Friday, February 3, 2012

The Big Jolly Conspiracy

As some of you may have noticed, I de-linked from Big Jolly's blog yesterday.  It wasn't an easy choice to do so, but one that I ultimately believed had to be done.  I have no problem printing contrary opinions to my own and I link to several websites that I have a different outlook on Criminal Justice than the author does.

But Big Jolly jumped the shark the past couple of days, and I just don't feel right about linking to him anymore.  I like Dave Jennings as a person, but he has become so grossly misinformed about what is going on around the CJC that I just can't put a link up there that might imply I find his information even intellectually honest.

Back in November, when Rachel Palmer was whooping and hollering about pleading the 5th and recusing Judge Brown, the District Attorney's Office took time out of its busy (and budget-strapped) schedule to hire David Benzion as a media spokesperson.  It was a savvy political move by Pat Lykos.  After all, Benzion had been the editor of Lone Star Times, an influential Republican website in Harris County politics.  By hiring Benzion with our taxpayer dollars, Lykos could claim that it was a needed position in the Office and hopefully scoop up all of Lone Star Times' followers as well.

I don't know if Lykos was able to scoop up all of Benzion's followers, but she damn sure seems to have scooped up Big Jolly.  You see, Big Jolly used to work with Benzion at Lone Star Times.  As a matter of fact, when Benzion shut down the Lone Star Times website, he encouraged his readers to get their Republican Reading needs fulfilled by going and checking out Big Jolly's blog.  These guys are friends and there is nothing wrong about that.

At least there is nothing wrong about that until Big Jolly ends up becoming a shill for Pat Lykos via David Benzion and doesn't think we are smart enough to notice it.

Benzion's first day at the Harris County District Attorney's Office was on Monday, December 19th, 2011 -- right when Rachel's Motion to Recuse hearing was going on.  Keep in mind that during this period of time, Lykos was hiding from the media.  The normally attention-hungry District Attorney simply could not be found.  She was dodging every media outlet that she possibly could.  Those who even have the faintest familiarity with Lykos know that her dodging the media is a gross deviation in her character.

Can't say that I blame her.  The media wanted to know the answer to the pesky question of "How exactly do you keep employing a prosecutor who just invoked the 5th Amendment in front of the Grand Jury?"  Lykos had no answer to that quiz, so she didn't show up anywhere that she would have to answer it.

Thank goodness, she had the newly-hired David Benzion, though!  He could utilize his Republican ties and find some sort of "journalist" that could get some positive spin out there for his boss, right?  And on December 27th, 2011, Dave Jennings AKA Big Jolly cranked out this piece of fluff.  After two weeks of hiding from the media, the District Attorney appears for an obscure local blogger who would write an article entitled:
Pat Lykos:  Vigorously prosecuting the guilty while seeking justice
Seriously.  That was the title of it.

I guess the title of "Pat Lykos:  Super Awesomest District Attorney in the History of District Attorneys is Eradicating Villainy and Providing All Harris County with Safety and Looking Very Lovely While Doing It" would have been a little too over the top.

And then Dave jumped in with his conspiracy theories and political motivations for the 185th.  I tried to talk to him, and we had polite conversations.  But he just kept on coming with it. A self-serving District Attorney who allows a 5th Amendment-taking-prosecutor to remain on the job is just fine and dandy, but suddenly a volunteer citizen who serves as a Grand Jury foreperson is treated like the Anti-Christ?

Do you have any idea how much crap was made from allegations and innuendo about Patricia Pollard because of the mere fact that she was serving as the foreperson of a Grand Jury?!  That poor lady signed up to serve on a Grand Jury along with 11 other citizens back in August and the next thing you know, our elected District Attorney is portraying her to be the second coming of Lee Harvey Oswald.  Mrs. Pollard hadn't even said a thing and the Grand Jury hadn't issued a single finding; yet the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight was going after her like she was John Gotti.

And there was Dave Jennings calling it like Lykos saw it.

The conspiracy theories surrounding the 185th Grand Jury became so ridiculous that I don't even know where to begin.  I honestly don't know what the Grand Jurors could have done to appease the conspiracy-minded Dave Jennings short of setting themselves aflame in front of the CJC.  Even when they issued no indictments, they still got blasted and insulted for issuing a First-Amendment-protected-letter saying they felt the D.A.'s Office had attempted to intimidate them.

In his dramatically entitled post "Harris County DA Lykos stands up to Runaway Grand Jury," Big Jolly called Mrs. Pollard a "Wyatt Earp wannabe" and then cleverly refers to her as "Mrs. Earp" through the remainder of the post.  Dave ridiculed a respected volunteer serving as Grand Jury foreperson for doing the job she was entrusted to do because she had the audacity to question Lykos' intimidation tactics.

It just gets worse from there.   The thing that just kills me about the way Big Jolly writes these stories for Lykos is that he isn't just excusing Lykos' behavior, he's commending it.

Today, he even implicated Bert Graham!  Seriously, Dave.  Have you ever even met Bert?

It troubles me greatly that Big Jolly believes the joining of people who believe that Pat Lykos is a terrible (if not criminal) District Attorney must be a huge political conspiracy based on speculation.  Since when did having common sense become participation in a conspiracy?

The reason I unlinked from David Jennings' (AKA Big Jolly) blog is that I found it to no longer be credible or trustworthy.  A blog that condones the malicious attacks on ADAs by half-wits like Don Hooper while praising the Mafia-esque tactics of Pat Lykos is just not one that I care to affiliate my blog with anymore.  The slamming of good people's names because they dared to investigate Lykos didn't really do much for me either.

But what really and truly bothers me is that Big Jolly's affiliation with Lone Star Times and David Benzion, coupled with his sudden unprecedented access to Lykos (for the purposes of writing fawning articles) sure makes it look like Big Jolly has become a shill.

Remember, I don't sell advertising on this blog.

Perhaps I'm wrong.  Maybe Dave really does think that Pat Lykos is the "most awesomest" District Attorney ever and none of this really was a conspiracy on behalf of her Administration to use taxpayer money to write campaign pieces for her.

You know how crazy people can get with their conspiracy theories.

Then again, I did just receive a copy of this in my e-mail:


Anonymous said...

Damm! I think Big Jolly is on to something. Its kind of refreshing!

Anonymous said...

What's really pathetic is Jolly allowing himself to be publicly fellated by Don Hooper (figuratively speaking) day after day. Gawd!

Anonymous said...

Old Jolly lost his brain sometime in the last month or so. I thought he was intellegent and a man of integrity. I must have really been STUPID.

WAKE UP DUMMY before you lose all credibility with the voters. Spin it anyway you want to. Lycos is on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Never heard of ya.

Anonymous said...

Big Jolly has never sat down with a current company grade ADA, he would be shocked. But no ADA would sit with him because they know BJ (hahahahahah) would report what they said back to Pat.

The office sucks, it's miserable and not getting any better. But wait, maybe I'm just a part of the conspiracy.

Seriously, why do we need so many media people? WTF?

Anonymous said...

I have never read Big Jolly before tonight, nor will I read him again (I do think that Murray is too kind to still call him a friend though)after having read his condemnation of Bert Graham. Bert has always had but one desire, that is what was best for the Harris County District Attorney's Office (and as a result for Harris County). I do not speak for Bert, but I have no doubt that he does not now believe that the this narcissistic, self-centered, and apparently prevaricator, if not worst, matron has any business being in charge of a once respected office. It hurts me to say, but the office which I served for 25 years, and for which Bert served even longer is an absolue joke in its management, an embarrassment to the legal community. It is indeed unfortunate that those who might be fairly described as political whores still circle the wagons, and to borrow a term from them, protect what could be accurately described as a "shill" who claims to be the Harris County District Attorney. I do not know Lykos' super sleuth, but my last name has two n's if I might be found to be "cursory internet" worthy.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Texpat said...

Well, I refuse anonymity and decline protections of the Fifth Amendment as well.

My name is Kimmon D. Johnson and I was a contributor for several years at Lone Star Times. I know David Jennings and David Benzion quite well.

I won't vouch for their integrity here since it is unnecessary.

Anonymous @ 7:55Pm

How easy it is for you to make a punk accusation like that hiding in the bushes like you do.

Stop being a frightened sissy. There's already too many in the world.



This is the real world, the blogosphere, the modern day Public Square. I always thought you were a stand-up guy and I was delighted when you agreed to guest post on Lone Star Times during the 2008 election. I supported Kelly Siegler in that election and would do so again.

But now, you do something as trivial as de-linking a blogger with whom you disagree and then proceed to impugn his integrity by spinning a wild conspiracy between him and a present employee of the DA's office ?

Honestly, Murray, grow up and grow a pair. If a criminal attorney in the fourth largest city in America can't stand a little disagreement on the internet, why on earth would anybody hire him ?

...little tiny violins...



Texpat said...

Well, I refuse anonymity and decline protections of the Fifth Amendment as well.

My name is Kimmon D. Johnson and I was a contributor for several years at Lone Star Times. I know David Jennings and David Benzion quite well.

I won't vouch for their integrity here since it is unnecessary.

Anonymous @ 7:55Pm

How easy it is for you to make a punk accusation like that hiding in the bushes like you do.

Stop being a frightened sissy. There's already too many in the world.



This is the real world, the blogosphere, the modern day Public Square. I always thought you were a stand-up guy and I was delighted when you agreed to guest post on Lone Star Times during the 2008 election. I supported Kelly Siegler in that election and would do so again.

But now, you do something as trivial as de-linking a blogger with whom you disagree and then proceed to impugn his integrity by spinning a wild conspiracy between him and a present employee of the DA's office ?

Honestly, Murray, grow up and grow a pair. If a criminal attorney in the fourth largest city in America can't stand a little disagreement on the internet, why on earth would anybody hire him ?

...little tiny violins...



Anonymous said...

Good move Murray. If Jolly represents any faction of the Republican party, we are all in a heap of trouble. I think he, Polland, and Woodfill are all smoking the same bad dope.

Anonymous said...

Is David Benzion the media guy who went with Lietner to meet with Channel 13 station management? I know they were probably there to compliment Channel 13 for the coverage.

Anonymous said...

I had a good laugh this afternoon listening to KUHF. They did a story on when the primary is going to be and the proposed 2-part primary. The reader said something like "calls to the Harris county Republican party for comment were not returned." I bet they weren't--too afraid of any media questions today! There needs to be a revolt by republicans against the peabrained leader who keeps his head up PL's ass. She's embarrasing the party and needs to be cut her loose....

Murray Newman said...

Mr. Johnson (AKA Texpat),

I appreciate the fact that you are taking up for your friends. I admire loyalty in people. That being said, I think you should read what I said in the first paragraph or so. I wasn't unlinking from him because I disagreed with him. I was unlinking because I thought it had gotten to the point that his posts were no longer credible.

I often disagree with Paul Kennedy, Mark Bennett, and Scott Henson, but I've got no problem linking to them or publishing their comments. Just as I also disagree with your strange jump in logic from me de-linking from Big Jolly somehow having relevance to my ability to be a defense attorney in Houston. However, you signed your name and you made very clear how you felt and you didn't make a secret about it. I disagree with you, but I can respect your right to say it.

See how that works?

Big Jolly has jumped the shark with his attacks on the Grand Jury. He speaks with authority about integrity when his knowledge is in politics, not criminal law. He may be an unwitting shill, but make no mistake about it, he is a shill.

Texpat said...

I don't know, Murray, you have not refuted any of the facts published by David Jennings.

He jumped the shark ? Okay, exactly how was that done ?

You've offered no convincing evidence for your position beyond personal opinion and anecdote. This is not a private pissing contest; it's a serious argument. Maybe those circumstantial events mean something to you, but others probably have more trouble with them.

We're all supposed to take you at your word ? Why ? At least Jennings offers more substance than that.

But in the end, the only thing that matters is that you would insinuate David Benzion and David Jennings have concocted some scheme to protect Lykos in the last few months as their paths unexpectedly crossed in Harris County politics.

That is genuine, bonafide bulls**t and you know it.

I measured you as a man above petty accusations, but, hey, it is disappointing to admit we are all wrong sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I'm not in the legal field and have followed this Lykos situation from the onset and understand it, mainly because I read this blog, and I appreciate that your here to advise those of us in the community who really don't get what its like down there at CJC until were called for jury duty or somehow involved with the system. I just wanted to thank you for teaching me more about what I hear blurbs about on the news. Now, when a "Joe nobody" like me can read an interview Big Jolly did with Lykos and see questions that should have been asked and were not, well, its obvious he drank the Kool Aid. I'd rather come to an honest blog like this and read from someone who writes without fear because doing the right thing comes naturally. You should never feel disheartened by dropping his link, you did the RIGHT thing and the truth shall set you free. You should never apologize to anyone for doing what you know is right.

Anonymous said...

Jim: Hey Pat, I think we’re in trouble.

Pat: What do you mean?

Jim: That stuff with the Grand Jury.

Pat: What Grand Jury?

Jim: The one that was investigating us.

Pat: They need to call the DA.

Jim: You are the DA.

Pat: I am?

Jim: Yes, remember 2008?

Pat: No, you mean I won?

Jim: Yes, remember? I didn’t endorse you, but I told everyone that I was voting for you.

Pat: You did? Thanks.

Jim: Damn, Pat what are you thinking?

Pat: Where’s Chow? I need some good advice.

Jim: She's with McWilliams at the Canton flea market looking for some new furniture for your office.

Pat: Why is he there? He's supposed to be under the bus.

Jim: What bus?

Pat: The one I threw you and him under a couple of days ago.

Jim: OK. That's fine, I still love you and Hanna.

Pat: Did you finish the "investigation" on the Andersons and Browns?

Jim: I don't know? Ask McWilliams.

Pat: Who's that?

Jim: He's your Chief Investigator.

Pat: He is?

Jim: Yes.

Pat: No shit? I was wondering who that guy was walking around drinking coffee all day.

Jim: Yeah. He's the man.

Pat: Really? I thought Chow was.

Jim: Damn Pat what are you thinking?

Pat: I'm really the DA?

Jim: Yes, you can do whatever you what to do.

Pat: That makes me really happy. I love fucking people over that have been mean to me.

Jim: Now you can do it.

Pat: I can?

Jim: Yes.

Pat: Well, if that's the case then we'll clean house and get rid of anyone with knowledge in the office.

Jim: Hell, yeah. We'll hire a bunch of kids who know nothing better.

Pat: That's smart. Makes us look good.

Jim: Yeah baby. Let's get 'em.

Pat: Get who?

Jim: Mike Anderson.

Pat: Who's he?

Jim: He's running against you?

Pat: For what?

Jim: DA.

Pat: Who's that?

Jim: You are.

Pat: You mean, I won?

Jim: Yes. You won and you are the DA.

Pat: That's really good news, but what do I do?

Jim: Damn,Pat. What have you been doing the past few years?

Pat: Shit, I don't know. Ask Chow.

Jim: I don't think it's looking good for us.

Pat: What do you mean? I never take responsibility for anything, so we should be OK.

Jim: What?

Pat: I think you and McWilliams should've never listened to me. I'm crazy.

Jim: Thanks Pat.

Pat: For what? I threw your sorry ass under the bus.

Jim: Thanks for being my good friend. I love you.

Pat: It's all about me, Jim. Screw you and the rest of the staff.

Jim: That hurts my feelings Pat, but I still love you because I love getting beat up and taking the rap for all your BS.

Pat: I know. That's why you're the 1st Asst.

Jim: I am? I thought Hanna was the 1st Asst. DA.

Pat: No, Hanna's too short.

Jim: We really need to address these issues.

Pat: What issues?

Jim: All of the illegal stuff we did.

Pat: I knew that I couldn't trust you and Hanna. Damn, drop me in the grease.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Whoa: First let me qualify what I am about to say with this: I don't read "Big Jolly" because anyone, R, D, I, whatever, who refers to themself with as such is not worth the read.

Has anyone gone online and watched the afternoon edition on-line (video) of Oberg ( talking about this Chief Investigator (flanked by once again two law enforcement officers - cept this time it's the HCSO unlike Lykos and HPD)?

"He said based on his conversations with J.L. they both felt the G.J. WAS engaged in a crime so that is why he did/did-not/did "investigate" - but didn't use ncic/tcic because THAT would be easy to TRACE??? WTFFFFF?

Ya'll keep talking. If it now WAS an official Investigation sanctioned by the No. 2 man in the Harris County D.A.'s Office as them having Probable Cause (I think they have been reading your Blog Murray - refer to first post this AM under this topic) then why the worry about going all the way with a full blown NCIC/TCIC investigation? Did they assign a Special Crimes Investigative # to this "X" file?

I have NEVER heard of what "we" used to commonly refer to the 2nd Floor doing its OWN investigation. THIS, Mr. Oberg is the key. There are Specialized Divisions in the Office to deal with Public Corruption. For upper management (let’s use this analogy: say Mr. Holmes, Bert Graham and Kenny Rodgers were to unilaterally, go out and begin a formal investigation on a sitting Grand Jury without referring it to Special Crimes or Public Integrity?) is just Nucking futts" - Crazy. Why do they keep trying to fit a square peg into the smaller round hole?

All of this:

1) Grand Jury exit letter report;

2) All interviews of Lykos and others on camera and in the paper;

3) Statements given to the press via political e-mails and partisan and non-partisan blogs are ALL reasons for this matter to be PROPERLY AND FORMALLY investigated by an outside neutral law Enforcement Organization and or Grand Jury. This is not right! Even IF Lykos wins or loses the election, this kind of nonsense, changing stories, then issuing statements, then more interviews, then hiding, cannot go uninvestigated.

Ms. Lykos:

a) What Probable cause did you have to think there was what crime being committed by the 185th that warranted an investigation?

b) Since your Chief Investigator agrees there was an investigation, why not allow one of the Special Crimes Divisions to handle this?

c) Why did you initially say there was no formal investigation but merely a look see nay 14 year old could do because you thought it was for POLITICAL reasons, then when it became apparent more sophisticated law enforcement investigative programs were used this whole thing in two overnight news cycles becomes a formal investigation, but the Chief Investigator mainly used his personal computer equipment and not the County’s?

d) Why do you hide from the media so much when the informational tide turns to hardball questioning? Why so much political spin on your part? You are playing a very dangerous game
Ms. Lykos.

Now get your spin boys right on this. Will someone please get htis mess to a Grand Jury and appoint a Lindeman, Levine, or Zimmerman to oversee this as special prosecutors?

Anonymous said...

You say Murray is "spinning a wild conspiracy between [Big Jolly] and a present employee of the DA's office" ?
When the two are acknowledged friends and past colleagues?
How does that compare to BJ's view of a "runaway grand jury"?

Mark W. Stephens said...

To Texpat:

Murray IS a stand-up guy, which is why he de-linked Big Jolly's blog. Clearly, you didn't read his explanation or you simply chose to ignore it, which seems more likely considering what you wrote.

Big Jolly's by-line is "Because Truth Matters." So he blogs about Pat Lykos getting caught in a HUGE lie (that would be a "non" truth in case you just don't get it) and mentions how she "screwed up royally" BUT then what does he say?


And he tried to justify her DISHONESTY by suggesting that ANYONE would have LIED under those circumstances. And he "reasons" as DA, she doesn't have to follow any legal definition of "investigation"...he says SHE GETS TO MAKE UP HER OWN DEFINITION!

NO! Its NOT alright for a Public Official to LIE to the public. And NO! She can't just make up her own legal definitions.

She is the highest law enforcement official in Harris County. She CAN'T play by her own rules. SHE MUST FOLLOW THE LAW.

Only someone with no integrity, and no conscience, would stand before the public and LIE to their face.

AND only someone with no integrity would DEFEND a person like that.

So DOES truth matter or not?

Not to Pat Lykos and NOT to Big Jolly. And if you stand with them, then truth doesn't matter to you either.

AND Murray didn't impugne his integrity, Big Jolly showed the world HE HAS NO INTEGRITY.

Murray simply chose, very wisely I might add, to disassociate himself with someone who has proven to be "intellectually dishonest."

Those were Murray's words and I think he was being kind.

My words to describe him would have been more along the lines of bald face liar, but that's just me.

So now I ask you Texpat. Does the truth matter to YOU?

If so, then how could you honestly defend Big Jolly in his defense of Pat Lykos?

And how could you justify voting for Pat Lykos?

Especailly since they've both been proven to be untruthful.

If I wanted my public officials to lie to my face, I would have voted Democrat. I hold the Republican party to a higher standard. And you should too.

So, with all due respect sir, it is you who need to stop being "sissy." Show a little courage and STAND UP FOR WHAT's RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

I don't know a lot about the HCDAO LexisNexis system - but I had the responsibility for the LexisNexis account at a different agency. Our system allowed certain searches (names, addresses, voter registration, etc) using only your password. But most of the information (e.g. car license numbers, criminal backgrounds, etc.) required the searcher to check a box BEFORE beginning EACH search. The selections included 1) insurance purposes, 2) litigation, 3) criminal, etc. The search did not begin until you checked the box. Legal disclosures made it VERY CLEAR that you must be truthful when disclosing the need for the search and there were penalties for illegal use of the system. I believe McWilliams did the searches and indicated it was a criminal search. By Friday, McWilliams (or Barnhill) realized the information released on Feb 1 and 2 (indicating searches were cursorary or politically related) created criminal liability for accessing information only available during a criminal related search. They needed to create a potential crime by the grand jury to legitimize the search and therefore released the Feb 3 detailed CYA statement.

Anonymous said...

Why the two orders, Colonel? If you didn't order the code red; and, your orders are always followed, then Santiago shouldn't have been in any danger.

Hey, Don, why the need for two statements? If you didn't investigate anything, why not leave the first statement stand on its own. Why the need for a second and much lengthier statement? Did your boss misquote you when she said: "absolutely no investigation.". Did she even call you?

If all is on the up an up, then no need for two statements. That is, unless you didn't write the first statement. Hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

To be fair,and I know this would HAVE to be a first; This whole thing ought to have a change of venue and transferred to "Humpy Parker" Cold Springs Texas up north on 59. Or say Patton Village near the Woodlands where this kind of behavior USED to be the norm 30 years ago. Just don't exceed the speed limit while transporting files and personnel.

Wow - what a snake pit. Ya'll can't even "woodshed" yourselves before going on camera or issuing a statement. The first time I hear there is Probable cause for a real Investigation is on the 6 O’clock news (OK here's conspiracy for you) the SAME day a previous blogger posted here in the wee hours but still the same day as the press conference:
“BOUNDARIES! YOU don’t get to peek in situations like this – just like normal citizens don’t.
Ms. D.A. what in the law gives you the right to investigate the Grand Jury AFTER they have been seated and names sealed, as well as your future political opponent based on YOUR perception of POLITICAL motivation and not PROBABLE CAUSE to honestly believe a crime was being committed by using County resources?”
Hey, not an unreasonable inference Lykos & Co. finally read your Blog in detail and connected the dots with the whole: “Oh shit…we don’t have the facts, so let’s change our story to fit the Law and get McWilliams to give a Press Conference that now there DID exist Probable Cause to believe this Grand Jury committed a CRIME – & NOT just being political” -


Anonymous said...

I have bantered back and forth with "Big Jolly" several times on "twitter" and I eventually came to the same conclusion NOT to engage him any longer for the same reason you did, Murray.

When someone like Dave is convinced of the facts as he see them (or is told of them) and refuses to listen to ANY contrary facts that are presented, he no longer has credibility. Especially when the facts are from people doing the work at the CJC under Lykos' rule.

He plays a game of "If you don't like what I have to say, you are part of the problem" and then masks it by publishing notes from his meetings with Lykos and Anderson... It should not be a shock to anyone that the posts clearly favored Lykos.

A "SHILL" is a good word for him


Anonymous said...

Could ALL their emails back in October regarding the "non-investigation" be subject to an open records request? Perhaps also any long distance toll records for the DA investigators on days off. Afterall, the matter was not a criminal investigation as they claim and should not be an exception to a request. fyi - TLO operates with an emailed code that the user must additionally enter whenever signing in to use it. That would place a time marker for when inquiries were initiated so that concurrent emails could very likely be related. TLO is free to law enforcement right now to compete with Accurint. The reports for both can be saved as pdf files and could have been attached to emails or saved on a hard drive or network drive. There is also a description field for queries to note the case name or number you are searching for. Think of keywords to search for in a request of emails on critical dates that would clearly be of interest - yet not part of a legitimate open criminal investigation.

Anonymous said...

PL does NOTHING without first considering the political rammifications. David was hired for political purposes only--which is a violation of the law since campaign staffers must be paid with campaign funds, not tax dollars. There are THREE people now spinning full-time for PL. That's THREE salaries the county taxpayers are paying for PR people who are making sure there is NO transparency in the office.
Ask a front-line DA how often the PR people are helpful to them. They work only for PL for political and campaign purposes only.
She needs to resign.

Anonymous said...

Since the revised "story" from the HCDAO currently is that the HCDAO was investigating a possible crime committed by the 185th Grand Jury, I, as well as I suspect numerous other folks, are curious as to what crime was under investigation. Since I suspect that criminal backgrounds are checked on potential grand jurors prior to selection and impanelment to insure a legally constituted grand jury under the Constitution and the Code of Criminal Procedure I am unable to see what susbsequent searches of the internet and or law enforcement sites vis-a-vis grand jurors, etc. would be of benefit in "investigating" a crime." Once legally constituted it would appear to me that the only conduct that would be subject to scrutiny is whether an indictment was wrongly returned - that conduct would be reviewable by a district court upon proper challenge by the affected defendant. The Grand Jury is an independent body; at least it was until Lykos assumed her throne. Apparently only having mind control over four hundred or so employees is not sufficient for this ____________ (fill in the blank with an appropriate expletive); it appears that she wishes to expand her control to Grand Juries. If Big Jolly. the HCDAO super sleuth, any of her shills, or Lykos herself can cite to a crime under Texas law that was being investigated, at least we can all have a big laugh. [Query: was super sleuth merely directed by Leitner or Lykos to go look at the grand jurors on the internet, etc. to see what crime, if any, was committed - that sure would be a real challenge for any investigator to not know what was being investigated?] My cursory review of the Penal Code and the Election Code, however, suggests there is none. This whole scenario proves once again what are mothers taught us when we were young: if you tell one lie, sooner or later you will have to tell another lie, and then another, and another - the lie keeps getting bigger. Stay tuned for the next installment.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what specific articuable facts can be stated showing PC the Grand Jury committed a crime at the time of non-investigative investigation.

If PC did, in fact, exist to warrant an investigation, can we assume, since the DA has not continued the non-investigative investigation or filed charges based on the results of the non-investigative investigation, that the non-investigative investigation resulted in the determination that there is not enough evidence to continue to believe a crime was committed?

Anonymous said...

As their 3 PR folks spin the BS and create more manure to allude possible criminal charges - aren't they opening HC up for additional civil lawsuits by publicly asserting these folks were possibly engaged in criminal activity?

Anonymous said...

@Texpat, I agree with anon 10:18am..... It makes Murray's point.... How on earth can you justify a hire like this? The office is down a buch of prosecutors and a bunch of investigators. And yet she has gone to Commisioners Court to say they are necessary? I have seen no statement that Benzion issued and took credit for. We know now that he was assigned to follow the Palmer escapade. Seriously? She needed someone there to document and report everything? It makes me sick to my stomach to think of what is important to PL. she is only concerned with making herself look good. She avoids the media when she knows they have tough questions that she doesn't want to answer. During the Palmer escapade, she wasn't to be seen, and would not answer questions about one of her ADA'staking the fifth. How does hiding from the media show the public transparency? How does sending JL to answer questions demonstrate transparency? She allows Palmer to remain working at HCDAO because..... Guess what the answer is now.... Leitner says he can't punish someone for using their Fifth Amendment right. Problem with that answer folks is that it's not just "someone" taking the Fifth Amendment.... It's a prosecutor. Someone who is supposed to always do the right thing, wear the white hat, and be above reproach. How come Benzion or whomever else we recently hired didn't handle those statements? They were busy trying to put a spin on the intubation that they can sell. Is Big Jolly that pawn? The email Murray attaches seems to suggest yes. Her comments to the media after the 185th finished, reference her request for the public/supporters to look to the blog. Well, we know that she wouldn't reference Murray's blog. What other blog could it be? Probably the blog that does not call her out on her misuse of county funds, lying to the public, and ordering illegal investigations, I mean google searches. (No, I did not have sex with that woman!). How is her response to this issue acceptable to the public? To her supporters? Why? So, Murray's explanation makes implement sense. Pat Lykos and company cannot control the media any longer, so they needed their own way.....Big Jolly. Texpat, can you point to one thing that Benzion has done in the almost two months that he has been at the office? Same with the other media hire? Nothing. Politics is dirty. It's just unfortunate for the citizens, victims, and defendant's in Harris County that Lykos and her top people are more concerned with politics than they are doing the job they were elected to do. Transparency to the office? Sure the transparency Lykos wants you to see, not what is actually occurring.

Anonymous said...

Question to ponder.... Where did Lykos get a list of the grand jurors? The lists are no longer public information in Outlook.

Obtaining those proved as easy as obtaining secret transcripts. Remember, she believes that the laws do not apply to her. Or her favored people. (Palmer).

Anonymous said...

Hooper is losing hi
s shit over on big shilly's blog. It'd be hilarious if it it didn't have influence over the repub sheeple.

Anonymous said...

Anon 934 am corrects; The times seem all messed up....
Was agreeing with anon 818am: that it is crazy that we are paying three media hacks, probably pretty good salaries when they should be paid out of her political campaign, and not allowed to office in the CJC.
Auto correct problems: "They were busy trying to put a spin on the situation".
"So Murray's explanation makes complete sense.".

Anonymous said...

Grand juror names aren't confidential, are they?

bob42 said...

When LST was still around, I was frequent commenter, and often in opposition to the things I read there. But even as I continued to disagree with many of the posts there, I could distinguish between the posters who were credible and those who were not, and those whose words passed a fact check, and those whose words did not.

Mr. Jennings and I disagree on very many things, but my respect for his reporting is well earned... "because truth matters."

Anonymous said...

Let me summarize what went on this week:

1. Lykos just got absolutely crushed 4 nights in a row @ 6 & 10 on the highest rated newscast in town (other than Univision). They segments were reported on by arguably the best journalist in town, Ted Oberg. There was also a front page article in the Chronicle on the fiasco as well.

2. According to what I have heard from several folks @ the courthouse Oberg has additional material detailing Lykos' lies and misconduct that he could not get to this week because her bald faced lie @ the press conference gave him stories he needed to cover 1st.

3. Her paraniod, likely illegal, conduct and ridiculous lies to cover same, have now made it impossible for her, Leitner or McWilliams to answer questions from the media. Should they choose to, any credible journalist, e.g. Oberg, will ask what crimes the GJ members allegedly committed that necessitated the the (non)investigation. What could their answer possibly be?

4. Rather than answer questions truthfully or admit mistakes, Lykos is responding to the above via the Big Jolly blog backed by Don Hooper postings.

It was a fantastic week for all of us who want her and her flunkies gone. Hopefully there will be many more.

Anonymous said...

Current ADA here. I need to stick up for Donna Hawkins, one of those classified as a media "flack". She is an ADA who tries to assist the press with interviews and non-political statements. She has tried to transfer back to a trial court or special crimes, but a move keeps getting postponed. The press people love her. She is in a different league from the other political hacks. That's my take.

Mark W. Stephens said...

Not ONLY what specific "crime(s)" are they alleging...but WHO specifically are they alleging engaged in criminal activity?

Because they didn't limit their investigation to JUST the Grand Jury members. They investigated Judge Brown and her husband, and Mike Anderson and his wife...and very probably others.

Criminal investigation?? Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

I think we can all agree that Chief McWilliams was told to jump by Leitner and Lykos. His response was to say, "How high, boss?"
His next step was to get in his County car and drive to the Courthouse and sign in to Accurint and begin gathering all the personal data he could on certain members of the 185th Grand Jury. After getting all sorts of financial and personal information, he printed all the information to prepare a packet of information for Leitner and Lykos to peruse.

A few days or so later, he was instructed to expand his non-investigation to include Judge Susan Brown, her husband Mark Brown, former Judge Mike Anderson and his wife, former Judge Devon Anderson. And who knows how many others. Again he printed all these records on County printers and made a nice packet of information for Leitner and Lykos.

Normally, an investigator who is assigned such a top priority matter would obtain a case number and begin documenting his activities in great detail. Perhaps, due to time being of the essence, he may have prepared a written Memo to his Boss that he could later incorporate into a concise Offense Report memorializing such a heinous crime being committed by Judges, former Judges, and Grand Jury members.

What other investigative steps did the Chief take? Surely he wouldn't have stopped here if he believed, as he claimed, that a crime was taking place right there in the Courthouse under the noses of everyone. Wouldn't he have obtained cellphone data, credit histories, and criminal histories?

But wait, Chief McWilliams boldly asserted in a press conference in front of the Baker St HQ , flanked by two uniformed HCSO deputies, perhaps to bolster his status and lend more credence to his contention that he had NOT used the NCIC TCIC computer systems to run the names of any of those folks that he believed were committing a crime in progress.
Well, Chief McWilliams if you believed a crime was being committed, why wouldn't you use NCIC TCIC to assist you in ferreting out these sordid criminals? That's what it's for, after all.
No doubt, once you read this, you will schedule another press conference in front of the HCSO instead of in the high-price press room Lykos built, and tell us that you performed all the above detailed steps that should have been done in a bonified criminal investigation.

You can't have it both ways. If you really performed a criminal or any other official inquiry into what you believed was a crime in progress, let the public know what you did and why. And why would you have done official acts as a Peace Officer on "your own time"?

How about starting by being honest about all this. You know the difference between right and wrong. You either did this as a Peace Officer because you thought it was a crime, or you did it as a political favor to your boss and to protect your job. All the facts point to the latter.

Anonymous said...

I think you are all idiots. Alvin Walker and Murray Pooman both wannabe reporters, especially get on my nerves. I am so glad I left the political world but I am sucked back in from time I time by retarded blogs like this one. I would like to punch Alvin Walker in the face first then Murray second. Just sayin. Good day all. . SOCOM 2/5 YATYAS 101st

Anonymous said...

is it true that in the DA's office, there is a sign for the employees that reads, "Floggings will continue until morale improves."?

Murray Newman said...

Geez Don,
Isn't 7:30 a little early to be that hammered? Even for you?

JJ FREEZE said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Since we are all talking about Pat and her Leadership Team, why hasn't anyone written about discussed Joni Vollman's involvement in all this?

Hear from several honest sources inside and out that Joni "Protect my People" Vollman, is talking to several about investigating Zack Fertitta and his family.

What is it with these people? Do they feel the need to just destroy anyone who stands up for what's right. Plain evil walks the halls. Its found in the colorful dresses and short hair.

Anonymous said...

Sure am disappointed in you JJ. Sad to see you've drunk the KoolAid and lost your your bearings.

Anonymous said...

Murray, if you keep posting personal insults against any and everyone who happens to disagree with you, someone might just be gullible enough to believe your shit.

Keep throwing feces at the wall and see if anything sticks.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Freeze.

Anonymous said...

As a defense attorney, am I now entitled to grand jurors' names so I can perform a "cursory internet search" on them before they indict my client? Only seems fair.

BLACK INK said...


You are above all a stand-up man with an incredible moral compass and an unfaltering loyalty. Murray Newman character is demonstrated by action not simply covert talk.......which distinguishes you from me and most of your commenters.

Notwithstanding,the mission at hand is to overthrow the Lykos regime.....we can not lose sight of that goal.

Engaging David Jennings the way you have plays into Lykos' hand.

David Jennings personifies the Republican base that is NOT privy to the reality of the CJC world. These folks will decide the DA election and NOT the paltry courthouse voters.
So why intentionally alienate a resource like Big Jolly?

Imagine for a moment that you are an engineer living in Kingwood who has never been involved in the criminal justice system what would be your come away message?
The odds are you would be swayed in the same manner as David Jennings.

I submit that a better approach to engaging supporters of Pat Lykos is to calmly and objectively expose her incompetence and bad behavior; rather than resorting to what would come across as spoiled childish behavior that the average non-government non-union voter is repulsed by.

In a debate when one party resorts to name calling persuasion is sacrificed......anger and frustration have led me down this path more than once and we need to be more disciplined.

Anonymous said...

You betcha you're entitled (apparently). And if you need to know your defendant's social security numbers, banks, kids, and neighbor's info, just call Pat's Chief Investigator and he'll run them for you. -on his off-time.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how well Lykos is doing with the voters for the primary? I'm hoping Anderson wins, but it seems like the Republicsn voters don't care (except the ones reading Murray's blog).

Anonymous said...

Black Ink:

I respect what you are saying but the reality is that Big Jolly has gone round the bin. Murray has all of the right in the world to de-link from a blog that carries so very much erroneous information.

Murray has stayed the course throughout this entire time. He is a man of integrity, he obviously has a very strict moral code.

I have never met Murray, the only thing I know is from his writing on this blog and what people have told me. I do know that I admire him for trying to right a wrong for other people that cannot speak out for fear of retribution.

The one thing without fail that we can all count on is the fact that Murray speaks his mind. He calls it like he see's it.

The simple truth is that Murray does show the Lycos legacy of incompetence. By delinking with BJ he also shows his integrity.

Our job is to educate the voters of HC,and to support Mike Anderson in everyway we can. With a lot of the negative puplicity for the DA lately the voters are seeing for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no one really gives a crap about this investigation in general. Most voters don't follow the CJC going ons. Lykos will be listed as the incumbent, and has the support of HC GOP and Woodfill. Short some major event from the GJ investigation, she will win.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:02

That means we all need to work harder to inform the citizens of the truth. No whining just work towards the goal.

Some of us voters tell other voters, who tell other voters and so on and so on. I now have 46 confirmed votes for Mike and 19 people that have said they will donate. Of course these folks are mostly working class that will give what they can. I don't run in the circle of you big dogs but I am doing my part so do yours.

Anonymous said...

I agree anon 5:28: I have been trying to spread the word to my fellow Republucans to vote for Anderson. Its unforunate that the news doesn't seem to care (with the exception of channel 13). Thanks Murray for keeping us regular folks aware of Judge Pat.

Murray Newman said...

Earlier today, someone posted under the name of J.J. Freeze, the Chief Investigator out of Galveston County. It has now been brought to my attention that Investigator Freeze was not the author of the that comment, so I have deleted it as well as the subsequent comments that addressed it.

I know that the matters we talk about on this blog are things that we all feel very strongly about, but posting under someone else's name is not acceptable regardless of your beliefs. I do not know Investigator Freeze, so I have no way of knowing what his political beliefs are. Whatever they may be, they are his and his alone to express.

As the Administrator of this blog, I want everyone to have a save, whether they post under their own name or anonymously. My hope would be that if someone is posting under an actual name that this name would be their own. Anything else is juvenile and not befitting the seriousness of the discussions we should be having.

I sincerely apologize to Investigator Freeze for this happening and I take responsibility for it.

Murray Newman said...

I meant I want every to have a "say", not a "save". Damn autocorrect.

Anonymous said...

This posting could provide an intellectual exercise for a Sunday night after the Super Bowl.
The United States Justice Department along with the usual crowd, believing that "voting rights" were "diluted" by the Texas Legislature in the recent 82nd legislative session with their current litigation have in all probability created a source of litigation in the Texas spring (summer?)primary elections. Sec. 41.007(a), TEX.ELEC.CODE indicates that the general primary election is the first Tuesday in March in each even-numbered year; 41.007(c)indicates the presidential primary election is the first Tuesday in March in each presidential year; 41.008 indicates that an election held on a date not permitted by this subchapter is void. Query: since the presidential primary technically is not affected by, in my opinion, the irrational Justice Department litigation why can not the state still hold that presidential primary as scheduled ? Query: what is the effect of 41.008 on the future(?) general election primary for Harris County as well as the other counties under 41.007(a)? Perhaps the elite, scholarly, and patently unbiased Republican Party Chairman fraternity have a ready answer.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Anonymous said...

Dear Calvin and All Others Interested in details of the redistricting legal saga,

The best place for info is the Republican Party of Texas website. Go to: and click "RPT News."

This will give you a thorough discussion of which parties to the suit wanted a unified primary vs. a bifurcated primary. Who wants it which way changes by how much time goes by. Many of us wanted to have the early March 6th primary with all races except those in contention (state rep, state senate, and US Congress), so Texas could have more impact on the presidential race.

One main argument against the bifurcated primary was the additional cost of holding 2 primaries and 2 runoffs. There is no money provided for that. The other main argument came from elected officials in the 3 types of contested districts. Many of those were moderate state senators from other parts of the state who were worried they would get beat by conservative challengers in a low turnout 2nd primary.

The Republican Party is now quite concerned that the primary will not happen in time to hold precinct conventions, then district conventions in time to elect delegates to the state convention in early June. The TX Rep. State Convention is the largest political convention in the nation and cannot possibly be rescheduled. By law it must be held to elect national delegates and do other legally required business.

As far as whether all these new dates will be legal since the dates were set by statute, the feeling among lawyers involved is that it is legal to change them since a court ordered the changes.

Hope that helps. Please stay involved and don't get discouraged. The primary will eventually happen. We all need to take advantage of the extra time and use it to get the word out about voting for Mike Anderson.

And for all you conspiracy theorists desperately trying to dream up a new conspiracy: NO, MIKE ANDERSON DID NOT PLAN the REDISTRICTING MESS and CONTROL BOTH HOUSES OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE, GOVERNOR, TX ATTY GENERAL, STATE REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRAT PARTIES, and the FEDERAL COURTS, including the US SUPREME COURT!!!!!!! However, doing investigations on all of the above and their associations should keep some people very busy!

Hang in there everyone. Better days are coming!

Republican Activist

Anonymous said...

I've known Murray since 1999, when we met as brand new ADAs. He was a gentleman and a hardworker. He NEVER was implicated with misconduct. To the contrary, he brought people together in the office and worked long hours every day and often, long weekends. He was extremely well liked and an exemplary ADA. Anyone attacking his character for de-linking Big Jolly doesn't know him at all. If you've never met him and read this blog, you should know that you can trust what he says.

Donna Hawkins is good people too. She has remained true to herself, despite her current position in the office, where she is surrounded by Lykos-henchmen and make-up artists who try to camouflage her figurative warts for the media and the public.

And Big Jolly, I have read your blog in the past. I've actually enjoyed it. But based upon your recent posts and your recent anti-Bert Graham post, I will no longer trust anything you say. People who worked with Bert Graham know he is above reproach. Period. He is such a good man. Some of the people he worked with didn't always like him. Why? Because he was such a stickler for details. He was a numbers wonk. He didn't authorize anything unless there was a provision for it. And this type-A, anal-retentiveness drove some nuts. I remember hearing from a division chief once, after a meeting, "If I have to hear one more time how many pencils we can buy, I'm going to strangle Bert Graham!" But this tightly-wound personality of his ensured we always had money, nothing was spent on anything we didn't need, we always had training, and we, most importantly, always had enough people working the courts and money for raises. Every year, we got a raise (if we worked hard, the raise was substantial).

But something else about Bert was he had a good heart. And he always treated me like a professional and with respect. I never saw him act unprofessionally towards anyone.

To those new to the blog, Bert was the First Assistant in the office for many years. And he may have been the best First Assistant of any to occupy that office. He took care of all of the details and more. He was the King of Administrative people in the office and he kept everything running well. When Chuck Rosenthal resigned as DA, Bert offered to help anyone who got elected (everyone running needed a lot of help because all were outsiders). No one, not one, of the running politicians took him up on his offer to help. Pat Lykos told him to get lost before she even came into office. And, Bert, being the professional and concerned administrator that he always was, offered to be demoted or just to volunteer to make sure the transition went smoothly. Even then, Pat told him he was of no use to her. (How's that working for you now, Pat?)

A man like Bert doesn't deserve to be disparaged or maligned in any way, shape, or form. You might say the former prosecutors who worked before Lykos took over glorify or idealize the old regime. I think most of us recognize faults in previous years both in people and with the office. But none of us would say it's a better place today. And because you imply that, Big Jolly, you have no credibility. You crossed the line (or jumped the shark -- whatever you want to call it) when you started talking badly about Bert Graham and saying nice things about Pat Lykos. If you'd done any investigating at all, you'd find that her employees (even the ones she hired) are miserable, are embarrassed to say they work for her, and that beyond that, she is doing a horrible job. The only thing she's good at doing is cronyism. It looks like you, Big Jolly, are one of her latest cronies.

red dog will hunt said...

"And for all you conspiracy theorists desperately trying to dream up a new conspiracy: NO, MIKE ANDERSON DID NOT PLAN the REDISTRICTING MESS and CONTROL BOTH HOUSES OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE, GOVERNOR, TX ATTY GENERAL, STATE REPUBLICAN and DEMOCRAT PARTIES, and the FEDERAL COURTS, including the US SUPREME COURT!!!!!!! However, doing investigations on all of the above and their associations should keep some people very busy!"

Republican Activist

February 6, 2012 1:27 AM"

Delusions of grandeur aside, we all know Devon and Mikey Anderson are not that sophisticated. The Anderson & Co. bumbled DA witch hunt is more their speed and like a bad frat party prank. Your odd charade is humorous. Speaking of charades how's the bar poll solicitation to hit the big civil firms for Mike coming along? Devon needs to be more careful with her email blasts some people might be offended by that shill and forward a copy to Big Jolly:)

Anonymous said...

That dang ole Mark Bennett! If it weren't for him and his stupid blog our plan would have succeeded. But he unraveled our connections to each other so quickly that our plot was exposed before we even had a chance. And now Jolly is helping to publicize our failed plot so that everyone sees us for what we are. And this whole fiasco makes us look retarded, too, since Bennett unwrapped us in only a few minutes using this damned internet. Next time we decide to pull a fast one we'll make sure that the connections to each other are hidden a lot better. Dang him!

Normal Rate of Attrition said...

I am surprised to hear she has a ladylike vocabulary, thanks for that one, Big Jolly. I wouldn't know because she's never said a complete sentence to me all these years.

She was certainly a reformer, in the sense that it's all completely different. If I had known what reform would mean, I don't know if I would have taken all of this. I think a lot of us are holding on to hope, but there's no way I can take four more years.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Pig Folly is worth all this discussion. Its not like he has a wide readership. After he deletes all the posts that don't agree with him, its more like a therapy session between him and Hooper.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56

I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

You are right on! No one reads Big Jolly except Don Hooper and the people from this blog who don't agree with him. A few Republicans are passing around the link that Lykos sent out, but not many and most people who get it don't read it.

Stop commenting on here about him and his readership will go down by 90%.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe this is what those media people do all day?

Does anyone know what do the media people do???

Anonymous said...

You gotta admit that this whole grand jury thing would look a whole lot less improper if some neutral special prosecutors had been appointed, instead of two former ada's who don't like Lycos.

Out of the hundreds of possible candidates in Houston with the requisite experience to handle a grand jury, how did judge Brown just happen to select to recent departures from the office?

Remember, we're supposed to avoid the appearance of impropriety, and the selection of these fellows as special prosecutors queers the whole deal and makes it all look suspect as hell, even if it wasn't.


Not Don Hooper.

Anonymous said...

8:11, "two former ADAs that don't like Lykos" Can you name any past or present prosecutors that DO like Lykos?

Anonymous said...

How about we just get the Fed's to investigate our Leader for all types of RICO and elected official violations?

This would put an end to the whole conspiracy theory. Or would it?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11. Jim Mount left the DA's Office in the 90's! How is that recent?

Not Mike Anderson

Anonymous said...

You got to admit the conduct of the District Attorney's Office would look a lot less suspicious if they had not fought tooth and nail to prevent anyone from looking at their conduct, not obtained copies of the testimony of witnesses after the ADAs were excluded from the grand jury room, not investigated the grand jury, the judges and the attorneys, Palmer had not taken the 5th amendment because her answers could incriminate her, not continued to employ Palmer after she took the 5th, and moved to hide her from the press, Lykos had not lied to Oberg about the investigation and the continuing to evolve story and finally making a blatantly false statement that they were investigating a non existent crime.

Can you say conduct consistent with guilt?

Anonymous said...

Did someone say Lykos has a house in Maine?

Because Judge Lloyd in County Civil Court at Law No. 4 does too, and guess who her husband is...


Anonymous said...

First of all let me introduce myself.  My REAL name is Walt Fuller.  My alias when blogging and logging into conjecture ridden blogs such as this is Squawkbox Noise.  You may call me Mr. Noise.  I was the moderator, a contributor, webhead and all round nice guy participant at LST.  I want to clear up a couple of Mr. Murray's conjectures.
First a disclaimer:  I am retired from political blogging, I am friends with David Benzion, David Jennings and Texpat and anyone else that was brave enough to associate their names with mine on the LST blogroll.  Heh and I am no ones shill.
I do not have a dog in the hunt in Harris County politics because fortunately I live far enough away it does not matter to me.  What dog I do have in the hunt is the impugning of my friends character.
Now Mr. Murray let me set a couple of your "fantasies" straight.
hopefully scoop up all of Lone Star Times' followers as well.
At the time of David Benzion's hire within the District Attorneys office had shut it doors for over a year.  I do not recall a very public announcement concerning his hire.  I know for a fact that Mr. Benzion does not maintain an active, much less updated Facebook or Twitter page so we can eliminate that notification.  Finally since I am the one that closed up the shop and I personally destroyed the databases containing subscriber email addresses I cannot see a mass emailing having occurred announcing his hire. BTW lest you suggest that Mr.Benzion had prior access to the database to copy the addresses for future use.... ummmm nope.
So I think we can eliminate your fancy that  Mrs. Lykos hired Mr. Benzion to gather some new LST constituency.
 As a matter of fact, when Benzion shut down the Lone Star Times website, he encouraged his readers to get their Republican Reading needs fulfilled by going and checking out Big Jolly's blog.
Ummm wrong again.  If you go to the LST "tombstone" it says exactly this: is highly recommended for the Texas and Houston political scene.
I penned that recommendation as a courtesy to our readers and bloggers that continued elsewhere.
 I find it interesting that the blog post that caused you to accuse Mr. Jennings of conspiracy. Mr. Jennings went to the source for his story.  At the bottom of the LST tombstone is this invitation:
If you have any questions about this page please contact Squawk at (my email address is pictured)
I checked my spam filters and inbox, nope no email from you concerning Mr. Benzion's recommending Mr. Jennings' web page/blog.  Unlike you Mr Jennings sources are real people, not some fanciful idea pulled out of thin air.
Now a little conjecture on my part.  Having muddled around the kings and queens of politics myself over the years, well just a minute:
But what really and truly bothers me is that Big Jolly's affiliation with Lone Star Times and David Benzion, coupled with his sudden unprecedented access to Lykos (for the purposes of writing fawning articles) sure makes it look like Big Jolly has become a shill.

A well written freedom of information request can get even you into visit with Mrs Lykos.  But I am just guessing that is how Mr. Jennings did it.  Did you ask him?  I did not think so.
You know how crazy people can get with their conspiracy theories.
Yeah you are right.  I am beginning to realize that, I refer you back to your earlier comments I replied to.
Anyway, thank you Mr. Murray for your time and consideration.  I am not going to waste any more of my valuable time refuting your CONSPIRACY THEORIES.  But puhlease pull your pants up, your fantasies are showing.

Anonymous said...

You may call me Mr. Noise.

Dear Squawk, Mr. Noise, Mr. Fuller:

I like you. You remind me of Terrell Owens with your numerous third person references. Good grief.


I love me some me; and
He Hate Me

Scott C. Pope said...

Why do all of these people who write in to defend Big Jolly fantasize about your testicles or you with your pants down?


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymouth

Welcome to my NWOR list

BLACK INK said...

Mr. Noise:

Sir, your point is well made.

The rules of engagement ought to be applied equally to all parties.

Notwithstanding, evil often clouds the rational judgment of its opposition.

Murray is a good man who serves his clients, friends and causes without reservation......sometimes we all need to step back and take a breath to fully appreciate the goal and our actions in furtherance thereof.

Anonymous said...

7:11 a.m.-

Your comment is well-stated and ties all the facts together. Your comment belongs in the Editorial section of the Chronicle. Unfortunately, they don't print many real facts about Lykos.

Mark W. Stephens said...

LOL. Well, Murray. Seems you really hit a nerve. He's calling in all the reserves to attack you. Well done.

There's no need to point out how ridiculous the Squakbox post is. I think he did a good enough job himself.

Conspiracy theories set aside, the bottom line will be Lykos versus Mike Anderson in the Repbulican primary.

Lykos is Republican in name only (RINO). Nothing she has DONE shows she is a conservative Republican. She even brags about putting 1,000 crack heads back on the street. Conservative? No. What the voters REALLY want? NO.

Once Republican voters in Harris County grasp the fact that she is WAY too liberal, corruption allegations aside, there won't even be a contest.

The problem is, getting the word out. As of now, the Chronicle sings her praises and the only reporter standing up to her and demanding the truth is Ted Oberg. And even most of his stories are buried in the 6pm broadcast, not the main 10pm news.

So its up to Mike Anderson and the true conservative voters to get the word out. Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Now, where do I get the Anderson yard signs and bumper stickers?

Anonymous said...

Go to, click get involved and request them. they will be delivered ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Just saw Ted Oberg on Live at Five. He reported that the FBI and TX Rangers were at the DA's office today investigating the office's investigation of the 185th Grand Jury and others! Oberg said he would have more info at 6:00. What do you insiders know?

Mark Tipton said...

I don't know Murray. I don't know what kind of man he is so I don't have enough information form an opinion, good or bad. But, having been a member of the front page posters at LST (posting under the blogosphere name Hamous), I do know David Jennings and all the other former LST posters that have come here to speak up. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better group of guys. I've seen nothing here to even come close to causing me to question my opinion of them.

What I do see here is predominantly a bunch of people named "Anonymous" hurling conjecture, unfounded speculation, and downright vulgarities at others because the Anonymi candidate of choice is running against the current DA. Honestly, it looks like many of you have taken lessons from Saul Alinsky. It's pretty disgusting.

I'm not (and have never been) a fan of Lykos, but if this crowd is representative of her opponent's supporters I think I'll be skipping the box in this race.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Murray, you're the one touting conspiracy theories! Jolly's just following Mark Bennett's lead alleging a politicized grand jury, but you're not calling Benentt out.

As for Benizon, you don't even understand who he is or WHY Lykos might hire him (hint: it had nothing to do with the blogosphere). You don't understand the folks you're criticizing nor their motivations, apparently at all: Dave Jennings isn't shilling for his pal, he's shilling for the REPUBLICAN INCUMBENT!! And you more than anyone have helped drive partisans like David-squared (Benizon and Jennings) toward Lykos with presumptive, unfair, one-sided and over-the-top attacks that non-foaming-at-the-mouth workaday Republicans find as off-base and nutty as I often do.

If you think Big Jolly strays from his area of expertise by discussing the grand jury, perhaps you'll agree you equally stray from your baliwick in any and every discussion of electoral politics: Seriously, it's like watching a life-long checkers player who's decided to try their hand at a chess tournament.

Two closing observations: "Grossly misinformed" is not a synonym for "disagrees with me," and finally, even if David-squared are evil incarnate and secretly have nothing but the worst intentions that your fertile imagination might impugn them with, you forget the wise, old adage: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You'll never win an argument by disengaging.

Murray Newman said...

First and foremost, Dave Jennings is not someone that I consider to be my enemy. I consider him my friend and someone that I like very much.
Second, I did not de-link from him because I disagreed with him. If I delinked with people that I disagreed with, I'd pretty much be down to only having links with the Houston Texans fan club page. You and I rarely (if ever) agree and Mark Bennett and I only agree about 5% of the time. I actually try to get more people to read Paul Kennedy even though we rarely agree and he pretty much makes you look like Justice Scalia. Trust me, it wasn't sensitivity that lead me to de-link Big Jolly.
But, what I would throw out to you is would you put a link up for the "Re-Elect John Bradley" campaign where it cited his rationality and fairness in the handling of all his cases ever? Maybe you would, but I'd be surprised. At some point you have to draw the line on what you no longer can vouch for.
I didn't de-link from Big Jolly because of his conspiracy article. I didn't de-link from him when he was letting that idiot Don Hooper blast me under pseudonyms. I de-linked from him when he cranked out three days worth of articles that were absolutely nothing more than just advertising for Lykos.
Third, you point out that my understanding of politics is lacking compared to him. Well, no kidding. I'm not a politician, nor do I play one on TV. I have said forever that partisan politics have absolutely no place in the Criminal Justice world. I'm not here to win legislative races. I'm here to try to let people know about what is going on in the courts. That's it.
And finally, the idea that it is because of the "over-the-top" stuff I write that creates the need for "David Square"? That's kind of like telling a lady that her husband wouldn't hit her so much if she'd just quit back talking him. I know you don't agree with me, but Pat Lykos IS as bad as what I, and the commenters on this blog say. She really is as cartoonishly arrogant and foolish as we've pointed out. This isn't an exaggeration. We know her from having been around here for a long time.
And finally, just some food for thought. Even if you think my "Big Jolly Conspiracy" is way off base, it has a hell of a lot more evidence to suggest that it is real than the 185th Grand Jury Conspiracy did.
I look forward to seeing myself ridiculed on your blog now, Scott.
But I still won't de-link from you.

Anonymous said...

I (and many others) highly agree with Murray's post. What folks lik you can't seem to grasp is how two-faced, narcissistic, and incompetent Lykos is. The majority of the people who work for her and good, honest folks who would have been totally happy and supportive of Lykos were it not for her character defects. No one wants to come to work every day for a person who proves almost daily that she has no business being there. Her mismanagement has left the office in shambles. It is sad that people like yourself can't or won't believe those who are eye witnesses to how bad she really is.

Lykos is a master politician who conceals her true self. It makes those of us who see this in action sick to our stomachs.

David Ryan said...

Part 1 of 2:

I have hesitated to post on this. Even now, I question the wisdom of doing so. Nevertheless, into the breach…

Murray is a very good attorney. I refer him business. I will continue to refer him business. I referred him business even after this particular post. He is good people. We occasionally share a cocktail or two. I hope that will continue. His scrotum is between his doctor, lady, and self.

Anyone who has read this blog knows it is quite partisan. You did not come here for “fair and balanced”. It is not, nor has it ever been. At least he does post those who disagree, but it is beyond reason to think the majority of people who post here do not share his views. While I do not like the anonymous posts, it is again his prerogative. It is his right under the Constitution. And, because Judge Lykos has been known to retaliate against those with whom she disagrees, a necessary evil (although I question the sanity of anyone who posts disparaging remarks about an employer in a public forum).

It is Murray’s prerogative to link, and de-link, anyone he chooses. While it was convenient to click on Big Jolly’s link, it’s not as though it is particularly hard to get there if you choose to do so. So, what is really lost?

It would have been better for him to quietly de-link and if asked, simply state his prerogative to do so. He chose not to, and for that, you can question his judgment for explaining. Questioning his testicular fortitude is utter nonsense.

I do find his lengthy defenses of his decision to de-link Big Jolly somewhat childish. I read the allegedly offending posts on Big Jolly’s blog. I do not find them offensive. I do not find Big Jolly to be a shill. I find it to be a refreshing counter-balance to the onslaught of anti-Lykos you get here.

It is fair, in my opinion, to point to the hypocrisy. Judge Anderson is just as political as Judge Lykos. As was Chuck Rosenthal. As was Johnny Holmes. You will not find it here. Therefore, it is laughable to point the finger at Lykos and ignore Anderson. The District Attorney is an elected, political office. As it should be.

Trace cases are a good example. Judge Lykos chose to stop taking these cases, and was hailed for the decision by everyone except cops. Crime is down; the jail population is finally down. The warnings of crack heads who would have been in jail and not burglarizing homes or abducting children have not come to fruition. Statistically speaking, something awful is bound to happen, and Judge Anderson will use it to his political advantage, ignoring that when he was on the bench he, too, called for decriminalization or not filing trace cases. And Murray will be loathe to mention it. No one will mention that cops are actually upset because promotions for felony arrests and federal grant money that comes with these arrests on the phony war on drugs are really the issue.

A reality of budgets is that there is only so much you can do. Mandatory probation on first offense trace cases came from the legislature because Harris County alone accounted for almost half the state jail population on trace cases. Judges like Brian Rains got around that by sentencing these folks to county jail time, helping exacerbate the jail overcrowding conditions. So, Judge Anderson pledges to clog the dockets with these cases, which will be transferred to state jail court, where Judge Rains now presides after losing his re-election bid. Utter nonsense, but good politics.

David Ryan said...

Part 2 of 2:

Chuck Rosenthal fought to keep gay sex illegal. Was it not politics for so called Christian conservatives? When he refused to accept the new gun laws, and insisted it was an affirmative defense and not a bar to arrest, that was not politics? Cops overwhelmingly oppose a citizen’s right to bear arms. They say safety; I say the Constitution. And we both have political backing for our positions.

FWIW, I am heavily involved in a charity named for a murdered cop. His killer is set for re-trial, and the defense now wants a delay because Lykos is being investigated. Sure, it is good lawyering. It is also good politics.

I have not yet decided whom to support in the election. It will not be Lloyd Oliver. I appeared before Judge Lykos when she was on the bench. It was decidedly unpleasant. It is why whenever Murray refers to Judge Lykos as “Snook’ems,” I laugh out loud. Appearing before Judge Anderson was no picnic, either. Judge Anderson was the best advocate for the State while he was on the bench.

I remain unconvinced that criminal justice will improve if Judge Anderson is elected, but I am open to being persuaded. If this FBI investigation turns up wrong doing, I will certainly be persuaded. But if Big Jolly or A Harris County Lawyer is your reason for supporting a candidate, then you are persuaded by the politics and not a concern for justice.

Murray Newman said...


Um, I don't know whether to thank you or challenge you to a duel. Just kidding. I still don't get why everybody keeps talking about my privates. Do I have a chronic problem with remembering to zip my fly or something?

You bring up numerous good points and I am working on a blog post that may explain my "politics" and why I write things the way I do.

I think the reason that I wrote on and on about de-linking from Big Jolly was to work through it in my own head. I like Dave Jennings but what he was writing and allowing others to write on his blog troubled me.

Quite frankly, the post started out as an attempt to mock how easily one can start a "conspiracy" idea with nothing but conjecture and an over-emphasis on coincidences. When I wrote the post on Friday evening, I nearly deleted it after reading it. I thought I was being overly dramatic and, as you pointed out, I could just as easily have de-linked and not mentioned my reasons.

Just as I was about to delete the Big Jolly post, somebody forwarded my Lykos' campaign e-mail citing all of the posts that Dave had cranked out in the past days. It seemed to me that as much as Dave was willing to call 2 Grand Jury investigations, and a Texas Rangers and FBI investigation as a politically motivated witch hunt, it was only fair to point out his bias as well.

And the next thing I know, the paparazzi is all over my privates!

Yes, I am very biased towards Mike Anderson. I think he is a true leader and a born prosecutor. But I say that because I know the man. Not because of electability or because I fall into one faction of Republican or another. I'll expand on that in a later post (hopefully this weekend).

Thanks, as always, for writing in and signing your name.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ryan, I have a few responses to some of your points:

1. "You did not come here for “fair and balanced”. It is not, nor has it ever been."

You are correct about this but it is because we expect our DA to be fair and balanced. She is not and never has been. Those of us who know her well (unlike the general public) see a person who is far from being fair or balanced.

2. "Judge Anderson is just as political as Judge Lykos. As was Chuck Rosenthal. As was Johnny Holmes. "

Your statement makes me think you don't know Mike that well and that you didn't know Holmes at all. Chuck had many faults but being terribly political wasn't one of them. Granted, you didn't define your concept of 'political', but however much Anderson, Holmes, or Rosenthal were political, they are a small candle compared to the spotlight that is Lykos. Only Lykos has hired a cadre of media folks to churn out accolades of her every move. If you look objectively at her claimed accomplishments, you will almost always discover a layer of deception woven into the fabric. She thrives on bragging on herself and having others fawn over her. NEVER have I seen Anderson, Rosenthal, nor Holmes do anything like this.

3. "No one will mention that cops are actually upset because promotions for felony arrests -

Neither HPD nor HCSO promotes people based on how many arrests they have made. Their promotions are based on a combination of test scores, seniority points, and in some cases interviews.

The real point I want to make here is that this blog is decidedly anti-Lykos but not without over-whelming evidence. Her inability to manage the office, her lack of legal knowledge, her vindictiveness, and the fact that she filters every single decision she makes on how it will play out politically-not whether it is right or wrong.

If she isn't defeated this year, the DAO will not recover from the damage she has done in this generation. We post our comments because of our love for the office and the sense of loss we feel because of what she is doing. If you think about it, that is truly profound and explains why this blog exists.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ryan

I doubt seriously that the posters
on this blog is using Big Jolly or A Harris County Lawyer to make a decision as to whom to vote for. You may need to spend some time and go back to past posts. Once you read the post then research what is said by whom. Talk to some of the past employees. You may find yourself with a little different mindset.

You make some valid points in your post. Justice should not be about politics. The office of DA should not be a political post period.

That’s where the problem comes in. DA Lycos is a politician in every way imaginable. Her heart is not into the running of the DA's office, it is in the running to win the election.

She has poor management and leadership skills. Instead of utilizing the skills of intelligent prosecutors she has, she micro manages. The ADAs were hired for their ability I would assume. Why doesn't she allow them great latitude in handling the cases assigned to them?

Why must they look over their shoulder or base their decisions on fear of retribution. That is a horrible way to have to work. The condition these ADAs must work in is simply not acceptable.

I want the ADAs to give 110% when they are preparing to go to trial. I want their mind on the trial, the facts, and not on how much trouble they will be in if this or that happens. I want them focused on putting the criminal away so that he cannot commit more atrocities. I want them to go forth in the quest for justice knowing that the boss has their back. I want them to give all you defense lawyers a run for your money. hehe (couldn't resist)

Now, this is where this affects me. I live in Harris County, the majority of my family and friends live here as well. I want criminals to know that HC is not the place to mess around because our judicial system will deal severely with them. So far under Lycos that has not happened. Now you can drive drunk and get deferred, call it by any name you want, that's what it amounts to. I believe the law says that you cannot have deferred for DWI.
How about those residue cases, yep you can walk free cause Lycos has decided not to follow the law as it is written. So maybe I am just ignorant to the facts if so clue me in.

As far as candidates, I like the fact that Mr. Anderson can work both sides of the fence so to speak. Yes I have checked out Mr. Anderson. No, I did not just rely on AHCL or BJ. There is much information available on the internet. I have spoken at length with people that know Mr. Anderson. He is as he appears to be. The one thing that will lead him well is his ability to deal with people. He will put passion that is missing back into the running of the DAs office. He will bring the office to a place of respect and integrity once again.

David Ryan said...


Two middle aged bald guys going out to the playground, whipping out our junk and calling it a duel is a disturbing mental picture. It will also likely result in mandatory jail time. Can you blog from the Polunski Unit?