Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quick Programming Note

I've gotten several comments over the past three days regarding a website that was recently established that contains numerous false and libelous accusations about me.

From a legal standpoint, I cannot do anything that assists in the dissemination of that material and that means that I cannot and will not publish any comments that link to it, either.

I can only say that the material in it was absolutely false.

As a rule, I will publish any comment regardless of whether or not I agree with it, but I won't publish something that I know to be false or invasive into the private lives of  anyone.  I am not trying to limit anyone's ability to speak freely, but there are some parameters that have to be followed.


Anonymous said...

hmmmm, looked and can't find anything. hope those county paid PR people in the HCDAO don't have anything to do with it--as that would be wrong, Pat.

Anonymous said...

No surprise there. When your out speaking the truth and exposing people for what they truly are they are going to come after you. Not working in Harris County but reading the comments, the blogs, and the news I can tell this is one vindictive pack of wolves. I'm surprised they haven't done things a lot worse to you I'm sure they have tried. I admire you for your work. I urge you to keep calling the corruption out somebody needs to.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Jeff Yates? Why did Patsy hire him? Was this a quid pro quo with Woodfi?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Lykos,

I know what a narcissist control freak you are with the whole media thingy stuff, setting, lights etc. Kudos - looks like 1/2 million DID buy you two (one female and one male) HPD officers to stand with you - GREAT JOB! Good Props. We certainly know they weren’t there to "investigate". You now have your very own "Non-investigative Investigator's Office” - like seal team 6 except these guys are called: “Whale Team PCT 1 / HCSO Retirees”. I think you ran off all the good ones from all other agencies.

Oh, one last thing - get rid of that loose drawer lying on the floor to the right of the unused podium that appears on the left side of the Television Screen – way too distracting.

Also, I know the Republican voters (like me) just LOVE RED but you need to switch it up a little. Next time Jarred and Joe dress you, try some other colors like Blue, Black, or………………..ORANGE!


3R X far too many years to remember. But if YOU win – which I predict NOT happening, I will be voting straight R – then going back and voting (D)for DA in the General. YOU are a shame and should be ashamed. Instead of letting the Office function on its own. You always seem to have the light shine on you and want all the attention and want it to revolve around YOU. Lonely, Lonely – “lady”. Go buy another mirror.

Anonymous said...

Where does it say she hired Yates -In any case he used to be the manager of sorts of the day to day operations of the local Harris County Republican party.

Looks like J.W. is getting ready to be beaten as Co. Chair and is helping all the rats jump ship to another sinking ship. If his buddy Robert Talton gets elected to Co. Atty - just watch him move on over there as first assistant.
I'm an R but damn it why can't more modern day politicians be like the late Commissioner Squatty Lyons (sp)? He came in poor and left poor. Good honorable man. So was Fonteno who was basically a conservative old school D.
Hope the current groups of candidates don’t trust the local R party with any Joint Judicial Campaign $ unless it is totally in the hands of independent political consultants.

J.W. is a hair's from being bankrupt...sad excuse for a leader of fiscal conservatism. He borrowed from a damn hedge fund loan shark organization at a high interest rate and now they are calling in his chit for over Major 10 figure debt(s) at high interest whereby he was betting on the come that never materialized. Why not have your non-investigative Investigative office investigate J.W. on that fancy law Enforcement System and tell us what HIS credit score is?
Yates is a decent enough guy but what pisses me off is all these non-prosecutorial political hacks getting jobs as quasi non-investigators and bullshit media PR people when what they need the most are "boots in the courtroom". Young ADA's with student loans to pay off. Cronyism at its worst.

Holmes would NEVER hire unilaterally!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that whoever has that site is trying to find out who all of the posters on this blog are? I feel sure they think you would share that site with your posters. Which in turn would go to that site. I feel sure from there they could track down the person logged on.
I would not put it past that administration. Then they could get our backgrounds too.
I am sorry that someone is doing this to you. Find the culprits and sue them.