Friday, February 8, 2008

A Parable

A pilot named Chuck was 7 hours into a Trans-Atlantic flight, piloting a 747. The ride had been incredibly bumpy with lots of turbulence, and many of the passengers on the 747 had lost faith in Chuck's ability to pilot.

Suddenly, after an extremely rough patch of turbulence, Chuck was incapacited.

Panic-stricken, the flight attendant, Jared, asked if any of the passengers knew how to fly a plane. Three passengers raised their hands (a fourth one named Doug, was in the restroom for the purposes of this story).

The first passenger, Kelly, said "I've been flying planes for 22 years, and I'm considered to be the best pilot in the country." The passengers mumbled about themselves. A reporter in First Class told everyone he had heard that she had referred to the people on Aisle Three as "screwballs and nuts", and also noted that when she went through flight school she had used the word "Jew" as a verb. Someone also pointed out that she must be a close friend of Pilot Chuck.

The second passenger, Jim, said "I've been flying planes for a long time, too, although it's been quite some time since I've flown a 747. I think most people would consider me a good pilot. And to prove what a good pilot I am, I will fly blindfolded for at least 3 hours." The passengers again mumble about themselves, and wonder why on earth a good pilot would think that flying blindfolded for 3 hours would somehow help them.

The third passenger, Pat Lykos, stands up and flashes her smile. "Friends," she says. "I have never flown a plane in my life, but I've watched them take off and land hundreds of times! As a matter of fact, I think that we need to change things! And even though I've never flown a plane, and I have no idea how to do so, I think that all of you have a right to a plane that will land the way you want it to. You don't have to return your seats to the upright position! You don't have to put up your trays! You don't even have to fasten your seatbelts!" The plane erupts with wild applause.

And Pilot Pat Lykos promptly crashes the plane into the ocean.


voiceofreason? said...

Hello. I've been lots of Anonymous (different times) people here, but am now official and "logged in". Love the blog. Thought we lost you to the "dark side" for a second. Also very pro-Kelly and think it's just fine that you are openly backing her (aka; kissing her "posterior"). She's the best one for the job and your "parable" is so true

Ron in Houston said...

You're right there's nothing wrong with being a fan of Kelly. Everyone I've talked to says she's good and she's smart.

My problems with Kelly are:

1. Career prosecutor - while this is not that bad, it leads to an entrenched mindset.

2. Win at all Costs - You're an officer of the court - you don't intentionally make improper argument.

Would I vote for Kelly? I don't know but I certainly wouldn't rule it out.

Interesting article on the changes at the DA's office in Dallas:

Dallas DA

J said...

Don't quit your day job.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Ha! Don't worry! I won't quit my day job. Last I looked there weren't too many job openings for Parable Writer, anyway.

I just hope that there aren't a lot of good ADAs being forced to quit their day job if an unqualified politico like Pat Lykos takes office.

anonymous c said...

Hehe! I thought it was an excellent parable, AHCL. It made me made cry. What's not to like?

Although that "third passenger" should have thrown someone out of the plane window for refusing to remove his yarmulke. :)

You're absolutely right about those good, earnest, hard-working ADAs having to quit their day jobs and/or get fired under Lykos, though. It's going to be a very, very sad situation.

But it ain't over yet, baby!

jigmeister said...

It appears that at least this guy in Dallas was a trial lawyer. But is Houston ready to turn the DA's office into the Harris County District Social Workers Office? Not

Would not oppose a Designated Conviction Integrity Person to review habeas claims with a new eye.

Remember the motto: "Do the right thing"

And just for the sake of argument, how bad would Leitner be?

DA Worker said...

Whoa, Mr. Meister - let's not go around insulting social workers.

You might need one of us some day...


A Harris County Lawyer said...

I don't think that Leitner would have been a bad choice, but I started wondering about that when he said he wasn't going to allow his ADAs to use peremptory strikes in trial. That was sheer lunacy!

jigmeister said...

No offense meant. I would have majored in that, if I wanted that career. We need them in the office, especially in Victim Assistance. Perhaps that area needs to be increased and more coordination between them and the ADA assigned. Seems like Dallas requires the ADA's to be social workers not trial lawyers.

I think Leitner was making a campaign speech and could not be serious about giving up strikes. If you are going to do that, why voir dire at all. I have certainly given back a few on occasion. But that aside, he has the experience and skill. None of the candidates has management training.

If Kelly steps in it again, then he might be the moderate choice that all could live with. A good friendly ex DA is certainly better than the rest of the field.

Bigger concern to me is that since the R's took over from the D's, the split in the vote has been only about 52% to 48% on all races in the general. When Dallas goes D, then Harris needs to worry.