Friday, February 15, 2013

Katherine Cabaniss named 248th District Court Judge

I was excited to hear yesterday afternoon that my friend and former chief Katherine Cabaniss has been named by Governor Perry to replace Joan Campbell as the new Judge of the 248th District Court.

I had the opportunity to work for Katherine when she was my chief in the 174th District Court under Judge George Godwin.  Those were some of my favorite days of my career at the D.A.'s Office.  Of all the chiefs I worked for, she was one of my favorites (if not THE favorite).

Katherine was always the picture of poise and professionalism as a prosecutor.  She fought fiercely for her cases, but would look into any claim a defense attorney brought to her attention.  She was compassionate and kind when the case called for it, but could be tougher than nails when that was called for as well.  Regardless of the case she was handling, she treated everyone that she talked to with respect.

On a personal note, Katherine was my chief when I was expecting the birth of my son.  She was like having a big sister during that time.  She was so supportive and excited for everything going on in my personal life.  When she moved out of the court we remained good friends, and I was sad when she told me she was leaving the Office for CrimeStoppers.

Over the past several years, Katherine has worked tirelessly at Crime Stoppers -- coordinating events and raising money for that organization.  I have no doubt that they will miss her very much over there.

But Katherine never got so busy that she wouldn't make time for an old friend.

I had no idea that Katherine was in the running for the 248th Bench, so I was just as shocked as I was happy when I heard the good news yesterday.

She's going to make a fantastic judge who will rule fairly, compassionately, and intelligently.

And hopefully, she'll still have time for lunch with an old friend from time to time, too.


Unknown said...

I never had any cases with Katherine, I meand Judge Cabaniss, when she was a prosecutor. However, I did work with her while she was at Crime Stoppers. She was a tremendous asset in that post. I am certain she will be well respected on the bench by both the defense bar and prosecutors. Congratulations to Katherine. I meand Judge Cabaniss!

Anonymous said...

Kat Cab--
Your Ya-Ya's are so proud of you! You make us all look good!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites is the Hallway Comedian, who, when the door opens revealing a crowded elevator, says loudly, "OK -- everybody back up till somebody giggles."

Full disclosure: that is me, and it never fails to get a laugh. Somebody has to do it.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, another DA with a robe. The 248th will still have 4 DAs working in it.

Anonymous said...

I am currently going through a case in the 248 courtrooom and I have to say,..Katherine is one of the sexiest judges Ive come across. I love her charming smile and its something about how she carries herself,...I wonder if she likes black guys ;-)...