Saturday, February 6, 2010

Commissioner Gordon, Turn on the Pat Signal!

Looks like the past 24 hours have been busy ones for the fine men and women that investigate homicides in Harris County.

According to this article in the Chronicle this morning, there were ten homicides in a 24 hour period, which is an unusually high amount. Normally, an article like this isn't something that I would put in the blog, except for the fact that Pat Lykos decided to come to the rescue in figuring out the murders!

District Attorney Pat Lykos said her office is studying the surge in violence that included two double homicides, two murder-suicides, a police-involved death and a shooting in which a mother allegedly killed her son.

“We are conducting an analysis to determine whether this is a tragic anomaly or if it portends an alarming trend,” Lykos said in a statement released Friday.

An analysis?

Um, yeah. Considering the fact that Lykos and the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight couldn't find their ass with both hands and a flashlight, I'm not feeling really confident that Snookems is going to crack the statistical reason these murders occurred.

Are we examining the possibility that perhaps the Joker put some sort of homicidal-rage-inducing-agent in the city's water supply?

Holy catfish, Hannah Chow! Well, at least Lykos was able to correctly use the word "portends" in a sentence. That's more credit than I would have given her, quite frankly.

In the meantime, I think as a citizen and a voter, I'm pretty much satisfied when HPD and HCSO says the homicides were all unrelated domestic violence situations. It is certainly a tragic series of events, but I'm hoping Lykos doesn't spend a whole lot of time and money trying to relate the killings.

She should be saving the money to polish her hardwood floors and finish out the conference room.


jigmeister said...

It will certainly help that murder cases can't be filed until all the statements are transcribed. That policy ought to permit some of them to get a good running head start on the homicide cops.

Anonymous said...

Jane Waters would rarely authorize a nolle on a DV case but now it will never happen. More one size fits all justice.

Anonymous said...

Who in the DA's office has the education and background to conduct this type of analysis. Maybe that ace investigator Mr. Strange? He could take a few photos. What is the DA's office going to do after they study the murder rate? Tell everybody to behave? Why is the press printing anything Pat Lykos has to say about the murder rate? That is like talking to Victor Trevino about law enforcement. I am sorry this comment sounds like a stream of consciousness but I can't get the image of Lykos in a cat women costume out of my head.

Murray Newman said...

Anon 6:08 p.m.,
Dude, I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner, but now think I will pass on eating.
That's like ban-for-life worthy on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this, can Patsy and the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight resolve the case of this tragic anomaly in Harris County? We'll find out soon! But first, let's meet our contestants who will help Patsy in her quest for the truth! Behind curtain number one...
[the Riddler reveals Rachel Palmer under Patsy’s desk looking for her missing badge)]
The absolute fabulous, hot looking former Nieman Marcus buyer – Rachel Palmer. She enjoys shopping, getting her nails done, and foolishly hopes to marry a rich man! And behind curtain number two...
[the Riddler reveals a table in the conference room - This one has Hannah Chow checking the design]
The Riddler: This Asian judge-turned DA Kiss-Ass likes water coolers, fighting for diversity (albeit only Asian) and one day dreams of being... a judge once more... complete with a robe and gavel!
The Riddler: And below these contestants... my personal favorite. An ass on a shiny floor!
[the Riddler reveals Patsy’s new office with Jimmy polishing the new hardwood with his lips.
The Riddler: [points to his scepter and asks] Patsy, if only one of your friends can help you connect these murders - Which will it be, Rachel? Hannah or Jimmy?
[the Riddler imitates a game show timer while Patsy ponders in thought] …Okay - who will Patsy turn to for assistance?

Anonymous said...

As long as the D.A.'s Office insist on having photographs of the alleged (family Violence) victim before charges are filed, more case such as Family Violence will not be filed in a timely manner.
It seems the D.A.'s office believes we have a 24 photo mat at our disposal in order to have these photos developed and brought before intake prior to charges being accepted. Totally unbelievable

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just have the scene/investigating officer shot a photo with his/her cell phone and forward it to Intake?

Oops, forgot, no equipment there can receive it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38

You've got it backwards. Officers at the scene don't have equipment at the scene to send it. They don't want to use their personal cell phones.

Anonymous said...

I remember some of her campaign speeches and remember her big push to wipe out organized crime in Houston. I am sure that once she cleans out the well known and patently obvious mafia bosses living in Houston, I am sure she will get us an answer about why the last weekend was so violent.

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