Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I plan to fight crime vigorously . . . as long as I'm awake

When asked what mistakes they made during the campaign, Leitner brought a lot of good-natured laughs by addressing his "no peremptory challenges" bombshell. Luckily you didn't throw out that "no cross-examination allowed" policy, Jim. Just kidding.

The really humorous moment to me occurred when Lykos was called upon to address her mistake.

In true political fashion, Lykos wouldn't acknowledge any mistakes on her part other than, gosh- darnit, just working too dang hard.

Bless her heart. She then went on to elaborate that sometimes she and her staff sometimes worked as late as . . . (gasp) . . . 9 p.m!

For those prosecutors who have routinely worked late into the night, taken call-outs to crime scenes in the middle of the night, or worked those God-forsaken midnight to eight intake shifts, the idea of making sure you were closed for business at 9 p.m. is hysterical.

Come on, Pat. Don't you know that crime never sleeps?!

Are you really campaigning on the slogan that you vow to be more lazy in the future?

That's awesome. Can the ADAs in your theoretical regime look forward to "nap time" under your reign?

One of my earlier posters when this blog first started addressed the issue of Lykos' age as a consideration. At the time, I didn't really think much of it.

Now, I'm kind of reconsidering.


Anonymous said...

You know, you're doing the same thing to Lykos that you're constantly crying in your beer (or wine, as the case may be), about the media and blogs (indeed, the whole public that doesn't work at the DA's office) is doing to Kelly.

You should change your screen name to the Whaaaattorney.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Hmm, no I think I'll stick with AHCL. It's catchier.

But your idea was great, and not in the slightest bit immature. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

And yes, I am doing the same thing to Lykos that the media is doing to Kelly. Unlike the media, however, I don't pretend to be writing neutrally.

And I actually have personal experience to base my facts on. Just like everyone else on BOTH sides of the Bar who have expressed their opinions about her.

Nice to have a Lykos fan drop by.

Anonymous said...

JAGJO ~ Said:
HOORAY!! Finally a Lykos fan drops in! Oh is that you, Pat? No, it can't be Pat! Because immediately following the debate was her bedtime. Senior citizens turn in early, ya know. It was I, that pointed out her age as a factor in several posts. I just can not see a female (ouch, yes, I said female) taking on a large reformation job such as will be required here in Harris County DA's office come Jan 2009 at the age of 67 and ending that four year run approaching 71. Glad to know that after seeing her presence (or lack thereof) in tonight's debate, made you aware of her age being a valid issue in her overall production ability. I have not done the research but has there ever been a HCDA that BEGAN their DA career in their late 60's? I'm thinking, no! When her political consultants are no longer there advising her and keeping her energized via paid praise and guidance dangling the with the nomination and general election win as a carrot in front of her everyday... then what? red Bull? Geritol? Thinking of those late night and in the middle of the night times when she would be required to be front and center and oh yes, cognizant. If elected, she is going to HAVE to pick a very energetic inner circle/ team to compensate for her short comings.. no pun intended.

jigmeister said...

Hey you guys...we have enough to critize her for besides her age. Though she did look bad on TV, but remember Regan, Ike, McCain, or females, Eleanor Roosevelt, Madelyn Albright..etc... We're not talking about a sex object...horifying thought.

Anonymous said...

Age is a critical factor in the position that she is seeking. Like it or not. It is not defamation of her character because she is a mature older female. It is a realistic view point that she can not handle this particular position at her particular age. Age is a VERY important factor. As I stated in previous earlier post(s) regarding this same issue, it is not discriminatory at all. There are certain jobs that require certain age requirements and we are all aware of that fact. For instance, I seriously doubt that an air traffic controller position would be awarded to a a person of 67 with no direct prior experience. Especially, if that traffic controller had to also REVAMP the entire division adding on even more mental and physical stress. It is not being " mean".It is being factual. I understand jig's reason for comparison but this position is not for president of USA or wife of president etc. Albright also did not start her career at 67. It has nothing to do with looks or physical appearance. And if truth to be told, I do have qualms about McCain's age. To think that a man of 72 ( if he is elected, he will be 72 in August 08) has the mental alertness and physical stamina of a man of 52 or 62 is ludicrous.If he did a bang up job ( as I compared Lykos to same theory in earlier posts) he would be running for re election at the age of 76. ( Lykos would be running for re election at the age of 71) Average life expectancy of US male is 75.4 yrs, female is 80.5 yrs. As I said, this is not about physical beauty or a popularity contest. It is about who is most qualified and capable across the board. LOL** the words " sex object" and Lykos in same sentence gave me chills.