Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Have You Voted Yet?

Sorry to be a pain in the butt, but you are running out of time on early voting if you haven't done it already.

Here are just a couple of random thoughts to help get you motivated:

1. Most of the folks who read this work Downtown at the CJC (or at least go to the CJC pretty much daily). All you have to do is walk two blocks over to the Administration Building at some point. It's a convenient location.

2. You don't have to clock out to go vote!

3. On March 2nd, you'll have to go through the pain in the butt of figuring out where your polling location is near your home, drive there and figure out where to park. And you'll probably have 50 million other things that you need to be doing on that day anyway.

4. This being a non-presidential election will cause a much lower voter turnout than usual. Your vote counts more now than ever.

5. Remember for you folks voting in the Republican Party that if your candidate isn't the darling of the older voters who live to send in their mail-in ballots, you've got to get out there to put a dent in their voting block!

6. Vote now and maybe your candidate won't have to be in a run-off!

7. Apathy leads to elected leaders like Pat Lykos.

Get out there and vote. Call your families and tell them to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Agreed! Please go vote, if you don't vote you don't get to complain about the judges who you will have to appear before, if not know, later on in your career.

Anonymous said...

How many of my friends said not to worry, Kelly has this one in the bag. I wonder how many of my friends failed to vote the second time around. Vote now and perhaps there will not have to be a runoff in some important races. And by the way, to my friends who failed to vote the second time around in 08, thanks.

Anonymous said...

The judges will not admit it,but they are cutting court appointed lawyer fees while they continue drawing their high salaries. Vote for some good judges who have been in private practice and understand. The fee cuts are going to hurt a lot of lawyers so do not set back and remain silent. they may listen now since they all have opponents.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, GO VOTE! I went the other day and a candidate was handing out the Link Letter Sample Ballot to people as they went in. Couldn't help but notice the lady next to me at the booth was voting line by line with that garbage list. It is going to take the educated voters to actually GO VOTE and get everyone they know to GO VOTE. Otherwise, Lord, don't even want to think about it, '08 again. Like Anon 3:23 said, thanks.