Friday, October 12, 2012

Ann Johnson Fundraiser

While most of what I write about here on the blog is about elections directly dealing with the CJC, every once in a while, one of our own runs for Office in other fields.  I couldn't have been more excited to have learned that former-Harris County Assistant District Attorney and one of my favorite people Ann Johnson had decided to run for State Representative of District 134.

I first met Ann when she was working at the D.A.'s Office, and she quickly earned the reputation of a tough and no-nonsense prosecutor.  She was incredibly smart and passionate about using the tools available to her as a prosecutor to help people affected by crime.  She was far from boisterous, but a kind friend to everyone in the building.  She was highly respected and highly loved by her co-workers.

When Ann left the Office, she took her passion for helping other people and devoted her practice to making changes to the Criminal Justice System in ways that helped make it a better place -- specifically concentrating on changing the way juveniles are treated by the courts.  Ann is one of the few people I know personally who challenged a law all the way to the Supreme Court -- and won.  She did so, not for profit, but because she wanted to make the System better than it currently was.

Ann Johnson is one of those rare people who does more than just sit around saying "Somebody should do something" about a problem.  She's the one who says "I will do something" about the problem -- and then does it.  I don't know of any other candidate so willing to tackle public office strictly for such altruistic motives.

Please join me in voting for Ann in November.

Also, I hope you will come to a Fundraiser for Ann being hosted by Chip Lewis and Justin Wood on Wednesday, October 17th from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Cyclone Anaya's at 1710 Durham.

In the meantime, please go check out Ann's website and like her on Facebook.  Her background and credentials are amazing and her platform is clear and strong.  See what she stands for and what her opponent stands against, and your choice in this election will be very easy.


Anonymous said...

Curious ... what did she challenge all the way up to the U S Supreme Court? I never heard that before.

Old Person

Anonymous said...

According to this site,,she argued before the Texas Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

What is really mind boggling is to discover that our state ever found it proper to charge victims of child sex trafficking with prostitution.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, many of her supporters will vote straight Democrat, and that will help Lloyd Oliver.

Murray Newman said...

Anon 4:37 p.m.,

Don't be obtuse.

Of course many of her supporters will vote straight ticket. They were going to do so anyway, and she will benefit from their vote.

The people that I'm trying to reach are the ones who actually might take the time to carefully consider their votes in each individual election and cross party lines to vote for the better candidate.

Although my leanings in the voting booth are (for the vast majority) mostly Republican, there are several Democratic candidates that I will be voting for.

Why? Because nobody tells me how to think.

Don't try to poison minds. Try to use your own.

Vote for Ann Johnson.

Anonymous said...

You never gave any reason why she is better than her opponent. Don't be insulting. State your case, instead.

Unknown said...


I have to agree with Anon 1:56. As you know i worked in the last session and I am happy to tell you that Rep. Davis was the one who filed the bill to close the loophole in the child porn cases on electronic devices which was a huge help to law enforcement across the State.

Murray Newman said...

Certainly we can have different opinions and still be friends. I know Ann Johnson from having worked with her for years. She cares about women's rights and their health and the protection of children.
She's one of those people that would be the best candidate in any race she ever chooses to run in.
She's driven to public service and she's smart enough to know the tools of the trade.