Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Poll Results

Well the polls closed over the weekend, scientifically answering the questions of who will win the D.A.'s race, who should win the D.A.'s race, and what would the candidacy of Ken Magidson do to the race?

In the poll for who will win the race, former-HPD Police Chief Clarence Bradford edged out Pat Lykos by 55% to 44%. I think with the enthusiasm generated behind Barack Obama's candidacy getting stronger as he gets closer to locking in the Democratic nomination for President, that this number is actually pretty damn likely.

In the poll for who should win the race, Pat Lykos beat Bradford 57% to 42%, which also makes senses given her more extensive experience in the legal system from within a courtroom.

But once the potential of Ken Magidson as a candidate was thrown into the mix, the numbers get thrown completely to the wind. Magidson took home 70% of the vote, with Lykos getting 20% and Bradford getting 9%.

Now, I'm not a political scientist, and I'm sure nobody would consider this poll to be even mildly scientific.

But maybe Magidson ought to look into investing into some "Ken in 2012" bumper stickers.


Al K. Holic said...

I think the term "political scientist" must have been invented by someone who wanted a better title than "political analyst." There is no more science in politics than there is in history or music or whatever.

Similar made up bullshite titles include "kinesiology," which back in the day was "P.E.," "sanitation engineer," for garbageman, and "President of the United States."

Anonymous said...

You could have put "the guy who mows my yard" or "the guy who asks if you want fries with that" as the third choice, instead of Magidson, & I bet close to 70% of your readers would have picked him. So it's not so much about Magidson as it is about NOT wanting to vote for either of the other two choices.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Al & Anon (or Al-Anon),
I couldn't agree more with the both of you. When you see stats like that, it's very tempting to try to start a third party, write-in campaign, isn't it.
I usually start considering throwing my hat in the ring after about my 4th beer.

Anonymous said...

Lisa wrote another stupid article.. Can you resist?