Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Technical Difficulties Again

I'm happy to announce that after battling with my damn internet wireless router for the past three hours, I've finally been able to log on and post.

For those of you who don't blog, you have no idea how frustrating it is to be the only person who CAN'T log on to your own website.


Northside said...

I thought I would post this here as my finale. This is a great blog, although it's characterization by Mark as a campaign tool for Kelly's "let the entrenched leadership of the Office correct its own problems" platform had me roflmao!

Anyway, I'm way too into this blog and am spending way too much time on it. There are alot of serious issues being mentioned and sometimes even responded to or discussed here. But not many prosecutors see things my way.

I figure posting under tech difficulties at least Mark will read this.


My apology is to Mark, for telling him who he is not a few weeks ago. He spent alot of time responding to that, and it was shallow for me to do so.

Mark is still no Pat McCann, but then, neither am I. I greatly admire Pat, and wish HE were running for DA. Pat would be an ethical and dedicated public servant and could be trusted to bring some much, much needed reform and honor to the DA's office.

And so I am sorry, or as sorry as an anonymous poster can be, for the personal attack. I have been greatly amused at your commentary of late regarding The Fall of Chuck and all that goes with it.
Indeed, I was greatly impressed with your TV commentary, and thought it classy...very classy. Best one I've seen by a lawyer so far in this scandal.

I still can't agree with much of your thoughts about "violent" criminals and criminal justice in general that you post on your site, but we are closer in thought about human compassion and needed reform than I seem to be with other prosecutors posting here.

And so, I say again, I am sorry for comparing you to some attorneys that I think very highly of. I was being an idiot, and I'll probably be an idiot sometime in the near future again. But not to you.

My wish is that all of the good folks at the office get to stay, and that those that need to go find other things to occupy their time.

For there are some who need to go. Those who never acted, those who never voiced their opinions, those who never sought to go out of their way and make waves and be classified as anything less than a hardass hardcore prosecuting machine, those who never sought to cut a f-ing break to a kid who deserved one and whose attorney begged for one. All those folks need to find another profession.

You've got to play by the rules. I get scared shitless reading about some of the assumed to be prosecutors posting about what they think their job is all about. I say, read again the CCP, that part about not seeking merely to convict, but see that justice is done.

So it is my wish that more prosecutors could see things Mark's way in this regard, except keep getting max time on the ones we need to be afraid of, but spend some time to see if there are some that can be reformed.

Two months ago, I'd would have said you'd be crazy if you had predicted this apology.

Oh, and you're also wrong about Lykos, Mark. You too, AHCL. I really do think the race is hers to lose at this point.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

I sincerely hope you aren't really going. Your thoughts are well thought out and appreciated (even those I disagree with!).

I hope you will change your mind and stick around. You are a great contributor.

Mark Bennett said...


Apology humbly accepted.

I agree with you that Pat would make a first-class DA.

I also agree that some prosecutors need to go, but that most don't. (I don't know how anyone but Jim Leitner can be trusted to discern between the two.)

I further agree that max punishment is sometimes appropriate, even when we're governed by compassion. Sometimes nothing less will protect a guy from himself. Rarely, though.

Finally, I agree with you that the race is Lykos's to lose. Should we be okay with that?

So what changed between two months ago and now?