Thursday, May 29, 2008

Guess Who is Back

In his continuing effort to sue all of Law Enforcement into oblivion, Lloyd Kelley has filed yet another law suit today.

At the moment, only the television media seems to have articles up and running about it, and their coverage on the Web leaves a lot of questions. The Chronicle website, as we speak, doesn't have anything on the lawsuit yet, which leads me to believe that Jeff Cohen is still in euphoric ecstasy over the Quintero verdict to the degree that he isn't paying attention to what else is going on.

Apparently, Lloyd and Quannel X are calling for the Feds to take over the Sheriff's Office because they don't like the way HCSO is doing it's job.

Had I known that Lloyd and Crew had the power to dictate who could take over an elected office when they were displeased with job performance, I would have gladly joined his anti-Rosenthal bandwagon earlier, if they had only demanded Chuck be replaced with Angelina Jolie.

More on this as it develops.


Al K. Holic said...

When you have struck a gold mine like Kelley has, why not tap it for all it is worth?

Anonymous said...

Too bad the DA's office didn't do it's job and prosecute the deputies involved instead of joining the cover-up. If the DA won't do his job and the sheriff's office can't clean up its own act it's always appropriate to follow Justice Scalia's guidance and pursue civil remedies in dealing with corruption.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Anony 2:47,
Seriously, take a dose of reality. The D.A.'s Office did try to investigate but Lloyd Kelley (who seems to consider himself some sort of cross between Marvin Zindler, Wayne Dolcefino and Ghandi) wouldn't let the Public Integrity Division talk to his clients (the poor, abused Ibarra brothers) without him being present. If you can't talk to your complainants, then how does the D.A.'s office build a case? Seriously.
Lloyd Kelley is what he is, which is just a little angry man who is still mad that he was prosecuted for road rage back in 1999. To view him in any other way is silly. He is trying to sue the Harris County Criminal Justice System into oblivion to satisfy his own thirst for revenge.

Anonymous said...

I have no opinion about Kelley (never having dealt with him) so I'll have to avoid the mudslinging for now but who in their right mind would allow themselves to be questioned by anyone in the Harris County justice system without an attorney present? And why would the DA's office have a problem with an attorney being present considering the known collusion between the sheriff and the former DA? Am I missing something?

And out of curiosity what could have those deputies written in their arrest reports that would have anyone believe that they made a couple of lawful arrests, especially after formal individual interrogations? Possibly I'm missing something but you don't need a complainant other than the DA investigator to file against the deputies.

Seem to remember it happens all the time in family abuse cases where the wife refuses to file in some jurisdictions. The real question is did the DA's office want to address the issue or was the office looking for (or just accepting) an excuse not to pursue.