Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Vileness of Terry Lowry

In case you haven't noticed by now, I'm not a fan of Terry Lowry.

In the Harris County political system filled with people you love to hate, Lowry has distinguished himself as an almost cartoonish caricature of all that is wrong with the system, and the Republican Party seems to have no qualms about embracing him as their own.

Lowry publishes his FOR PROFIT crappy little LINKLetter that goes out to all Republican voters and he also buys time on a radio slot where he can spew out his "values" on a program called "What's UP".

And of course, under the 1st Amendment, I support his right to do so, even though I recognize the fact that he is a schmuck.

Lowry sprinkles in "articles" in his endorsement-laden "LINKLetter" which should offend even the most conservative of Republicans.

In his latest issue, he opens up addressing Pat Robertson's idiotic statement last month that the Haitian Earthquake was "the manifestation of God's punishment".

Does Lowry condemn what Robertson said?

Nope. He discusses it though, pointing out that "Back in 1791 some Haitians banded together and made a 'pack with the Devil' promising him their souls if he would help drive out the French". He never disagrees with it.

Are there really Republicans out there that believe publishing this crap is somehow helpful to their Party?

But the more amusing part of the LINKLetter is Lowry's article on "How are Endorsements Made?". The reality on how Lowry's endorsements are made is that Lowry opens a bidding war for ads in the mailer. Whoever buys the biggest ad wins his endorsement (for what it's worth).

But Lowry's "explanation" of how he makes his endorsements gives him a real chance to shine as the hate-mongering biggot that he is. He begins the article by lamenting how it more difficult to make endorsements now than it was 20 years ago when all you had to do was figure out if a candidates was "Pro-life vs. Pro-choice, Pro-family vs. Pro-homosexual, and liberal vs. conservative".

He continues on:

"Some candidates even sought and received endorsements from gay and lesbian organizations. This cycle has a practicing gay seeking to represent the Republican Party. He has even brought his partner to various functions. I will defend his right to run, but I will never endorse him nor encourage you to vote for him."

And his definition of a "Wise" candidate? "They avoid even answering Pro-homosexual questionnaires."

He also is kind enough to publish his suggestions for resolutions to take to your Precinct Chairman such as "We support the definition of marriage as a God-ordained, legal and moral commitment only between a natural man and natural woman."

Okey dokey, then. Are y'all getting the picture on why I said I wouldn't be endorsing anyone who bought advertising with Lowry?

So congratulations to Rachel Palmer, Danny Dexter, Glenn Devlin, Natalie Flemming, Jared Woodfill and others for your full page ads and your financial support to a rodent like Lowry and his hateful beliefs. (NOTE: And don't forget Pat Lykos' ad from 2008!) I didn't give any money to any of your campaigns, but if I had, I'd be demanding it back right about now.

And by the way, members of the Harris County Republican Party, you might want to be taking note of the fact that you got slammed in November 2008 because the Democrats schooled you on Public Relations and the Power of Inclusion.

If you want to make a significant step in the right direction for your party and keep some excellent candidates on the bench in the future, you could make a great statement by disavowing Terry Lowry and all that he stands for.

Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

Murray - check the candidates finance reports. You will be amazed at who paid what.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with all of these "endorsement" mailers which have official titles such as the Official (name of party) Voter's Guide, United (name of party) Guide, The (name of party) Forum, etc., is that the recipient is generally unaware of the individual's or individuals' actual motive, philosophy, bias, or political leanings when making the endorsement. In that respect, your critique/assessment of Lowry would leave the reader nothing to guess. Unfortunately, endorsements from such public sources as the Chronicle are a bit more clandestine in origin to the average voter. It is those endorsements for which one should clearly be more suspect.

BLACK INK said...

One of the best ways to neutralize the brothels run by Lowry et al would be to have a respected newspaper for this town.

Imagine for a moment if the Houston Chronicle fairly and objectively presented the relevant qualifications and experience of the various candidates as well as their relevant weaknesses.
AND rather than supporting a particular candidate who most closely meets their agenda; the Houston Chronicle instead facilitates the reader to draw his own conclusion as to which candidate is the best based on accurate information.

I am not so naive to think that the Houston Chronicle will have an epiphany and appreciate the value of journalistic integrity. However, if leaders in our community could somehow accomplish this ideal through a strong independent and respected organization; the political whorehouses would be exposed for what they are AND the most qualified, instead of the most politically connected, would have the advantage for a change.
This was the premise of the once respected "C Club" before it gave in to the powers that it is realistic.
Our community would thrive and Lowry's red lights would be extinguished.

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

Black Ink for president!

Anonymous said...

At one time in order to secure a "gig" as a "visiting judge" in the county criminal courts the attorney apparently had to execute a promise or agreement that he or she would not run for a county criminal bench. It is unclear whether such promises or agreements are still operative to those who are or have been "visiting judges", or more importantly whether such are even legal. That aside, however, are not some "visiting judges" now running for open benches? Does that then become a character issue?

Unknown said...

Murray -

VERY Good article and a great expose on Lowry and the unfortunate denmise of the Republican Party in Harris County.

There are some very good, qualified candidates for all public offices in Harris County on both sides of the isle. To be narrow minded enough to say that ONLY Republicans (or Democrats) are qulaified for a certain bench speaks volumes to the broken system. The most qualified PERSON should be the better choice, not the party affiliation. I think you said it once before in a previous post - about why there should be no mention of party affilation in judicial campaigns. The "Fair and Impartail" aspect of what a judge does every day should demand that!

Buying endorsements and toting the party line for the sake of a mention in something like the "Texas Conservative Review" of the "LINKLetter" is very sad. I would hope that there would be enough independent thinkers running for public office that would know enough to stay away from the likes of Lowry, Harmon (Frank), Hotze and the like.

By the way, I did vote in the Republican Primary.... I thought the better choices and more contested races were there and my vote would be needed more there than in the Democratic Primary.

Aggie Pct Chair said...

I advised a number of the members on who to vote for in the early voting period. Instead of being attacked, I will make this vow. If Black Ink make and endorsement list, I will pass it on to my precinct. I believe AHCL's are solid but he seems to be nice to everyone and I believes loses credibility because of that. I will pass on every republican endorsement from Black Ink. I find him to be the most informed and somebody who could provide the much needed common sense leadership the republican party needs.

I agree with ANON 12:56.

Anonymous said...

I have all of my "Official" Republican guides. I can't decide if I should vote for "smart, committed and fair" or "intelligent, honorable and experience"...

Anonymous said...

I read the ads in the circulars that I received over the weekend. And to say that the ads are misleading is generous. Janice Law, Rachel Palmer, and Danny Dexter characterize themselves in the best possible light, but anyone who knows anything about them -- people who have actually worked for and with them -- are the last people who would vote for them. (Remember when Law was the incumbent for Ct. 5 after one term and there were five Republicans on the ballot for the primary and she came in last of the five? I don't know who is the scarier person trying to run again: her or Lloyd Oliver!) So not only are people offering high dollars to get in the Linkletter et al., but that publication is publishing ads that, had they been checked out by a neutral party, they would clearly have had to be edited. Examples:

Janice Law claims to have 16 years' experience as a "state and federal prosecutor" -- oh, really? Read the Houston Press's article on her and see what you think about that characterization.

Or how about Danny Dexter's claim that he won 91 percent of his trials. What he failed to mention is that though he is running for a felony court bench, he spent very little time in felony court. Most of those wins are in misd. court and many probably took place when he was the chief of his court and could handpick them. He was in misd. for years while prosecutors who came in two or three years later passed him up in promotions.

And Rachel Palmer's claim that she is a Deputy Chief in the DA's office is just half the truth. She is Deputy Chief of Misdemeanor, which anyone who has worked there knows is a cushy position that doesn't require a whole lot unless you want to give a whole lot. She does not.

Anyway, read the ads. If nothing else, they'll make your belly ache from laughing so hard at the seemingly amazing qualifications that these three (and others) purport to have ... in their imaginary legal life!

Anonymous said...

Are there really Republicans out there that believe publishing this crap is somehow helpful to their Party?

Uhhh, yeah. APC is a prime example of a bigoted Republican who cares only about what the Party says, not what a person really stands for or can do.

About 39% of Texas voters who put Perry in office are pretty much the same way.

Anonymous said...

Imagine for a moment if the Houston Chronicle fairly and objectively presented the relevant qualifications and experience of the various candidates as well as their relevant weaknesses.

I suppose you prefer FOX news' version of fair and impartial?

Aggie Pct Chair said...

In the end, I will vote republican- you are right. I do not quite understand how that makes me a bigot.

Viking Blonde said...


I just found this blog today through a link from blogHouston. Thanks so much for creating this forum!

Anonymous said...

The latest piece of "endorsement" smut to populate my mailbox came from an organizatiom called POLICE,INC.,(police officers looking into courtroom excellence). One can only wonder to where they looked though. Knowing the identity of the authors (police officers) of this smut, it is easy to reject it out of hand. For example in the Palmer, Donald Smyth race for Court No. 13, they selected Palmer. This was not surprising, however, because Donald Smyth spent a significant portion of his career in the DA Office prosecuting the fraternity of bad cops. What this does illustrate one more time though is that if you have got the bucks you can send out these mailers professing that somebody is the best candidate. Unfortunately the hidden agenda, whether of bias or a properly greased palm is not apparent to the neophyte voter. Palmer (by her lack of experience, judgment, and temperament) is not qualified to even carry Don Smyth's briefcase, let alone be a judge. Again qualifications, however really do not matter to these "endorsers". It is the person who can bring the money or do the favor that gets the endorsement. Republican voters should be ashamed and embarrassed as to many of those their party hierarchy appear to be supporting.
What is really sad, moreover, is that even the qualified candidates effectively "prostitute" themselves and purchase ads in these publications.

Anonymous said...

Does Palmer have a county ride? If so, is it a Crown Vic? I saw her and Hooper cruising around the polling places this weekend in a Crown Vic, and I just could not see either of them owning that car themselves.

Anonymous said...

As much as I think Palmer is totally unqualified to be a judge, I am a believer in truth. I have been told by a member of the DA's office that Palmer does not have a county car.

So remember to vote for Don Smyth, the clearly qualified candidate.

Anonymous said...

Palmer is just hoping that money gets her into being a judge through the back door.

Anonymous said...

Campaign finance report cofirms Dexter gave 10 grand to The What's Up Radio Program (Lowry's Enterprise) and six grand to Polland's Official guide. Like 60 Minutes said justice is for sale!

Anonymous said...

I keep wanting to write something about Lowry but I keep getting sick when I think about him. I think it is pretty funny all those who paid for Lowry's endorsement seems to have paid for not much of anything. My 85 year old mother greeted me with the Linkletter in hand and wanted to know who published that hateful thing. She was so upset with the Pat Robertson article she told me she would not vote for any of Lowry's endorsements. Hey Terry, my 85 year old mother can figure you out. Hey candidates, my 85 year old mother can figure you out too.

Sabrina said...

Big Jolly just posted his picks for alternatives to the Lowry supporters. Note to Murray - could you please fix this link, I'm not sure how to post it here properly - thanks!