Oh, and by the way, Mr. Bernstein . . .

Apparently in your frenzy to blast Kelly Siegler for her use of the word "Jew" as a verb (um, 20 years ago), you seemed to have neglected this little tidbit from Judge Lykos' past. And I'm really shocked that you were unaware that this story was out there.

The New York Times certainly seemed aware of it, but our local Houston paper didn't?

Now, it seems to me that an incident where Kelly wasn't aware of the offensive nature of her words twenty years ago is much less offensive than Lykos willfully showing her true feelings in open court and on the record.

Kelly immediately apologized for her actions.

Lykos steadfastly stuck by her feelings.

Which one is more offensive?

And more importantly, Mr. Bernstein, how on earth did you miss this?

Or did you?

NOTE: The search for the articles that Alan Bernstein from the Chronicle missed took an incredible amount of effort and research to find. Not only did I have to plug in the term "Jewish" into google.com, I also had to plug in the term "Lykos". Obviously, this was waaaaaaaay too difficult for the Chronicle staff to look into. Thanks to my anonymous poster for pointing this incident out.

Hey, y'all don't think that the Chronicle intentionally ignored this story because they are biased, do you?


Anonymous said…
It's not just the Chron or the NYTs

Here's an article not in the Chron, this one is in the Texas Lawyer and not written by Al or Lisa.


It's called "HLA calls for DA's resignation, questions Office's practices". Here is what McCann says:

Patrick McCann, president of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, isn't calling for Rosenthal's resignation, but he says, "Chuck's moral authority is completely gone. He is not doing any honor to the people he works with by staying."

McCann adds that the perception that "racism" is tolerated in Houston courts persists, in part because of Rosenthal's leadership. "If you tolerate that kind of stuff at the top, I can't believe it doesn't filter down to subordinates," McCann says about the e-mails on Rosenthal's office computer.
Murray Newman said…
Some people have asked me about why I didn't actually write what Lykos did. I included a hyperlink on the articles, because I think the articles speak for themselves.
Murray Newman said…
Anon 8:08, I have to agree, at least in part with McCann's statement. I think he's right that Chuck's moral authority is completely gone. The ADAs I know have been quite candid in stating their opinions of their elected leader, and their opinion are not favorable. Quite frankly, about the nicest thing I've heard from an ADA regarding Chuck is when they say they aren't going to talk about it.

Pat's second statement is a little more up for interpretation, because he starts out by addressing the entire court system (not just the D.A.'s Office, but then seems to indicate that racism "filters down through his subordinates". I'm not really sure what he would cite as an example of that. Pat is a very logical attorney who chooses his words carefully.

I'd be very curious to know what he was trying to convey with that statement.
Jason said…
The chronicle, biased? Naw! Next thing you'll tell me is that there are hit and run accidents everyday in Houston.
Anonymous said…
Is it just me or..... while there has been much discussion over the contenders in the DA race and most recently Lykos... no one has mentioned anything in regard to Lykos age ability. She is the oldest candidate running. I know I am going to take a hit on this and be called discriminatory BUT HEAR ME OUT, please. Lykos is going to turn 66 in a few wks which means if she were to make it to and through November's race, she would be 67 when she assumed title of Harris County District Attorney and she would thus be close to 71 when her 4yr term expired. Just for the record and it is always about "the record", is it not ?(lol)...I am pro senior citizen. I am all for senior citizens being and remaining an active productive voice in our community indefinitely but, it occurred to me that Lykos ( if she were even able to pull off the DA stint to a level that would merit being elected to another 4 year term, would not in all likelihood) be able to run as incumbent in 2012. She would be starting her second term at the ripe age of 72 and ending at the age of 76. I am sorry-but I just do not see this as being a positive aspect (investment) for the HCDAO. There are certain demands, physically and mentally, that accompany this position (and this specific term beginning in 2009 is going to be even more grueling with the added demand for reformation of the entire office) and I do not feel that a person in her age group would be at the top of the game. If anyone would consider her to be a viable candidate, they surely cannot have the best interest of HCDA office at heart or of logical mind for that matter. I have seen several endorsements for Lykos. Could it be that some of her affiliated PAC's are just picking the lesser of evils (so to speak and meaning lesser of controversy evils)? Other candidates ages at the inception of office would be : Siegler 46, Lietner 58, Perry(sorry, not applicable lol) , Bradford 53. I agree with several posters opinions that Lykos is (my terminology) a cotton candy candidate (all fluff) and as far as I am concerned, she might as well stand up and sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to keep in theme( metaphorically) with what she has said thus far about what she plans to do if elected. Saying there is change needed is merely stating a public fact and saying that you are the best person to enact that change is par for the course with.... Candidates that do not have a specific theorized implementation plan. There are many occupations that are curtained for specific age categories and without going into a boring and even longer diatribe listing those because common sense can offer up many, I feel this is one of those jobs that require a person under 67 yrs of age and one that requires atleast some degree of prosecutorial experience. And while it may not be P.C. this is after all, my opinion ~JAGJO

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