Thursday, February 14, 2013

Signs Your Old Division Chief Doesn't Want to Be Seen with You

I decided this week to invite my old Division Chief to lunch.  I've mentioned him on the blog before but to protect his identity, I've given him the codename of Greg Couldhart.  I referenced him here back in 2008 as the "Play It Off Guy" in an addendum to my all-time favorite post: Stupid Elevator People.

So, I shoot him a text message, inviting him to lunch.  He accepts and we decide on a place to meet the following day after I get out of court.  NOTE:  If it isn't already apparent, my writing is in blue and Goodhart's Couldhart's is in white.

Please note the meeting point that he suggests.

The following morning, I confirm lunch plans with him.

To which he replies:

I'm starting to think he doesn't want me to swing by his office.  

I decide to firm up the time, and he replies with:

At this point, I've begun to develop a complex, so I decide to mess with him.  This attempt goes right over his head.

Finally, I just give up.

I did have to fire off one last parting shot to him, however, when it came time to meet ON ONE.


Your Artery said...

Signs You Need To Change Your Diet:

...memorizing when Kobe burgers are served at Market Square.

Alex Bunin said...

You left out all the important stuff. What did you and Craig (or Greg) order?

Anonymous said...

So did you and Greg ever have your date?

Murray Newman said...

Yes. We met on One.