Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This Time Next Week . . .

We are down to the wire in the election, and this time next week, all of the candidates will be gathered around a TV set watching the results come in at a painfully slow pace.

My only question is that with the massive amounts of early voting, will there be anybody left to actually cast a ballot on March 4th?


anonymous c said...

Another Kelly ad just ran on Fox during O'Reilly. Woohoo!

I wonder if Lykos is advertising on CNN? Or if she has any tv spots at all?

The not knowing is pretty frickin' stressful! For the ADAS very especially, I'm quite sure! :(

Not that polls are ever terribly accurate, but not having ANY idea whatsoever about where things actually stand is nerve-wracking as hell for EVERYBODY involved!

Jen said...

I just did my early voting and Kelly got the spin of the wheel. I originally considered voting in the Dem primary just as a protest vote AGAINST Hillary. However, the need for my vote to count in the Repub primary race for DA trumped my pettiness.

Still, as I approached the poll, a lady asked me if I was planning to vote in the Democratic primary today? She got a snort and an obviously emphatic "NO". So I guess I didn't totally overcome all my pettiness after all... but it sure felt good. :)

Thanks for all the hard work you have put in on covering the DA's race. You really helped, and it is good to know the insider's viewpoint. I quit wasting my money on the Chron years ago. I hope that even after the election, you will continue your blog. I find the insight to be extremely interesting.

Brew95 said...

In my experience the lines have been shorter on election day than in early voting, so I will be voting on the 4th.