Thursday, February 9, 2012

More Humor from the Holdover

During an interview at the jail with a client set for trial next week:

ME:  I'm going to need to get you some clothes for trial.  What size pants do you wear?

HIM:  My waist is 34.

ME:  What length for the pants?

HIM:  I don't know.

ME:  Well, how tall are you?

HIM:  Six feet.

ME:  Really?  You look shorter from this side of the plexiglass.

HIM:  Yeah, and you look like you got a lot more hair from this side, too.


Alex Bunin said...

The cracks in the plexiglass look like hair. Just draw a hat over them.

Anonymous said...

LOL them nutty defendants !

Murray's Inner-Monologue said...

....ahhh, to be 6'0 and have a 34" waist.

Perhaps then I would really have a shot at imdb.

Franklin Bynum said...

I get that a lot.

Anonymous said...

I know we're mad at Jolly right now, but tonight he put up a piece with Johnny Holmes that is a good read.

Anonymous said...

You can but a pig in a suit, and he's still a pig.

Day 9 said...

"We are eager to show the public all the evidence in this case." - Patricia R. Lykos (2/1/12)

Dear Ms. Lykos:

I am hopeful today is the day. I look forward to receiving the evidence.