Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tonight's Reasonable Doubt (2/28/13) - UPDATED

UPDATE:  Due to a previously unscheduled opportunity to spend the evening with my son, Robb Fickman will be handling the co-hosting duties this evening.  I apologize in advance for my legion of fans who had planned to bask in the light coming off of my scalp.

Please join me and our host Todd Dupont for tonight's Reasonable Doubt where our guest will be defense attorney extraordinaire Troy McKinney.

The show starts at 8:00 p.m. and you can catch it live streaming by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you stop blowing smoke up McKinney's anal cavity.

I believe its time for you and Dupont to start brainstorming on topics which inform. Use the DAO current legal issues to teach and enlighten.

Since P Doyle uncovered the current problems, invite him onto the show. He has information we want to know about.

Murray Newman said...

Awwww. Is somebody cranky that they don't get to be on TV? That's adorable! But aren't you a little old for that?

Troy McKinney is an outstanding and highly respected attorney. He is also extremely generous with his time and knowledge for younger attorneys. And he makes a great guest. You would be the first person I have ever heard of to take issue with him as a guest.

We would love to have Doyle on the show whenever he is available. However, the show airs during Starbucks' operating hours and it would be hard to drag him out of there.

Todd and I always have a topic. And then we get set off track about three minutes into the show.

Anonymous said...

You can always interview Doyle at his owners suite at Sam Houston Race Track some evening....heard he's got one of his ponies racing this Saturday.

Anonymous said...

I believe your response was intended for someone else in mind. Regardless, I think many of fans of the show would enjoy learning about current topics with a soap opera type style. A little flair never hurt ratings.

Todd Dillon said...


Can I request a discussion on S.B. 91? Or do I have to call in an harass y'all live?


Todd Dillon

Murray Newman said...

Call in! We need the phone traffic!