Monday, February 15, 2010

Early Voting Begins Today

Okay boys and girls, Early Voting begins today!

Go vote.

Get your family and make them vote!

Get your neighbors and make them go vote!

There are a lot of good candidates out there who deserve your votes and there are some really bad candidates out there that really need to be voted AGAINST.

For those of you in and around the CJC, you can vote at the Administration Building.

Here were my suggestions on the best folks in the individual races. I've also included the winners of the polls. No candidate gave me any money, so my suggestions for who is deserving of your vote is based on their qualifications.

County Court at Law # 1 - Peyton Peebles
-Poll Result -- Paula Goodhart
County Court at Law # 3 -- Cary Hart
- Poll Results -- Cary Hart
County Court at Law # 4 -- John Clinton
- Poll Results -- Jackie Gifford
County Court at Law # 13 -- Don Smyth
- Poll Results -- Don Smyth (by a landslide)
180th District Court -- Marc Brown
- Poll Results -- March Brown (by a landslide)

County Court at Law # 1 -- Beverly Melontree
- Poll Results -- Anthony Limitone
County Court at Law # 2 -- Mary Acosta
- Poll Results -- Mary Acosta
County Court at Law # 3 -- Judith Snively
- Poll Results -- Judith Snively
County Court at Law # 9 -- Juanita Barner
- Poll Results -- Juanita Barner
County Court at Law # 10 -- No Recommendation
- Poll Results -- Grant Hardeway
County Court at Law # 12 -- Robert Cardenas
- Poll Results -- Robert Cardenas
County Court at Law # 13 -- Dennis Slate
- Poll Results -- Dennis Slate
180th District Court -- Lori Gooch
- Poll Results -- Lori Gooch (by a landslide)
248th District Court -- No Recommendation
- Poll Results -- Trent Gaither (currently leading)


Anonymous said...

I'm ready for the election to be over so all the begging for $$ and votes will stop.
And facebook bs.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered a candidate mail out slate($$$$)as well as an official dedicated candidate profile website($)that was actually accurate and not dictated by a candidate's bribes?

Anonymous said...

The 248th race should be a no brainer. Trent Gaither is by far the best person to be judge. He has the temperament ,intelligence and personality to be a great judge.Racehorse Haynes does not tolerate poor performance and Trent has worked with him for many years. With a recommendation from Lawyer Haynes ,thats all we should need to vote for Trent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it should be a no brainer. Trent Gaither spends most of his time in federal court. There's a reason that most people have no clue who he is, he is hardly at the CJC. Of course Racehorse is going to endorse him, he used to be his flunky. If just working for someone makes you qualified to be a judge, I guess we should just vote for all of Patsy's current crop of assistants?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:19,

Will you be one of the ones complaining if and when one of the unqualified or down right bad candidates gets elected? Recent elections should show that apathy hurts. I've never run for anything but obviously it takes money and support to run a campaign. I use to hate getting asked for money and to help but not any more. Not after recent events. Some of these candidates, like Dexter, have a lot of personal money to throw around to pay for endorsements, mailers and radio ads. It takes money to combat that. Some of these candidates are well qualified and running for judge for the right reasons but they need money and they need votes. I know a few of the candidates and trust me they HATE asking for money but they need it to get their message across. If you don't want to give or help, don't. But don't complain if we end up with a bunch of yahoos for judges.

As for facebook bs, my understanding for facebook is you have to be a friend of the person or a member of their group. If you don't like them asking for you to help them with money or votes then de-friend them or get out of their group. You know, the old turn the channel argument.

I am not trying to get into a post war with you. I just had my eyes opened last election and I don't fault the good people running for office who are trying to do the right thing and need our help.

Aggie Pct Chair said...

I noticed that my friend Hotze endorsed Don Smyth over Palmer. I am glad to see him do that. Hotze will not subsitute experience with money. I noticing substantial voter apathy. This election is seeing a huge drop in voters. My people are going to vote if I have to drive them to the box. Where is everyone else?

Of course, no democrats and that is refreshing.

Anonymous said...

I am glad Hotze endorsed Smyth over Palmer but others are disturbing. How does he explain Dexter over Brown or Munoz? They both have MUCH more experience, GOOD experience, than Dexter. He never even sniffed a Death Penalty case and now he will be presiding over them if he wins? OH MY! I want to see the final expense reports because the word I hear is he gave Hotze $10k. And his "Featured Races" is very misleading as it relates to Ct. 3. Why is a misdemeanor court a featured race? Could it be that Fleming's husband is friends with Hotze and or Blakemore? It says Fleming is the choice because she is a former felony prosecutor and current visiting judge. Well, she was a prosecutor for 5 years in late 80's-early 90's and is not currently sitting as a visiting judge because she is running for judge. Hart is not the choice because she is a criminal defense attorney? She was a prosecutor, and a FELONY prosecutor, almost 3 times longer than Fleming, and still is a prosecutor for the City of Humble. Licata is a former prosecutor, for 3 years, in the 80's. At least he got it right with Wood having never served as a prosecutor. Oh, and what is "CONVERVATIVE", see the front of his mailer.

It just disturbs me that money and cronism means more, most of the time, to people like Hotze and Lowry than actual, real, true qualifications.

Anonymous said...

I love APC, he is a true believer in the American Republic, as long as everybody votes the same way he does and believes the same he does. Yes he is tolerant of others as long as they believe as he does and votes as he does. He is a paragon of American ideals. He is my hero. So let's all get behind him and make sure only one voice is here in America, the Republican voice of APC. Maybe we can establish a Republican Dictatorship, then we will have the American dream.

Anonymous said...

Hotze will not subsitute experience with money.

Yet you substitute experience with partisanship.

Too bad precinct chairs are so low on the totem pole that they can't affect policy. Because the more Republicans that think like you, the more Democrats will be elected.

Anonymous said...

Living in the frozen wastelands of Precinct 4,a/ka/ a Republican stronghold, I note that the 2010 primary campaign season now is in full bloom. Once again my mail box oveflows with unsolicited campaign literature, including today the Official Republican Voter's Guide (sic). Unfortunately the only individuals at this time of the year that really benefit from the dissemination of such literature are probably the printers and publishers. In my opinion these "guides" are more reflective of what the candidate and/or their family members/friends have done for the party,(more cynically "following the money") than it is necessarily indicative of the qualifications of the candidates.
Setting aside the legitimacy or accuracy of denominating this guide as the Official Republican Voter's Guide, one merely need look to two races with which I am very familiar. In the 180th District Court race Dexter is recommended over Brown and Munoz by implication because he has run an impressive campaign (translate-likely raised money). In the County Criminal Court No. 13 race, Palmer is specifically recommended over Symth, in part because she has been an activist in the Republican Party and an asset to the November ticket (translate-likely raised money). Lykos was also a party activist. Need I say more.
Both "endorsements" are a joke.
Aside from my personal opinion of these "endorsement" purveyors, however,I believe that their guides do a disservice to the voting public because the voters are equally uninformed of the motives, intents, and backgrounds of the publishers as much as they are of the candidates for the elected offices. Neither party care one whit as to the qualifications of the candidate; it is only whether they have a "R" or "D" after their name and can generate campaign contributions for the party. I have instructed Texas Conservative Review, as well as other similarly situated, to remove me from their mailing lists. We are not all "mind numb" voters.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:19, here, here. Good assessment. I started to write something about Gary Polland but then I remembered something my mother said, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything". My mouth is now shut as to Polland.

Clearly you are right, Marc Brown is clearly the best qualified in the group and Don Smyth is clearly the most qualified in his group. I wish both well.

Anonymous said...

Just received a call from Gary Polland and the "Official" Republican group asking me to participate in a telephone town meeting where I could ask questions but before I could get to the phone and ask how much it would cost for him to support me, a progressive liberal, the answer machine hung up. I knew I should have installed a phone in the bathroom. It would have been an appropriate place to have a conversation with Gary Polland. After talking with Polland, I could immediately have flushed the toilet and taken a shower.