Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If you're scared, say you're scared

I found it interesting tonight that when given the opportunity to ask questions of the other candidates, that Perry, Lykos, and Leitner all elected not to ask any questions of Kelly Siegler.

Given Kelly's trial skills, that was probably a wise move. At least Jim explained that he thought he had been picking on Kelly too much lately.

Lykos preferred to make thinly (and I mean "thinly") veiled potshots at Kelly in her answers to other questions, but didn't quite have the cojones to ask her a question directly.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Lykos feels sorry for the kid, after all, Kelly is no longer the media darling.

Or maybe she is just not running a negative campaign, like you are doing under your nome de plume here for Kelly.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Oh give me a break with the self-righteousness on negative campaigning. Lykos fired off potshots at Kelly from the start, and she grinned like a snake-oil salesman throughout. Don't you dare even try and act like Lykos isn't nasty and vindictive.

And calling Kelly "the kid"? You gotta be kidding me. That "kid" would have eaten Lykos' lunch if Lykos had dared to face her with a legitimate question, instead of making her snide remarks.

And the term is nom de plume, for future reference. Not that your sentence made much sense in the first place.

anonymous c said...


Mark Bennett said...

I think you meant "cojones". "Cajones" are drawers.

chunk said...

Nice headline, AHCL!

anonymous c said...

Ah, we knew what you meant, AHCL! :-)

My favorite part of the whole debate was when Kelly asked Lykos how many people she had ever supervised at once. There was that uncomfortable pause before Lykos muttered "Well, half a dozen, I suppose". She's so clearly out-matched and just has a really unpleasant demeanor, to boot.

She’s obviously pandering to the PJ-esque The-DAs-Office-Is-Full-Of-Racists crowd. She made multiple comments along those lines. Not making many friends or influencing many people in the office that she’s applying to be “Top Enforcer” of, is she? If she wins, I wouldn't be surprised if she got egged by the ADAs on the way in when her term starts.

I'd put a "hehe!" behind that if her winning weren't so frickin' serious a concern!!

I also agree with AHCL and JagJo about her age. She comes across as a very crotchety, old woman (no offense whatsoever to any crotchety, old people reading this!). I can completely understand why her main support comes from the women’s groups out in the suburbs (no offense whatsoever to any women from the suburbs! My mom lives there and I love her to bits!). :-)

I just hope and pray that the voters see through her and see through the Comical endorsement!

I have everything crossed!!