I realize that this has nothing to do with Criminal Law, but I wanted to write it anyway.

My grandfather was a very serious man.

He was a child of the Great Depression, and he served his country as a true hero of World War II in the Pacific Arena.

Although he was an extremely serious and honorable man, for some reason, and in a very out-of-character way, he loved April Fool's Day.

I mean he really loved it.

From the time I was very little, and on into my teen years, I could always rely on an April Fool's Day joke from him. Some jokes didn't fool me at all. Some jokes set me into a down-right tizzy.

One that stands out in my mind was a call I got from him, "informing" me that some kids were playing in a treehouse that I had built in his backyard. (NOTE: When I say "tree house", this thing made a crack house look a River Oaks mansion). He told me some neighborhood kids were up in my treehouse and throwing my stuff out of it.

I blame my firm stance on Burglary of a Habitation as a prosecutor based on this particular joke.

He did the same type of jokes to my Dad when my Dad was a kid.

I remember this side of him every April Fool's Day, and I'm reminded of how deeply I miss him. I learned so much from him during his time on Earth -- Honor, Loyalty, Courage, Work Ethic.

And from a very serious man, I learned the value of a good laugh.

I miss our little "tradition", but I will never forget it.

Happy April Fool's Day, Pa.


anonymous c said…
That was a very sweet and thoughtful post, AHCL.

It makes me miss my grandfather, Gustavo.

He was the greatest man that I have ever known and a true hero to the Cuban exiles in Miami.

"El Capitán", they called him...and he was.

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