Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Legal History

There were two great articles in the Chronicle this morning about the legal history of Texas that I found to be really interesting. I hope you will, too.

In the Opinions section, Baker and Botts' Bill Kroger, who has been appointed to co-chair the Texas Supreme Court's Historical Records Task Force talks about the efforts being made to preserve historical documents from the judicial system that date all the way back to the days of Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin. You can read his post here.

And although you don't read this statement much on this blog: Rick Casey wrote a great column this morning on the importance of preserving Texas history and how we're losing that battle to time, the elements, and Ebay.

If you're interested in the history of the legal system, not to mention the Great State of Texas, these are really good articles and good causes that are worth your time.

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jigmeister said...

I remember going over to the old Teapot dome building some 30 years ago where the clerks office stored old documents; and looking at some of the old judgements and handwritten docket sheets. Some were of trials resulting in hangings near the courthouse from the 1890's. I guess they are still there. Often thought some of the stories would make a good book.