Monday, August 25, 2008

Addendum to the Elevator People

In the past couple of weeks, I've come across two addendums to my Elevator People article that I did awhile back.

Addendum # 1 - The "Chain of Consciousness Elevator Rider" - this is the guy who seems to consider himself to be the liason to all non-elevator riders across the world who have frequented a CJC elevator. He speaks his mind within the Nanosecond that the thought crosses it. Some examples:

"Boy, this elevator is crowded."
"Looks like we're going to be stopping on every floor."
"There's no personal space around here!"
"Huh. This elevator doesn't go all the way up to twelve."
"Guess we'll be crossing over at 10!"

Thanks man, but if we wanted commentary in our morning routine, we'd be TIVOing John Madden.

Addendum # 2 - The "Play It Off" Guy - this is the guy that accidentally stepped onto the elevator that's going down when he needed to be going up. He plays it cool and doesn't show that he's committed a tactical elevator error. He just smoothly hits the floor he wants (knowing that he'll have to go down to one and then ride back up) as if it was his plan all along. Yeah, this guy is an elevator veteran, and he isn't going to let you know that he's committed a faux pas. I saw an example of this today.
I don't want to embarrass anyone, so I'll just give him the pseudonym of Greg Couldhart.


Ron in Houston said...

Well at least you guys don't have elevators that act like their possessed by demons like over in the Family Law Center.

I've never gotten stuck but those elevators do some of the craziest things.

Anonymous said...

LOL love the pseudonym. awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ron in Houston,
Oh but we do! There is one elevator in particular that frequently just cancels out all the buttons that were pushed so everyone misses their floors.

Then there are the elevators that make horrific noises, and those that simply get stuck between floors.

Those of us who work in the CJC spend the better part of our day just waiting to get on an elevator. A simply wonderful example of engineering.

Anonymous said...

oh, yea, you really disguised that name well! lol!

the elevator anonymous is speaking of...i try not to get on that one...ugh i hate hate hate it...if you are stuck in the back and you only have to go to two it really is a pain...and then there was a day a week or so ago that i was on it and it made a horrible noise and jumped just enough to scare the crud out of all of us on it...

can we just say we HATE the elevators at the cjc? lol