Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mack Arnold Update

I've been hearing updates on Mack from different folks around the courthouse, and none of it sounds very promising. Apparently Mack has suffered a series of strokes, some most recently as Thursday. I've heard he has some partial paralysis and is drifting in and out of being able to talk to people. Attorneys are now being assigned to take over his appointed cases.

Mack inspires a great deal of fondness from both sides of the Bar, and the thought of him not coming around anymore is just damn depressing.

Anybody have any thoughts on organizing some people to help out? I think there are a lot of things we can probably do.

Of course, when Mack gets well and finds out that any of thought he needed some help, he will probably kick all of our asses.


Anonymous said...

Anyone have anything worthwhile to auction off?

Anonymous said...

Very tempting to make a crack about which side of the bar I know him from, but I'll let it go. He's a good guy.