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I had several people ask me about the future of the Blog yesterday, and whether or not I would continue running it.

I was kind of surprised that they asked.

I know I've gotten a lot of flak from lots of people for running a campaign blog for Kelly Siegler. One guy, yesterday, who I assume was this former-prosecutor guy James Rust (the one that Lykos had to go back 20 years and 200 miles away to get for a last minute endorsement) even told me that I needed to change the name of the blog.

I understand their criticisms, and this blog has been very political and very pro-Kelly over the past three months.

And if this was a blog on Gardening, I would understand their criticism. But this blog is on Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, and there has been nothing more important within the CJC over the past four months than this election. Could I have been more neutral (okay, a lot more neutral)?

Sure I could have. But Kelly Siegler was the best choice by a long shot in this race, and Lykos was by far the worst. There was no avoiding the topic.

The Republican Race is over now, so hopefully those of you seeking a more neutral discussion of life around the Old CJC will get what you are looking for.

There are still lots of politics to talk about and countless and countless issues for Mark and I to disagree with each other over. :-)

But for now, if you prefer a little less politics with your coffee, you'll probably get your wish. At least for a while.

To those who thought I would take down the blog because the Republican Race is over, well, you just don't know how much JAGJO inspired me to keep writing!


Anonymous said…
Good Morning,

Even though I disagreed you with you on a daily basis, I will admit that your Blog was worth my time and interesting.

In any election, let us all remember that we DO have the freedom to express our differences.

I look forward to your next posting.
Michael said…
Were lots of people giving you flak for running a Siegler campaign blog, or for calling it "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center"? As opposed to "Vote for Siegler for DA"?
Thomas Hobbes said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Murray Newman said…
Anon 9:40 am,
Thank you for writing in. I always enjoy a good civil disagreement! I will keep writing and hopefully I'll move to a little more neutral ground. And you are so correct about the freedom to express our differences. And I'm also keenly aware of the fact that one vote has much more persuasive power than anything I can write here.

I think that the title of the blog probably was a minor part of the criticism, but I imagine that the majority of the criticism was more based on the content. The title of the blog is just something they can use as part of their argument, which is just fine with me.

I'm always open to topic ideas and learning about the things that I've missed while I've been so intently interested in this campaign. If you want to talk "off blog", shoot me an e-mail.
Ron in Houston said…
I'm actually a little pissed at at this. Who do these people think they are?

You run your blog the way you see fit. I'd tell those folks to kiss my back side if I were you.
Anonymous said…
Keep the blog alive. Inquiring minds want to know.
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

AHCL - End the blog ? Why?
To end the blog titled "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center" would imply defeat and that life ceases at the CJC. Far from it! Life at the CJC is not based on the election per se`. Affected by it, yes. Based on it, no! (despite what Liemyway thinks and has eluded to) The day to day dealings are interesting as it is. The election and CR's trials and errors (pun intended) were only but a part of the grand scheme of things. The rest of the year counts as do the efforts that will be made by the ADA's day in and day out for the next 8 mos.

There is so much that can happen between now and Nov 4.

Those that are asking are missing the relevancy of it all. I think NOW more than ever, the blog needs to be here to have a voice for the many faceless,nameless hardworking ADA's that are at this moment flooded with a great amount of uncertainity and also to maintain a presence of dignity.

If what I have read here thus far from those that opposed Siegler and the CJC as a whole, is their best shot, Good Lord, they could not ever do battle in court with the likes of some that I call friend. Arm chair lawyers and politicos with a bag of fritos in their lap do not scare me nor, do others that are out of town, out of state and out of touch with anything but their own versions of justice.

I applaud you for allowing the berating posts. You did not have to do that but it shows your character and that you are allowing them to voice their mostly anon.opinions on what is after all a private blog that is all about YOUR views/your topics.

It's easy to kick a dog when it's down but oh, beware when he stands back up.....

True character is not revealed in victory but adversity.
Anonymous said…
Your blog is worth reading even outside of election season. Don't worry too much about the DA's office. While Judge Lykos doesn't have much experience running a prosecutors office, she will be surrounded by people who know what they are doing.

Most newly elected officials do not bring practical experience with them to office. There are several examples in City and County government of people who didn't have any job-related experience before taking office. I can name several specific examples, but I don't want to offend any of them.

I am not a lawyer though I was scored very high on the LSAT many moons ago and was accepted in several law schools. I chose to pursue an honorable career instead, no offense intended of course.

This blog is one of the best in H town. Keep up the good work anonymous one.
Kese said…
Definitely keep the blog running. All news is cyclical and your blog was started during the D.A. race news cycle. It wouldn't be relevant if you didn't acknowledge that elephant in the room.

Blogs are meant to be personal. You strongly backed Siegler. It's your blog. Anyone who doesn't like your takes is free to cancel their subscription.

I will say your window into life... yes life not just an election... at the Criminal Justice Center has been eye-opening. I'm neither a lawyer nor someone has anything but a passing acquaintance with the Center. I find it to be fascinating, informative, and offering of much more than just the quote from a prosecutor in the paper or a soundbite on TV.

I read your blog for the same reason I read the blog of a State Department Diplomat, a blogger/journalist in Iraq, and a host of others. You all expand my horizons and allow me glimpses into worlds far removed from my own.

So from this guy's point of view keep up the good work and I'll keep reading.
Topher said…
I always enjoyed the blog and was extremely happy that someone could tell the truth out there. The facts regarding Lykos had to be presented by someone since the Chronicle ignored them for so long. I'm sure we will see them now that Siegler is gone but at least someone was getting the word out. Continuing to do that for everyone is a big help to those making informed decisions. I appreciate your work
Jason said…
Keep up the blog! We need insights like this.
Anonymous said…
anonymous c said…
I couldn't agree more with all of the affirmative posts above.

You are a true asset to all of us who care about the people and the goings-on in the CJC, AHCL.

Additionally, shutting it down would destroy "Anon C".

Horrors! What would those poor, little pinkos do without her to hate!! ;-)

jigmeister said…
You have to keep it going. After all, no one can express an opinion in an email anymore.
Murray Newman said…
Nobody worry!

I'm not ending the blog.

Somebody has to keep up the honored duty of pissing off all of the slow-witted Chronicle posters like Charli, EzsinSor, and Gatekeeper.

I appreciate all the kind words.
hcresident said…
I agree that you should keep the blog up. I thought that the angst would end after CR left, then I thought it would end after the election. It is still there and worth talking about. Most experienced ADAs have some real decisions to make. Both of the remaining campaigns are starting to realize that experienced ADAs know how to assist in solving serious crimes and that their experience is what makes the difference. Maybe, just maybe, they are also starting to realize that every vote matters and that ADAs might just have more than a few friends, neighbors and family members. In the end, I believe that most experienced prosecutors just want to help people and they want to know if they will be allowed to continue seeking justice.

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