Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Day 13, Alan Bernstein


Tomorrow is a big day for you and me, Alan.

Tomorrow will be the two-week anniversary of the date that I first asked you when you were going to run the Yarmulke story on Pat Lykos.

Still no story. And not a word out of you about where you've been or why you haven't run it!

Have you been blogging with somebody else?!?! Is it Pat Lykos?!?!?

You know, if this relationship is going to work out, we're both going to have to work on it.

I just don't feel like you are giving 100% of yourself.

Sincerely yours,


hcresident said...

I find it interesting in the number of people who I meet that think The Pravda's (sorry, I mean Chronicle's) endorsement of Lykos is a reason not to vote for her.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Yeah, it is kind of ironic to see an ultra-liberal newspaper selecting who the best Republican candidate is.

Ron in Houston said...


You've been watching way too much Fox News. Not just the liberal media, but the "ultra-liberal" media.

If you Google "Kelly Siegler" almost all the news are what I'd call "puff" pieces. Kelly is just too close to Chuck and some of his stench gets on her.

I'm sure Bernstein doesn't run the yarmulke story because it's old news.

I don't have any idea what political persuasion Bernstein is. It's just too easy to throw out the "L" word.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Hey Ron,
I agree with you that the Lykos' yarmulke story isn't exactly "hot off the presses", but by that standard, Kelly's "jew" as a verb story from the 1980s is downright moldy.

My problem with Alan is the inconsistency. He runs a story with the same theme on Kelly which pre-dates Lykos' actions by 10 years, and then he consistently omits Lykos doing something more egregious and more recent.

And I don't really consider the "L" word to be a bad word. However, I don't think that anybody reading this blog would call the Chronicle a conservative paper. I was just pointing out the irony.

And its nothing personal with Alan Bernstein. He seems to have a sense of humor from what I can tell of his posts. I just figured he would have given us an answer by now.

Ron in Houston said...


I do agree about consistency. If you're going to report old dirt, he should do it equally.

I asked Mark, so I'll ask you to give me your thoughts on Lisa Falkenberg's article in the Chronicle today.

J said...

Yada, yada, yada. Let's hear something new.

You didn't ask, but my thoughts on the Falkenberg article: why doesn't anyone outside the DA's office ever complain about defense attorneys witholding evidence that might assist the factfinder in getting to the truth? And when's the last time the Daily Pravda printed something about alleged unethical conduct by criminal defense attorneys? When you read about local criminal defense attorneys, it's only in the standard Mary Flood puff piece like we saw yestday on page 1, above the fold no less! You can't buy better advertising than that. Meanwhile, the DA's office only gets slammed . . .

Ron in Houston said...


You're right. We don't hear about that.

However, when was the last time a defense attorney put anybody in jail?

That's the reason ADA's are held to a different standard. It's maybe not fair, but then again often life is not fair.

You're also right about DeGuerin's PR blitz. Talk about free publicity.

anonymous c said...
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anonymous c said...

An Open Letter to Alan Bernstein:

Dear Mr. Bernstein:

Try as you might, you cannot scare me into not asking questions about what my city's newspaper chooses to print and chooses NOT to print. You've sent me e-mails to let me know that you know my real name, my work e-mail and even the name of the place where I work. Well, good for you!

Just so you know, I've kept all of those e-mails and even the post about the Kelly Siegler endorsement article that you refused to allow on your Chronicle blog. Here’s that post:

Previewing your Comment

Hey, Bernstein? Here's an idea! Why not write a piece for the NEWSPAPER about this? So that more than FIVE Houstonians can read it? And when are you going to quit dodging the questions and actually address the Lykos/Anti-Semitism controversy and unbury the "Canadian" follow-up e-mail? Thanks! :)
Posted by anon c at February 11, 2008 06:55 PM

So, if you think that you're going to stifle my right to question and to speak freely with a handful of veiled threats via e-mail, you've got another think coming, Mr. Bernstein. I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but we’re in the US, not Cuba. The Houston Chronicle isn’t in the business of intimidating its readers into silence…at least last time I checked.

And, why'll we’re at it…when ARE you going to unbury the Lykos/Anti-Semitism issue and the follow-up, “Canadian” e-mail?

hcresident said...

Alan Bernstein is worthless. Trust me, life is much better when you cancel your subscription to Pravda. I recently did it after receiving the paper at home for over 30 years. He is the prime example of the elitist mentality at The Chronicle. I am not some right-wing nut, but I am somebody that believes in honest, objective journalism. I sure do wish we still had The Post. Then we would all have a choice. At least I can get my news from the internet now.