Thursday, February 28, 2013

Loretta Smith's Last Day

Big congratulations to legendary HCDA Administrative Assistant Loretta Smith of the 209th District Court on her retirement today after 17 and a half years.

I first met Loretta after my second year of law school, when I did an Academic Internship in Judge Michael McSpadden's court back in 1998.  She and Investigator Suzanne Jones helped me figure out what in the hell I was doing back then.  The next year, they helped me get hired by the Office as an Assistant District Attorney.

Loretta, Me & Suzanne
Loretta is a legend and a fixture in the D.A.'s Office.  Everyone who worked in the court became a family member to her.  She remembered every last detail of your personal life and she was never shy about giving you advice -- whether you asked for it or not.  Her sarcastic wit and sense of humor made her a perfect fit for that office and the place won't be the same without her  and her monthly notices on the 25th of how many months away from Christmas we are.   

Congrats on your well-earned retirement, Momma Lo!  Somehow, I have a feeling you'll keep in touch with everyone.

Just a reminder to everyone, her retirement party is THIS AFTERNOON at Gloria's Restaurant at 2616 Louisiana Street at 5:01.


Anonymous said...

Loretta was a life saver on numerous occasions during my time as an intern. I even lost one of her files forcing her to rebuild it. Everything was soothed over with a box chocolates. Enjoy retirement!

Anonymous said...

Forrest Gump was an intern at the office? Who knew?

On a serious note, Loretta was more than a life saver for all of us who had the opportunity to come up the ranks because of her help. Thanks for all you are.....we'll miss you.

Anonymous said...

Man, I'd kind of like to get investigated.


Anonymous said...

It was a great going away party tonight. I am going to miss having "Mamma Lo" around, a lot.

Anonymous said...

I wished they would report on how bad things are here!