A Reader's Idea

I got a suggestion from one of my readers that, in an effort to let the people who read this blog get to know some of the cast of characters within the CJC, that I ought to start doing a 20 questions type of interview with Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors.

I think it's a great idea, and I actually have the technology to do it!

Since the D.A.'s Office makes it a little easier to figure out the e-mail, I will probably need more help getting in touch with the Defense Attorneys. So, if you are a member of the defense bar and would like to participate (or would like to suggest someone who should participate) just shoot me an e-mail at ahcl2008@gmail.com.

Think of the free advertising, Defense Bar!

And thanks for the idea to the Person who already knows who he/she is. This could be fun with a little participation.

[NOTE: In the spirit of keeping this fun, I will be monitoring the comments. If you want to say something nice about the person profiled or ask a follow up question or make a pleasant comment, go right ahead. I won't be posting things that in any way trash a person who is willing to submit to the questions. ]


pro.victims said…
Can we submit names? And possible questions? You know - "Things I'd like to know about Ed Porter" type things. There are alot of diverse folks down there, doing what they do for a ton of different reasons. This could be both fun, and insightful.
Murray Newman said…
Sure. But send the questions to my e-mail and don't post the questions on the comments.
anonymous c said…
I think it's a great idea, AHCL!

I know that you're focusing on prosecutors and defense lawyers first, but I'd really love to hear from Amy Smith before she leaves. Her job sounds amazing and it's something that I'd LOVE to do myself.

I'm sure that she has some powerful stories to tell!

Probably not possible, but I thought that I'd just throw it out there. :-)
Ron in Houston said…

I have an idea - maybe once a week you and Mark do a planned point - counterpoint article.

You already do that to an extent. The problem is that you have to flip back and forth between your blog and Mark's blog.

I think you guys could do it in a very entertaining and informative manner.

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