Friday, April 4, 2008

Brief Recap of the PBS Debate

Okay, if you are one of the few citizens in Harris County that a) didn't get ,my advanced notice of the PBS debate airing; or b) doesn't watch PBS on Friday nights,, here is a brief snippet.

The debate was actually pretty entertaining, because apparently there were no rules to it. David Jones talked over Gary Polland (the hosts) and vice versa. Kelly talked over Lykos and vice versa. Half the time during the 30 minute show, you couldn't tell who was saying what because they were all talking over each other. It was pretty amusing, actually.

Lykos, in her continuing effort to blame Kelly for everything that has gone wrong in the world since the history of time, as well as within the District Attorney's Office, has come up with a new (albeit far-fetched) theory. She stated that Chuck Rosenthal was actually incapacitated and had "diminished capacity" during the latter part of his term and his evil minions were the ones running the office.

I can't help but wonder if Lykos watched the 1993 movie Dave on TBS or something last night, and the idea came to her. She elaborated by saying that Chuck's staff had been running the Office for "quite some time".

Uh, yeah. Damn, Pat, you caught them. Chuck has actually been kept in a small hospital room in the bottom of the CJC since shortly after the 2004 election, and the legendary "inner circle" has been running things with a lookalike for some time now.

Host David Jones nearly made me spit out my drink when he asked Lykos the question: "Why is it that everyone you know is for someone else?"

Lykos stated that Kelly had been a "protege of Chuck Rosenthal's since the early 1990s". I'm guessing that she bases that on the fact that at some point Chuck had been Kelly's Division Chief. Let me just tell you that during my time at the D.A's Office, there were times that I don't think my Division Chief even knew my name. I doubt any of them would have consider me their protege. And if you look at Kelly's level of trial skill versus Chuck's, I think protege becomes an entirely inapplicable term.

When the debate started getting heated, Kelly confronted Lykos on numerous things that she was saying. Lykos responded by smiling and ignoring Kelly's questions. At one point, Lykos just blurted out (although no one had asked) "Mr. Leitner is going to vote for me". What the hell was that?

Lykos cracked under pressure and showed that when confronted with hard questions, she pretends to not hear them or indicate any need to address them. Kelly, on the other, jumped out in front of every question posed to her, and responded candidly.

Viewers may not have agreed with all of her answers, but at least she didn't ignore them.


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hcresident said...

I watched the debate. I thought the most interesting thing was that Lykos tried to reassure the current employees that there would be a place for them. Something tells me that she might just be a little bit worried about mass defections and the resulting losses in trials. Or maybe she is worried that employees and police officers will actually start working for Bradford (I have heard many say they would rather work for/with Bradford than Lykos). Just a thought. Go Kelly!

jigmeister said...

I wish I could have seen the debate. But, I wonder why Lykos would have said that she won't fire anyone? Obviously, those voting for her or against Kelly obviously think that the office as a whole ought to be replaced. She can't believe that the ADA's are going to vote for her because she said that.

Tell the truth Patty, it would do you more good (don't think it will set you free though).