Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Investigating the Investigation Investigating the Other Investigation

Okay, so I'm sitting at home on the couch with my jaw hanging wide open after just watching Ted Oberg's six o'clock report on Pat Lykos' latest antics.  I mean, I know that no one is going to ever accuse me of being President of the Lykos Fan Club, but Oberg's story tonight falls under the "Holy Cr*p" category regardless of your feelings of Lykos.

The long story short is that despite Lykos' triumphant "Hey I didn't get indicted!" press conference yesterday, where she denied investigating the 185th Grand Jurors, she, in fact did.  On SATURDAYOctober 22nd, First Assistant Jim Leitner called Chief Investigator Don McWilliams at home and ordered him to run all the background information he could on the Grand Jurors.  On SATURDAY, October 29th, that investigation expanded into researching not only the Grand Jurors, but also Judges Marc and Susan Brown, and Judge Mike Anderson.

Lykos' response is that this is not an investigation.  I guess that would depend on what your definition of "is" is, wouldn't it?  Or something like that.

I'm sure that Lykos supporters will once again scoff at the paranoia behind this story and how it really is no big deal, but to them, I will once again pose the following question:

If any other Defendant or subject of an investigation was caught researching the men and women of a sitting Grand Jury or Jury, would there be a cause for concern or at least an air of potential retaliation in the works?

What exactly differentiates that type of behavior when the District Attorney is the one doing it as opposed to a "common criminal"?

ANSWER:  Absolutely nothing.


Scott C. Pope said...

Someone should remind big jolly of this. He's got his head in the sand....or somewhere dark and dank.

Anonymous said...

If those background investigations included running NCIC/TCIC, you'd probably have a crime.

Anonymous said...

Lykos is such a LIAR! It's the same vindictiveness that caused her to go after Amanda Culberson. There needs to be another investigation into this. I sure hope she was asked about this in the Grand Jury.

This is also her motive behind getting Leitner to obtain transcripts of the Grand Jury questioning of witnesses. Wonder if anything will become of that and if not, why not?

She would have gotten Joe the Investigator to do it but he still has trouble logging onto the computer. Bet he got some nice 8 X 10 glossy photos of Grand Jurors.

Anonymous said...

If he ran them on TCIC/NCIC then he broke the law. Can someone do an open records request with DPS to see who was run on that day?

Anonymous said...

Just curious, is double jeopardy a factor with a GJ?

Murray Newman said...

Anon 7:11,

No, a Grand Jury investigation does not invoke "jeopardy" in a criminal matter.

I think that the commenters at 6:47 p.m. and 6:56 p.m. have excellent points. DPS needs to see if the names of the Grand Jurors were run by McWilliams and/or any other person on the D.A. Office staff. That would seem a relatively simple thing to figure out.

Anonymous said...

Why would such an investigation not be an Abuse of Official Capacity under 39.02 of the Penal Code? Seems to me that using a DA investigator to dig up dirt or intelligence on people one perceives to be political enemies is hardly a legitimate purpose or duty of the DA's office.

Anonymous said...

I just hope that the Grand Jurors who served on the 185th do something about this little foray into their private worlds. None of those pussies at the DA's office are going to do shit except sit around and moan and squawk about what should be done, yet they're not going to do a fricking thing to get that crazy bitch to pay for what she's done.

If I could, I would. But I'm a lowly non-lawyer and don't know what or how to get the ball rolling. If I had access to the means of checking this stuff out or had friends at DPS, you bet your booty I'd be leading the charge.

If Mike Anderson had a set of nuts, he'd be the first one to step up and get that narcissistic bitch. Or Devon should. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO WIN UNLESS YOU PLAY DIRTY.

Anonymous said...

If there is a minimal indication that HCDAO employees ran NCIC checks on the Grand Jurors, then a new Grand Jury investigation needs to begin and Special Prosecutors appointed. This is serious.

It won't be hard to tell if the Chief Investigator ran criminal histories as that is not something he has occasion to do very often.

An open records request for all of his computer transactions during the time period involved will show exactly what he did and whether it was done on duty.

As a matter of fact, Lykos assigned the Chief of the Grand Jury Division to stand watch every Tuesday and Thursday near the door of the Grand Jury just to report to her who came and went as a witness. (And to intimidate the jurors). Per Texas Tribune figures, that ADA makes $132000 per year which is over $68.00 per hour. Assuming he was on his post for 6 hours a day, that's $400 PER DAY! of taxpayer money being used by Lykos to spy on the Grand Jury. We're talking a FELONY Abuse of Official Capacity folks if he was only there for three days.

Use the same numbers for the Chief Investigator on the time he spent "not investigating" the Grand Jurors, Judges, and others.

The potential of this becoming a much bigger problem for Lykos is huge.

PS: Lots more will likely come out after Amanda Culberson or others file lawsuits.

Thomas Hobbes said...

I think Lykos already acknowledged that criminal histories are routinely run on grand jurors as part of the vetting process. You should expect to see evidence of that and there should have been no reason to run them again in October.

Thomas Hobbes said...

Thinking about this, however, there are some other names for which there would have been no valid reason to run criminal histories at any point in this cluster.

Anonymous said...

Running TCIC/NCIC for inappropriate reasons can create trouble with the Feds. Ask Abercia.

Anonymous said...

An open records request won't reveal anything on this. TCIC/NCIC is, by its nature, non-public. Its quite easy to find this information out, but it will need to be done as part of a law enforcement investigation, or pursuat to a court order (e.g., if a civil lawsuit is brought a court order could obtain limited information).

DPS or the FBI can easily see who ran the information for the grand jurors. And it will be that simple. And, because that information is not maintained by the HCDAO, Lykos can't do anything to erase these records. Lykos and crew didn't learn from Nixon - the cover up is worse than the crime.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who are not part of the criminal justice world, TCIC/NCIC is a state and national database that tracks criminal and other information regarding citizens. DPS maintains the state database, and the FBI maintaines the national database. Because the potential for abuse is so high, there are very strict rules about the proper purposes for which people can use these databases.

If its being used for a legitimate law enforcement purpose, then its fine. The State can justify using it to look up the potential criminal records of jurors to make sure that the jurors had no disqualifying criminal records. We share that information with defense lawyers during jury selection so that they are also aware of who may have convictions.

The grand jurors were likely ran through TCIC/NCIC before they started their service. However, there would be no legitimate purpose to run them afterward if they were not parts of a legitimate criminal investigation.

Anonymous said...

How will your friend Big Jolly defend this one? Remember this classic line from the 90's "I did not have sex with that. Woman," ? Newsflash to Pat, having your chief investigator run background checks on grand jurors and judges IS an investigation just like a man putting his penis in a woman's mouth IS sex.

Anonymous said...

Oh Patsy! When you open your mouth you sure do put that orthopedic foot in it. I wonder what the next story will be out of our office. Inquiring minds already know....... Which Lykos hand picked Leadership Team member will be next answering questions about their actions????

Jigmeister said...

Two phone calls to an off duty investigator to perform a cursory investigation of grand jurors, two sitting judges and two ex-judges implies far more than a google search that Lykos or Leitner could have done themselves in 5 minutes. I wonder if the chief investigator accessed data bases for credit histories, ncic/tic and jims. A public records request for all those things along with time sheets, reports, photos, emails, etc needs to be made. Not only that but the targets can all find out by checking with the credit bureaus to find out if their credit was run. Really stupid to lie about it. This reminds me of Nixon.

Anonymous said...

After today's back peddling the stain should be in Pat's drawers!

Anonymous said...

What about the investigator that was taking photos of the GJ when returning from lunch......Intimidation???? Who ordered that and why?

Anonymous said...

The Lykos/McWilliams statements:

Anonymous said...

If you take what McWilliams said in his statment as true, then neither Leitner nor "the boss [Lykos]" are as smart as "any 14 year-old." Well, Don McWilliams, I can't disagree with you about that. Lykos especially, has the social IQ of a spoiled 6 year-old child and is not even close to being as smart as a 14 year-old. And people, PLEASE know this: Lykos has NEVER tried a case. Yet she sits as the elected DA for the 4th largest jurisdiction in America. That, by itself, is a miscarriage of justice. Don, save yourself--you're a decent guy and a good cop--roll on Leitner and Lykos before you get rolled over by the bus that they are throwing you under!! And you know, Don, that if you accessed NCIC/TCIC to conduct searches on the grand jurors (for Lykos' political reasons) or any of the other folks (for any reason), you violated the law. Neither DPS nor the FBI will be amused by such an abuse. I hope it's not true, for your sake, Don. You know better. So does Leitner. Lykos, on the other hand, probably doesn't. In fact, I doubt Lykos even knows how to log on to NCIC/TCIC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hastily called All Investigators meeting scheduled for tomorrow. Were told that is was at request of Leitner and Lykos so that they can tell them how much they appreciate their hard work.
No mention of Chief McWilliams being there....Hmmmmmm.
First time in three years this has occurred. Coincidence??

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jigmeister, why do you need to have the chief investigator do a cursory (imply google) check when Lietner or any of Lykos' political friends could have done that. It is an interesting chose of words, a cursory internet check. Sounds like Lykos wanted a cursory investigator's computer check which probably includes sources not readily available to the public.

Jigmeister said...

Wonder why McWilliams didn't deny following and photographing grand jurors? Mr. Anon investigator, sounds like they are trying to shut the rest of you up before this gets out of hand.

Mamie Brockman said...

It's time for her to resign. This is way over the line!

Jigmeister said...

Wonder why McWilliams didn't deny following and photographing grand jurors? Mr. Anon investigator, sounds like they are trying to shut the rest of you up before this gets out of hand. She ain't worth it.

Anonymous said...

I bet Don didn't run NCIC/TCIC but instead used his accurint and other similar tools. Still extremely dirty, but not as easy to track perhaps. Although I hope whichever grand jury is going to take this one up is reading: subpoena those records, too.

In related news, if I quit real soon can I be appointed the next special prosecutor?

--Angry ADA

Anonymous said...


Investigation (Definition)

1. Examination: an examination or inquiry into something, especially a detailed one that is undertaken officially, or the act of undertaking an examination. Synonyms: study, examination, search, inquiry, exploration, analysis, research, survey, scrutiny, inspection, reconnaissance, recce, probe, review, enquiry.

So does THIS very elementary definition fit the bill?

Hmmmm, let’s quit 'dicking around" Pat. You just f * * * * d up real bad. I am sorry but merely DEAD SERIOUS! THIS - now deserves the appointment and or better yet a Federal investigation - especially in light of the conflict of what the G.J. members perceived and said as much in their exit letter along with comments about photographs, and county cars.
If members of the sacred G.J. have intimated and now backed up by all this - there SHOULD be a REAL G.J. investigation conducted off premises (Federal courthouse). The Jury system and Grand Jury system in our country is sacrosanct. As Joel stated - You trust them to Indict Jane Citizen but not your own affairs? If you weren’t doing anything wrong Pat, why not just do…………… nothing? Control, control, control that image at all costs. To hide from the media for a month and then come out with THIS? Keep digging Pat. and keep digging media and others. Either way the hole gets deeper! Get every investigator into a grand jury and question them. Welcome to Stassi folks.
Thank God for the rank and file line prosecutors just doing their jobs IN SPITE of all this FRICKIN DRAMA FROM THE DRAMA QUEEN. OK investigators – line Em up? You are a good lot (most) who haven’t been run off. How about some deep throats out there?

Anonymous said...

Current ADA here...

Kudos to Oberg for once again being all over this story.

I am amazed at the stupidity of Lykos and the ease at which she allowed herself to get caught in an absolute 100% lie. She is a liar, a bully, an aloof, evil woman. If anyone out there is listening, we have suffered through years with this buffoon. Please deliver us.

Anonymous said...

Murray,many defense lawyers always do everything they can,legally and ethically to check out info on grand jury members. Many indictments have been thrown out because of improper grand jury formation. In response to that the D A has for years checked info on members to avoid such a problem.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who don't work there, welcome to our world of double talk and nazi gestapo.

Daniel 9 said...

wow. Absolutely amazing how she could not tell the truth.

Mark W. Stephens said...

So, to summarize Lykos' explanation:

She said she THOUGHT the Grand Jury investigation of HER possible criminal acts were, "politically motivated," Sooo...she HAD to commit OTHER CRIMINAL see if that was true.

That about cover it?

Anonymous said...

I think it's great how the DAs admit they read the blogs. Well at least Mark Bennett's. Sorry Murray

Mark W. Stephens said...

To Scott Pope:

Have to agree with you on this one.

BIG "I'm not a Lykos fan, but I can't help drooling over her in my blog" JOLLY definitely has his head SOMEWHERE, but it ain't in the sand!

I wonder if he even realizes how foolish he looks for making fun of the Grand Jury members and what he called their "conspiracy theory" now that it has been proven that THEY WERE RIGHT?

I hope he's man enough to issue them a public apology...but somehow I doubt it.

Mark W. Stephens said...

I wonder if they were checking cell phone records of the Grand Jury members, the Special Prosecutors, the Judge and her husband, and Mike Anderson and his wife???

After all, she claimed she was trying to ascertain whether this was "politically motivated" and how better to "prove" that than to see if they were all conversing with each other.

If they were dumb enough to check cell phone records, that would be another HUGE no-no.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:16

Any investigation into a GJ is done prior to taking their oath, not while they're sitting. What she did is way out of line and possibly "abuse of power." I'm sure that this is just the "tip of the iceberg" for things that will come to light.

Anonymous said...

Just checked the Chronicle on line, No story there. Where is the Chronicle on this story. I thought the news was there to monitor and expose wrongs in government. Not this paper. But more important than the DA conducting an investigation of grand jurors, judges and attorneys who are doing their job properly, is the announcement of the new management which shows no change in the direction of the Chronicle. And they wonder why circulation is down. Wake up Chronicle.

Anonymous said...

On Oct 22 she initiates an investigation into the GJ but on Oct 24 she publicly states she does not think her office is being investigated.

Anonymous said...

She needs to resign. This is an embarrassment to the county and to the republican party. How can the republican party justify riding this horse any longer??? She's shown her true colors to more than just those directly in her line of fire now: she's petty, vindictive, and doesn't know (or care) what the law is and where her boundries are. She needs to resign.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone actually read her statement on this, posted on 13. My God! She says she asked Chief Investigator McWilliams if he conducted an investigation and he said no. Then she says oh she did ask him to conduct a non investigation. McWilliams says he did a non investigation at her request.

I promise you our spineless general Barnhill wrote that cr_p!

Let's translate her statement. She lied when she said there was not an investigation ordered. She did order a political investigation using county personnel and county resources. Mc Williams lied when he said there was no investigation.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember several prosecutors being called in and issued letters of reprimand for printing out an offense report for no prosecutorial reason.

I also remember Mr. Leitner telling some of these prosecutors that this act bordered on a 3RD degree felony.

Remembering futher, I think one of these prosectors recorded a conversation with Mr. Leitner on this.

I wonder if Patsy was issued a letter of admonishment?

Anonymous said...

The Actions of the Harris County District Attorney's Office - specifically the elected D.A. in Ordering ANY "look see" on County Time, with County resources into sitting members of a Grand Jury as well as the Judge they serve under, her husband, and possible political opponents, for nothing other than "their investigation might be political - yet not criminal; Plus the inconsistency in statements made by this elected D.A. and those of the Chief Investigator, absolutely warrant an immediate proper neutral investigation into this matter. To NOT clear the air with a formal investigation, based on these new developments, is to only foster a chilling effect on any future G.J.'s ability to do their job should they find themselves having to do what the 185th G.J. was charged to do here. This needs to be formally investigated by an outside non-biased special prosecutor.
By definition: Political doesn’t = Criminal……………..unless political cause one to do criminal. Any Former federal prosecutors out there want to chime in on possible federal violations. Citizens charged and indicted do not have the luxury of doing what Pat Lykos ordered here. The message she is sending out to the G.J. and any future G.J.’s is clear: “Back off”. The pinnacle of arrogance here, coupled with the 185th letter and concerns along with the denial and comment: “I ordered no such investigation…give me a name”…….THEN 24 hours later a complete disingenuous mineralization of an admission that yes the D.A. DID ask – (not her political consultant) but her Chief Harris County Investigator to do a cursory internet search of all these people in such a formal setting with County equipment on County time can NOT go un-investigated. Can you imagine the shrill screams from a “candidate” Lykos if the shoe were on the other foot?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Murray asks, "If any other Defendant or subject of an investigation was caught researching the men and women of a sitting Grand Jury or Jury, would there be a cause for concern or at least an air of potential retaliation in the works?"

Who cares if you're "concerned" about an "air"? There would not remotely be cause to prosecute anyone because researching members of the grand jury is not against the law. In a past life I helped attorneys investigate jury pools with fast-turnaround analyses of public records about them. Happens all the time. Anyone can do the same with members of a sitting grand jury, whose names are public, and no law forbids it.

It also seems unlikely NCIC was abused in the way suggested by several anons (and seconded by Murray): Thomas Hobbes was right that "criminal histories are routinely run on grand jurors as part of the vetting process." That's a made up concern.

This all goes back to the old adage that when you hunt bear, you need to kill it with the first shot. Mike Anderson's cronies on the grand jury took their best shot, but missed. That's generally when you get eaten by the bear, which IMO is now the most likely outcome for Anderson in the upcoming primary.

Anonymous said...

I guess she doesn't have Google to do the "cursory Internet search" herself? So, best case scenario for her, the sitting DA for one of the biggest counties in the USA apparently is so clueless that she has to order someone else to use a search engine.

Just go to Jeeves could have given her the answer!

Mark W. Stephens said...


IF Lykos testified before the Grand Jury for two hours...I can't help but think they may well have asked her if she had, or was having, them investigated.

Hypothetically, IF she lied to the Grand Jury, and their term expired BEFORE they knew she had lied to them...then WHAT?

Who picks up the ball and runs with it?

Would the Special Prosecutors still have authority and access to those transcripts, and the authority to pursue it with another Grand Jury?

Anonymous said...

I did not have sex with that woman ..... oops I mean I did not order an investigation into those Grand Jurors (mind thought: but my boyfriend Jim did and you all are SUCKERS for listening to me today)

Anonymous said...

There is a helluva difference between the State investigating the members of a grand jury to determine their fitness to serve (remember the foreman who was later found to be on deferred?)--and the State investigating the grand jury when the State is a target.
Lykos turns my stomach. Think of how Holmes would have handled this: He would have stood back, said nothing, and then thanked the members of the GJ for their service when the investigation was concluded.
She has no class, and I hope Mike Anderson annihilates her in the primary.

Anonymous said...


Obviously you know this doesn't involve assisting a lawyer in preparing a jury trial. Absolutely no one wants a convicted thief (IE: the “cheerleader mom case”) sitting in judgment IN A JURY TRIAL (which results in an immediate granting of a Motion for new trial because the law prohibits this. Yes obviously Grand Jurors’ are “run” for criminal histories for the same reason – ONCE and BEFORE being commissioned and sworn in. Not “En Banc” post swearing in for fear of a political investigation of the target that has control over County resources regular people do not and the use of which for this purpose is seriously questionable and probably criminal. “Do as I say, not as I do “type mentality just won’t cut it here. Remember the other G.J. that looked into the time sheet issue with an employee ordered to take off comp time hours? How does a County employee – Chief Investigator and the D.A. justify the use of County time for THIS type behavior? I’m sure when you were referring to helping lawyers in jury selection you were talking private lawyers or prosecutors preparing for a jury trial and NOT this – right?
Obviously you know the difference in this being a Grand Jury and yes based on Bennett’s Blog - Hatchet Job - the initiation and appointment of certain members in that now past investigation leaves a lot to be desired. However, Lykos should have done nothing in regards to these grand jurors’ in the manner in which she did. Shadowing etc., ordering transcripts, possible photos, using her office power to investigate the investigators - even an imperfect one - is stupid and possibly criminal.
Politically, no question you are a democrat. You make no bones about that. But to reduce this matter and how the 'Office" mishandled it by NOT merely allowing their lawyers to do their job in the Courtroom (which actually worked out pretty well for Lykos) but instead to initially order her chief investigator to YES investigate - what else do you call it? All these people for the very reason that they ARE investigating the "Office" is NOT right. Again - political motivational suspicions does not equal involving office personnel in such an official manner - not to mention denying any such action then 24 hours later changing course and doing the whole: "Issuing of a statement by the investigator". My Lord: That Formal Seal, the lighting, the camera angle, the staging…just makes me sick.

Holmes would just say: Come on in - messy desk and all - with pipe in mouth and leaning back in his chair TALKED to the people in clear language with cameras rolling. This is not a minor thing as you say….just because you say so.

Signed: Metamucil for Supper

Mark W. Stephens said...

To Grits For Breakfast -

The question is not whether the DAs office conducted legal background checks of the Grand Jury members, as part of the standard protocol.

The question is whether Pat Lykos misued government property, services, personnel, or any other thing of value belonging to the government that has come into her custody or possession by virtue of her office or employment.

Pat Lykos' OWN statement suggests that she did.

She stated that she ordered a county employee to use county resources on county time to look into the backgrounds of Grand Jury members, (and her political opponent) NOT because these private citizens were violating the law in any way, which would be a legitimate law enforcement reason...BUT because she believed them all to be POLITICAL advesaries and she was on a fishing expedition to dig up dirt on private citizens she considered to be her POLITICAL advesaries.

THAT would be Abuse of Official Capacity. And THAT is a crime.

IF she had not done anything wrong, then why get on television and LIE ABOUT IT???

And WHY would you refer to Grand Jury members as "Mike Anderson's cronies."???

As I understand it, Jim Lietner has a friend or two on the Grand Jury. Why not call them "Jim Lietner's cronies" ?

Heck, if you're going to assert conspiracy theories then why not just take it a step further and accuse Lietner of orchestrating this whole deal?

I's cut a deal with County Commissioners to take over as DA if Lykos goes down in flames. What if he's been planning this the whole time since he couldn't beat her in the election and he really wanted to be the big dog?

Sound silly?

It is.

AND its just as silly as suggesting Mike Anderson had anything to do with this.

Pure bunk.

Anonymous said...


Of course those telephone records were checked. You know they were. Like the GJ "secret" subpoena power has never been abused by the Office? Not officially to be sure but under the radar, of course.

Anonymous said...

Mark W. Stephens has a great point. Did the grand jury ask her if she had investigated them? If so, she probably said no and perjured herself. Special prosecutors and grand jurors, please follow up on this.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, is double jeopardy a factor with a GJ?

Ask Kelly Siegler. Only way she could indict that coach was to send it to the grand jury over and over.


Anonymous said...

The similarities between Rage and Lykos are quite astonishing. Both speak without knowing the facts. Both beg for attention and both need to be sent packing.

BLACK INK said...

Chuck Rosenthal had to answer to a FEDERAL JUDGE inter alia for using county computers and county employees on county time for campaign BBQ fundraising......The "Rule of Law" cuts both ways.

Pat Lykos will have to resign in disgrace as did her predecessor.

Jim Leitner and Rachael Palmer have one foot on a banana peel and the other in the grave.

Hanna Chow will be asked to resign.

Mike Anderson will be our next elected District Attorney by default......God's speed.

Anonymous said...

Stating the obvious: Use of HCDAO equipment and or employees for law enforcement purposes is permissible - use of HCDAO equipment and or employees for non law enforcement purposes (e.g. political or otherwise personal) is one of several crimes. Culpable mental state is the determinant. Based upon the apparent facts there are several individuals who should not beat this ride.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Anonymous said...

What Lykos has done is worse than anything Rosenthal did. He was morally bankrupt, but she is toying with criminal activity and ethically...well, she has no ethics.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rage,

I missed you at Kelly Siegler's talk at your law school alma mater yesterday--you could have asked her face to face about GJ issues then or do strong women still intimidate you?

Sucks to be you.

L. Smith

Anonymous said...

Oberg: Only after we told Lykos what we were going to report on did she release a statement .....

Couple above fact with definition of transparent.

transparent: easily seen through, recognized or detected. EX: As in transparent excuses.

Yes ma'am, you sure brought transparency back to our office. Thank you for making it that much harder to pick jurors here in Harris County.

From someone who lives in the trenches trying to do the right thing for victims: Ms. Lykos, please shut up; just shut up.

-Frustrated ADA

Anonymous said...

Looks like somebody just threw up their Grits...

Anonymous said...

Black Ink there is a difference between Rosenthal and Lykos, Rosenthal knew when it was time to leave, Lykos does not know that nor will she ever know it. "Ted, please no questions, but I am ready for my close up."

Report from Don McWilliams to Pat Lykos
Re: orders for cursory internet search

I regret to inform you that I have been unable to find any evidence of a conspiracy between the 185th Grand Jury, Judges Brown and Judges Anderson. I checked the usual sites,;;

None of the suspects have posted any conspiracy between the 185th Grand Jury, Judges Brown and Judges Anderson on any of the sites. We could go rouge and check Mark Bennett's blog (always good for a conspiracy) but I would suggest we use a surrogate for entry. We are either dealing with a very cleaver group or there is simply no conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

KTRK Channel 13 news:

OK folks. We now have evidence of a crime by Pat Lykos. Lykos had her Chief Investigator log into a privately owned database named Accurint that the D.A.'s Office pays a large fee to every month to provide Investigators with confidential information such as Social Security Numbers, financial data, and relatives of whoever is being run. See

Accessing this information is restricted to criminal investigations being conducted by Law Enforcement under the terms of the contract. The audacity of Lykos, Leitner, and McWilliams to actually run inquiries of Grand Jurors, their familes, candidate Mike Anderson and his family, and Judges Mark and Susan Brown is beyond belief.

The use of governmental computers by government employees accessing this information for Lykos and Company solely for political, non-law enforcement purposes, is clearly a criminal violation. Accurint may well cancel their contract with the DAO over this.

Worse, all of those individuals who were the victims of this unauthorized intrusion of their privacy may and should file a Civil lawsuit against Lykos and those involved. There is a huge liability for Harris County because of Lykos' vindictiveness. It is likely that Amanda Culberson was also run. Lykos should be held accountable personally and in her official capacity as District Attorney.

Once an investigation is begun, there is no telling what other abuses of power by Lykos will be uncovered. She will soon join Constable Abercia doing the perp walk. Her next comment will probably be "I am not a crook"!

Mark W. Stephens said...

Texas Rangers being called in to investigate the Lykos administration...

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

Grits for breakfast:
I take offense that that woman used a company employee, company equipment and company time to investigate what she claims is political. The bitch wants to play dirty like that she does not need to use my money. In fact isn't that against the law. She's the one that said for political reasons. You fella need to take your head out of your ass and get a clue.

Anonymous said...

Mark Bennett sure got a free plug at the end of that released statement. In other matters, admitting that something akin to a Google search, which in DA terms means running Accurint, was run on the GJ gives the Office an air of impropriety. Does it pass the smell test? Unless it gets smellier I don't think the voters of the County will notice.

Anonymous said...

In response to Mr. Jennings latest Chronicle Blog Post:

Mr. Jennings,
McWilliams performed a search of all the Grand Jurors, the Brown Judges, Mike Anderson using a database paid for by HCDAO which is restricted to use by Law Enforcement only for the purposes of criminal investigations. It revealed the Social Security Numbers, criminal records (if they exist), financial records, unlisted phone numbers, the names of their family members along with all of their personal history information listed above, and all of their current and past automobiles and real property. If you believe all of that is "merely a cursory internet search" then you probably still believe in the tooth fairy.
All this was done by a Public Servant acting under color of law.
Criminal statutes have been broken and the privacy of individuals has been violated by public servants and the elected District Attorney of Harris County. The sole purpose was politically motivated. It was wrong and deserves to be investigated by a competent Law Enforcement agency and presented to a Grand Jury.

Anonymous said...

I liked Pat's new hair style. She's got the poofey thing going on. Really hot.

Mark W. Stephens said...

One definition of "Jolly" is "full of high spirits."

All I can say is, he must have been full of REALLY HIGH spirits when he wrote that last piece.

Wow. I'm embarassed for the guy.

Anonymous said...

I don't think running accurint on folks is a violaton of terms of service with LexisNexis as it would be with running queries on TCIC NCIC. But using govt resources to pay the accurint bill for queries run for personal pirposes would be problematic. Still don't know what dirt accurint would reveal any way. I've used it for years, auto track before it and TLO now. Google would be most valuable, maybe queries on county and district clerk online systems. I guess they could have been reviewing pinche stuff like whether the grand jurors disclosed ALL arrests convictions on their juror questionnaire/profile. But i would think the grand jurors were properly vetted for this prior to being sworn in for their term. More germane reasearch would be campaign finance contribution and expenditure reports (from tx ethics commission or thru local clerk's office) on these folks to look at their donation histories and political affiliations. That info is publicly available. Who said he used Accurint?

Anonymous said...

The use of Accurint is simple:

Since our great leader and the Leadership Team are doing everything to save their souls and livelihood, Accurint will show "Associations".

Had Lykos been indicted, she would have used the "Associations" knowledge to further her paranoia that there a conspiracy.

BLACK INK said...

"Black Ink there is a difference between Rosenthal and Lykos, Rosenthal knew when it was time to leave, Lykos does not know that nor will she ever know it"

I beg to differ.
Had Chuck Rosenthal had that appreciation and acted upon it Kelly Siegler NOT Pat Lykos would be the DA and this conversation would be moot.

Not only did Rosenthal linger as the DA as long as he possibly could; had the Texas Attorney General not stepped in and forced his hand, Rosenthal never would have resigned.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink @ 3:11p

That's a good point about Chuck lingering. Now we need to get the word to Lykos that she has overstayed her welcome. The improper 'investigation' of the GJ should be something the AG would look into. Do you agree?