Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A New Judge in Town

Big congratulations to Marc Brown who was named the acting Judge of the 180th District Court today, subject to confirmation.

Marc, um, I mean, soon-to-be-Judge Brown will be filling the unexpired term of Judge Debbie Stricklin who stepped down in July. The date he will actually assume the bench will be announced once he is able to wrap up his job with the District Attorney's Office.

I couldn't be more excited to see such a well-qualified Judge taking the Bench. He's got the brains, the work ethic, and the compassion to be a phenomenal judge.

Here's to hoping that the unexpired term is just a preview to many more terms on the Bench to come!

Congratulations, Marc!


Anonymous said...

welll deserved and a HUGE asset to Harris County. I can only imagine how elated he is to be departing the "LIE-KOS" train and moving on to greener pastures. He make a tremendous judge. We are honored to have him serving in our county.

jigmeister said...

Congrats Marc. Now figure out what your doing.

Anonymous said...

Judge Lykos is the one who made the call to help Marc.Perry moves when she calls.Good for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Marc is one of the most honest people I know. He will make a great judge.

I Just Vomited said...

Anon 8:59,
Wow, that was realy cool of Judge Pat. It pays to have a well connected boss. I knew Judge Pat conTROLLed the Houston media but never realized how much power she had the Texas capital. Now that's impressive. I can't wait for Judge Pat to try a Capital--can you imagine!

A Harris County Lawyer said...

I completely agree with you, but what do you expect from Lykos? She takes credit for everything from all the exonerations to the sun coming up. If she was so tight with the Governor, one has to wonder why he didn't appoint HER to fill in Rosenthal's term after she won the Republican primary in 2008.

And, I gotta say, I like your name.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59 is a loser; I might be blonde - but I don't get why he would even bring up Lykos name. IF (BIG IF) she did call - it should be confidential. IJV & HCL are right; I expect my DA focused on the bad guys. Anon 8:59 - please report back when Judge Pat has done what she was elected to do.

In my opinion, Marc deserves 100% of the congratulation! Congratulations Marc and very well deserved.

Anonymous said...

re: Anon 8:59 - Lykos calling Perry-

That is absolute B.S unless she really did call and then it would be both of them BSing each other.

"Judge Lykos"? She's not a judge and shouldn't be using the moniker. Is that you writing this Jim?

I Just Vomited, said...

Murray, What do you think of the Chronicle's latest fawning over their annointed one? We all know that most of the people in prison are really innocent and need to move in next door to Judge Pat and Rick Casey. However,in the rare instance when the defendant is actually guilty,he voluntarily confesses with Dick DeGuerin at his side dressed up like a drugstore cowboy,the crime is audio-videotaped with triangulation by highly reputable islamic extremists and none of his rights were trampled by the evil law enforcement "thugs"--Who the hell is going to try the son of a bitch come Christmas? The Harris County crooks and inmates must be ROTFLTAO!

Anonymous said...

The mission statement of the former Harris County District Attorney's office has been re-written by the Houston Chronicle and signed off by her Majesty Queen Lykos, towit: "When in doubt let them out" which translates to "Harris County prosecutors are too scared and/or incompetent to risk trying a tough case".
The Chronicle's laughing right along with the crooks.

Anonymous said...

"When in doubt let them out"

Uhhh, I know you ADAs don;t like to bother with all thet reasonable doubt bs, but isn't that exactly what the constitution requires?


Anonymous said...

You're either that stupid or just looking for attention. The world would be easier for you if it really was as black and white as you wish but the grey in between jacks you up every time.