Monday, August 30, 2010

Marc Brown takes the Bench

Big Congratulations to Marc Brown who took the bench in the 180th District Court today. I wasn't at the CJC today for the swearing in ceremony, but I was there in spirit.

I know Judge Brown is going to do a great job on the bench, and I look forward to trying cases in front of him for many years to come!


Anonymous said...

Stealth is at it again....

The Judge can't escape him.

Just Sayin' said...

Congrats to Marc Brown--qualifications matter!
Now we need to get a qualified candidate for DA in 2012.
Magidson is a no brainer for the Dems in 2012 but who is the GOP going to put up againt the "Judge"?
We can't take a chance of straight GOP ticket anti-Obama voters and get stuck with our current nasty POS for 4 more years--the office can't survive that.
HCDAO has lost its way. The former Rock Star prosecutors with guts are long gone.
The 2012 campaign season begins in November and we need to be ready--complacency is what brought us the "Curse of the Troll".

Anonymous said...

Magidson hasn't said he'll run, and actually has said he won't. Who the Republicans ought to court and back to take out Patsy is Mike Anderson. He's not running for re-election to the bench and the timing is perfect.

Just Sayin' said...

Anon 12:20,
1. Magidson will undoubtedly run as a democrat for HCDA in 2012.
2. Mike and Devon will be retiring to the country for a well deserved exit from the corruption of Houston politics in 2012....and my 1st choice said she wouldn't run in 2012 either. But who knows --two years is a long time in politics.
3. We need a real prosecutor and not a politician or defense attorney to replace the disgrace stinking up the 6th floor.

Just Sayin'