Speaking of the Lykos Campaign

I'm hearing more and more reports that the Lykos Camp is becoming more disorganized and desparate as we grow closer to March 4th.

I first noticed her signs of irritability at the Harris County Republicans meeting the Monday before last. She was clearly not amused when Kelly Siegler got a rousing ovation when introduced at the meeting.

At the debate on Tuesday, she seemed frustrated and angry every time other candidates spoke (although she managed to smile if the questions were posed to her).

After the meeting, she had a disasterous meeting with the organization of Parents of Murdered Children, where angry members confronted her about her plans to fire numerous experienced and veteran prosecutors. It resulted in her chewing out a member of the District Attorney's staff for "spreading that rumor" (which I find amusing, since she's been telling people on the campaign trail about all the firings she would do).

A group of Kelly Siegler signs in Baytown were recently taken down and replaced by Lykos signs by her supporters (which I've always considered to be one of the more silly and stupid of dirty campaign stunts).

At a recent political event, she refused to speak until after the representative of the Siegler campaign had gone first (even though that wasn't the agreed upon order). Apparently, she didn't want anyone to follow up after her speech and point out (yet again) that what she said lacked all substance.

And I hear that her money is running a little low.

Oh well, at least her appearance on HCCLA's Reasonable Doubt next week won't cost her anything. I wonder if she will have her supporters call in with pre-written questions like she did when she unsuccessfully ran for Texas Attorney General in 1994?

And yes, my Angry Posting Friend, I know you are going to blast me about how biased I am. However, I'm not making these stories up. If anyone would like to chime in with their favorite Lykos stories, the "Comments" area is wide open.

Hopefully, somebody out there will get the message about her.


Murray Newman said…
To my earlier Poster,
If you've been reading my blog awhile, you would know that I already stated awhile back that I wouldn't post guesses of my identity. So, sorry, I'm not posting your comment.
However, the person you accused would be wildly amused at your guess. He/she isn't quite as computer adept as is required to maintain a blog.
hcresident said…
Lykos is certainly a control freak. I find it amusing that she walks around wanting to be a "leader". A good leader leads by respect, not fear. If any defense attorneys, victims, officers or employees think they can trust Lykos, they should think twice.

And back to the law enforcement thing, it's not that she didn't seek their endorsement, it's that they HATE her. I guess why should they be different than anybody else.
Ron in Houston said…

I firmly believe that the rants you are receiving as comments must be none other than Ms. Pat herself.

I've only had 3 encounters with Lykos. However, I knew from those encounters what a crazed sociopath Lykos was.

One thing that hasn't been coming out in any of the debates that I think needs some investigation is Lykos' health problems. My understanding is that she has some real health issues that could interfere with her performing her duties.
Anonymous said…
I think you are all right about Lykos. She is too mean, too old, too sick, too inexperienced, too crusty, too snakelike and too political to be the DA.

Better we elect Kelly, so we can keep Slammin' Doc Sam as the DA's personal MD. That's right, writing scripts and emailing quips, keeping the DA on his toes.

We don't want too much change, do we?
pro.victims said…
For fear of being called a gossip, I'll say this: I didn't practice in front of her, she was before my time. But her legacy is all over the criminal courthouse.

I have not spoken to a single defense attorney or a single prosecutor, who practiced before her, who has a positive thing to say about Lykos. I've heard the same story over and over - about how as a judge she'd take the lunch break, and order everyone back to resume trial at one, then she'd return at three and call the jury out, and blame the trial attorney's for the delay.

Lykos has not been invited to be a visiting judge at the criminal courthouse, when the sitting judges take vacations and such. I've heard second hand about Lykos asking one of the criminal judges why she was never brought in, and the frank response was - because everyone, defense, state, and staff, complains when you are here.

It should be pointed out that Lykos has said the reason she ranked low in bar polls consistently was that she ran her own court; presumably since she made no one happy, she was her own woman and therefore was being fair.

Strangely, Ted Poe consistently ranked highly in bar polls. Anyone think he bowed and scraped to the lawyers who practiced in his court in order to curry their favor? That he was not his own man? Come on.

Poe was a tough judge, but he was fair. Lykos was a mean judge. If it made her look bad, she would have none of it. Even if it meant putting the blame on others.

Oh, I've heard she signed some death warrants and sent people to death row, too - she said as much at the debate the other night. Of course, that was only her job, after a prosecutor brought a death row defendant into court, and proved their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and then proved that the death sentence should apply. Not sure what Judge Lykos had to do during all that, except sit there and watch. And then sign some paper work.

Hell, she could fly a 747. But if ask the folks who actually have seen her in action - they'll tell you that she won't fly it very well, very effectively. And when it crashes, it will be the fault of her crew and her passengers. Take her word for it.
hcresident said…
One thing that I realy remember about Lykos is her inefficiency. Her dockets were out of control, she took long lunches (even during trial) and constant smoke breaks. I also remember that many of the appointed attorneys in her court were newer lawyers (this was before the fair defense act and many of them were appointed to very serious crimes). Experienced defense attorneys would avoid her court like the plague. Why would they deal with the inefficiency? Why would they subject themselves to Lykos's constant desire to make attorneys "obey" her. It simply wasn't worth the money for them to take an appointment in her court when they could work in other courts. It also wasn't worth their dignity. The lack of experienced attorneys, especially on serious crimes, hardly seemed fair to the accused.

Oh, and someone need to try and find one of the many coordinators that worked for her. I am sure they are full of stories since they were constantly quitting or being fired.
hcresident said…
You could also read Eldridge v. State, 731 sw2d 618. Judge Lykos revoked a defendant's probation without a hearing and without the defendant's attorney being present.
jigmeister said…
I know that Lykos was equally abusive. The DA wasn't there for that hearing either. It would be interesting to talk to the ADA that was assigned then along with the defense attorney that represented Eldridge.

To ACHL: At least tell us who the poster guessed!
Anonymous said…
I practiced in Lykos' court, and she is all the things people say about her. She is incredibly arrogant. But, don't take this as an endorsement for Siegler; she is quite a lawyer with a degree in law and one in theatrics. The district attorney is a manager first and a lawyer somewhere down the list of qualifications. This republican lawyer is voting for a democrat I don't even like.

I counted the number of votes cast by democrats versus votes cast by republicans. Interestingly, democrats cast almost twice as many votes. The pendulum may swing the other way this time.

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