Sunday, January 27, 2008

In Case You Don't Read the Comments . . .

. . . there is currently a pretty interesting exchange going on between myself and Mr. Bernstein from the Chronicle. There are also a lot of other good comments being brought up as well.

You can find them under the comments to "WTF - Pt. II".


Mark Bennett said...

Here's the link to the comments.


Anonymous said...

this blog just either has to be run by Mark "I'm not sure who I am" Bennett or his wife.

No DA in her right mind would meet with Mark and out herself/her blog under his threat to out her. OUCH!

There goes the credibility of the entire blog.

Jeez, Mark. Get a hobby. Golf. Tennis. Coin Collecting.

Mark Bennett said...

I confess. You're right. It's all me.

Oh, well, the anonymity was fun while it lasted.