Ambulance Chasers": Legal Term: Barratry.

Real Term's root word:


nuff said!
Anonymous said…
Note all - Patsy is honing her covert operations skills...flanked by her favorite side-kick:


"Thirty-two-year CIA veteran Jack Devine, president of the Arkin Group (an international risk consulting and intelligence group), held listeners to rapt attention Thursday night when he talked about his life in covert operations ...lucky ones in the intimate gathering included...
Rachel Palmer and Don Hooper... and Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos.

I can't wait to see what she adds to her management toolkit...
Anonymous said…
It's small events like this that continue to endear our little "Patsy" and "Palmer" to us, here at the CJC. Why oh why do they continue to isolate themselves from the rank and file of the DA's office?

It was once said - "The ass you chew on today may be the same one you have to kiss tomorrow".

Yep! Remember Ms. Palmer and Patsy, KARMA is a BITCH!!!!
Anonymous said…
This whole thing (Dexter's attempts at redemption and Lykos / Palmer elitism) strikes at the core of what is wrong with HCRP. Until the voters demonstrate an ability to become informed, this crap will continue to happen. You cannot buy class!!!

Informed voters create good leaders and that that translates into good, fair policies and impartial justice at the criminal courthouse. WE NEED TO DEMAND THAT!

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