Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Doug Perry

It's getting more and more difficult to write about Captain Perry without being mean.

The poor guy is just in waaaaaaaaaay over his head.

His catch phrase tonight was repeatedly referring to himself as having been "in the trenches". As a matter of fact, he referenced it so much, I was beginning to think he was a World War I veteran. Other than that, he had no substantive answers to real questions.

Captain Perry seems like a nice man, but he just doesn't seem to understand how the job of District Attorney works.

Still, when it came to just general charisma, he did beat Lykos.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Perry beats Lykos any day!

Ron in Houston said...

"Still, when it came to just general charisma, he did beat Lykos."

I dunno. I think that's still mean.

advocat98 said...

"Still, when it came to just general charisma, he did beat Lykos."

Setting the bar kind of low, aren't we?

Doug Perry said...


Dear Fellow Member of the Bar,

You misunderstand my message totally. I am not in over my head and totally understand what I need to do as your next District Attorney.

I take great pride that during my 26 year carrer in law enforcement I have become widely know as a forward thinker and problem solver. I know all the major players that I will be calling on for assistance to make our District Attorney's office the best in the nation.

I do not want to seem immodest, but my unique blend of law enforcement expertise, my years of practicing the law, and my vast experience as a CPA will make me a DA you will be very proud to work with. I also earned my MS from Sam Houston in Criminal Justice Management and one of my major papers was used by Chief Brown to help move NOP forward.

I urge you to identify yourself and contact me at dougperry4da@hotmail.com so we can start a dialogue. I also encourage any citizen out there to contact me with any input or questons you may have. Please visit my website at www.electdougperry.com as well.

Warmest Regards,

Doug Perry

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Sorry Captain, but I keep myself anonymous. It's just part of my gig.

I'm sure that you are nice person, but your qualifications are lackings for the job of District Attorney. The fact that you've tried numerous Class C violations pales in comparison to what it takes to run the D.A.'s Office.

D.A.'s traditionally try the capital murders of police officers. If one of your jailers was killed by an inmate, and that inmate was charged with capital murder, would you rather have Kelly Siegler or Jim Leitner trying the case, or a person who has never tried a case where even jail time was an option?

I don't mean to take anything away from your 26 years in law enforcement, and you should be proud of that.

But that doesn't make you a good candidate for District Attorney.

Doug Perry said...

From Captain Doug Perry to the anonymous fellow member of the bar:

It is too bad that you chose not to add my follow up comments to your site. Those comments told the whole story.

Being anoynomous may be your gig, but I always am proud to sign off on any thing that I have to say.