News from Bernstein's Blog

Yeah, I call it Bernstein's blog, even though it is a group effort from several Chronicle columnists/reporters.

Two interesting pieces on the blog worth noting (although I can't isolate the articles for some reason).

Item # 1 - in his April 1st article, he noted that during the campaign period between February 24th and March 29th, Kelly Siegler raised $127,000 compared to Pat Lykos' $79,000. Bernstein notes that Lykos' biggest single contributor was prominent law firm Fulbright & Jaworski in the amount of $5,000.

Bernstein then goes on to note that $5,000 was the exact amount that Lykos paid her male counterpart sleaze-monger Terry Lowry to write his irrelevant crapola in his nasty little mailer. You gotta wonder how the good folks over at Fulbright & Jaworski feel about that.

And by the way, Alan, my man, Pat is sooooo going to break up with you for that post!

Item # 2 - in a post written today, Alan describes the early voting turnout thus far (Day Three) as "laid-back" and "modest" with a mere 8,939 people turning out for the Republican Party as of mid-day today (Wednesday).

I've got another adjective for it: dangerous.

Are you folks not listening to me, in all my anonymous wonder?

Get out there and freaking vote!

Apathy is Lykos' friend.

Because, let's face it, the only way that unqualified candidate is going to win is if people just completely stop caring.


Anonymous said…
To isolate particular posts, right-click on the hyperlinked time stamp at the bottom of the post and select "copy shortcut." That should copy the link directly to that particular post.

Alan did email me in response to my comment that the report said only "Fulbright & Jaworski," so he assumed it was the firm itself or its PAC.

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