Sunday, February 21, 2010

C'mon Chronicle

I've been sitting around, patiently waiting for the Chronicle to finish up its endorsements of the Judicial Candidates, but damn, they are taking their sweet time over there.

So far, they've only covered the District Court (recommending Marc Brown, Lori Gooch, and Trent Gaither in their respective races) and the Juvenile Courts (recommending Fred Wilson, Marc Isenberg, David Longoria and Keith Branch in theirs.)

As of this morning (Sunday, February 21st), we're still waiting on the County Court recommendations. The District Court and Juvenile Courts only came out yesterday. You can check out their endorsements here.

But c'mon guys, you are a newspaper and early voting started LAST TUESDAY. Aren't you supposed to be giving people information or something? I just do this freaking blog as a hobby, and even I got my homework done.

I mean it isn't like the political primaries snuck up on you or something. I'm pretty sure they've been scheduled for this time of year for quite some time.


jigmeister said...

with falling reader and subscriber membership, how much impact does the Chronicle have? Given their decision making methods and bias, I would just as soon they stop endorcing any judicial candidate.

Anonymous said...

To those "relatively new" to the Houston area, either by nature of age or by re-location, Houston at one time had two major newspapers -the Houston Post and the Houston Chronicle. In my opinion the Post, a morning newspaper was a quality newspaper - excellent editorial writers, columnists, and sports writers. In my opinion the Chronicle, an afternoon paper loaded with next day ads at that time was at best second rate, a third world paper. Due to a change in ownership at the Post and apparently a change in readership attitude, that is people preferring to read an afternoon paper loaded with those ads, the Post ultimately shut down. I assume its old building is still on the Southwest Freeway. Several of its top quality writers did go to the Chronicle.
With this history in mind, I find it distressing that candidates still do go a "beggin", genuflecting to the Chronicle's editorial board, and soliciting their endorsements. Although not knowing the individuals who currently compose this alleged elite committee of intelletuals, it is presumed that it is composed of people who espouse the same philosophies,rants, and tirades that frequent the columns of Casey and Falkenberg. It is no wonder that this paper is accurately described as the Comical. Even, the Green Sheet is clearly a better newspaper.

Anonymous said...

The Chronicle is just a joke. It looks like they are actually making some good choices in the endorsement area but they remain just clueless or ignorant about the courthouse. I read the article about the bail bond business and found the article without direction or theme. It was just a poorly written fluff item. A real missed opportunity.

Kevin Whited said...

The Atlanta Journal Constitution recently announced it was getting out of the endorsement business:

The Chronicle ought to follow suit, and redeploy those useless ed board salaries to the newsroom.

They ought to give Tim Fleck a gossip column, because he was an interesting read back when he actually put his name on his writing.