Monday, October 22, 2012

One Other Recommendation - Mark Bennett

I was made aware last night that I had forgotten to chime in on Mark Bennett's race for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place Seven.  I have to confess that I do not follow the Court of Criminal Appeals as far as "which judge votes which way," so I can't really speak to anything about Mark's opponent.

I can speak to Mark, however.

Mark has always marched to the beat of a different drum.  He's made me mad on occasion -- quite furious, actually.

He's also been one of the most intellectually honest and true friends that a person can have.  I don't mean one of those friends that will always go grab a beer with you and tell you how you didn't mess up what you think you just messed up.  He's one of those friends who will always be there to help you because you actually really did mess up and he's going to stand beside you when nobody else will.

I need only to guide you to this post to let you know of one of those times that Mark Bennett was a friend to me.

Mark is guided by his intellect and his ethics, and it occasionally rubs people the wrong way.  I've seen him tick off people from pretty much all sides of the courthouse -- Judges, Prosecutors, fellow Defense Attorneys.  Yet, I've never seen him back away from his position if he believed himself to be right.  Mark has no burning desire to be popular -- and he's doing great at that.  Just kidding, Mark.

Mark is running as a Libertarian for Court of Criminal Appeals, Place Seven.  He knows that he has little to no chance of winning without running under the Republican or Democrat banner.  However, in typical Mark fashion, neither one of those parties accurately represents his beliefs, so he won't join them.

His principles matters more to him than winning an election.

Think about that last sentence for a second.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if all politicians felt the same way?

Good luck, Mark.  You have my vote and my admiration.

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Anonymous said...

I'm voting for him. He wasn't on your list but I saw him on the sample ballot. That one is a no-brainer.