Friday, October 19, 2012

Haunted House Tour

And now for something completely different.

Jackie Carpenter of the P.D.'s Office and I are trying to get a group of prosecutors and defense attorneys together to go to Nightmare on the Bayou on Tuesday, October 30th at 7:30ish.  There may or may not be a pre-game at Char Bar before going.

Kevin "Not the Clowns!" Petroff and Brian Warren and I got a group together when we were all young prosecutors about ten years ago and went to a haunted house and it was blast.  Some of the stories have lived on ever since.

HINT:  Ask Petroff what "Don't you have a station?!" means to him.

It should be a lot of fun and we hope you'll join us.  Contact me or Jackie so we can see if we have enough people to get some sort of group rate.

Bonus points if you can talk Petroff into coming in from Galveston to lead us.


Anonymous said...

At the risk of undoing ten years of therapy, I'm in.
- Petroff

Not a Robot said...

Reminds me of when my cell phone had the same number as "The Haunted Hayride" located in the adjoining area code. All Fall I got messages from persons seeking to make reservations. One woman called many times leaving increasingly frantic requests. I am now too traumatized to engage in Halloween activities.