Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sorry Lloyd

According to an article in the Chronicle today, Chuck Rosenthal's abrupt departure last Friday was part of a deal he had cut with the AG's office on Thursday. Not, as previously claimed, caused by the lawsuit filed that morning by Lloyd Kelley.

Sorry, Lloyd. You can do your rooster-strut next time.

I guess you aren't quite as damn important as you think you are.


Ron in Houston said...

I have a post about old Lloyd.

Then again, none of us are as important as we think we are.

We're all legends in our own minds, don't you think?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I don't know, like him or not, "old Lloyd" (who I do not know) seems pretty "damn important" in all this. What the AG was investigating were, of course, the allegations raised through all the email disclosures. Though Greg Abbott may have played the endgame, there would be no game at all were it not for the civil suit.

The AG had 8 years to investigate Rosenthal and didn't start until the revelations in Kelley's lawsuit. Give credit where credit's due - he took down a sitting DA who two months ago looked like he had an excellent chance of winning a third term.

Anonymous said...

Extenuating circumstances took down Rosenthal not L K directly. LK suit was not aimed personally at Rosenthal and his email. AG could not investigate Rosenthal on an individual premise when it was procedural ethics that were in question. LK's media statements were very planned in advance to say exactly what he said in order to score brownie points with those viewers that are not as in informed with all the facts as those that are. LK is the epitome of a person that will use whatever means he can to further his own hidden agenda. Sometimes things really are NOT what they appear to be. Rosenthal needed to be removed or resign but LK did not single handly accomplish that. If you want to give acredidation, call Judge Hoyt. He is the one that made the decision, no LK that lead to the release of information ( emails). LK was clueless what those emails contained when he asked for them. LK will fade into neverland within a year or two of these fiasco being over. He will always be preceived as the snake in the grass that he is.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

"LK was clueless what those emails contained when he asked for them."

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again.

Anonymous said...

JAGJO writes:

I kinda like that analogy... L K being compared to a blind squirrel. Being that squirrels are a member of the rodent family it is most appropriate! However, the blind squirrel will not survive long, even in the event of finding a buried nut. The blindness weakens him. The game becomes survival of the fittest and an owl or hawk will swoop down and devour the blind squirrel and thus the very nut that he thought was going to sustain him. Knowledge and power rue the day in not just the animal kingdom but in the political world as well.