News from the Campaign Trail

Kelly Siegler and Pat Lykos have been busy in the final stretch of the campaign before Tuesday's run-off election.

It's hard to believe that we have only 48 1/2 hours to go!

Lykos, in a statement to Channel 11 said that "We are going to restore morale in that office."

Many ADAs responded that Lykos could most effectively restore morale in the Office by never becoming D.A.


Anonymous said…
Having received multiple recorded calls from Eckels of late, I was half surprised to get one from Jim Leitner on behalf of Lykos. Given how he stated he would not endorse her (cough) I suppose she upped the ante to finish buying him off. She must be getting mighty desperate by now...

PS: It has been suggested to me that Lykos, upon losing this Tuesday, will do the unthinkable in terms of political payback. I'll give you one guess what that will be (and, if proven true, will signify the end of her status as career politician with the GOP).
Anonymous said…
I just got a telephone call from Jim Leitner urging me to vote for his "good friend" Pat Lykos. I did not listen any further than that, but hung up. I guess that pretty much ends the "no endorsement" pledge if indeed it had not ended quite some time ago.
anonymous c said…
Endorse Bradford, TPB?

Would NOT put it past her!

Do it, Snookems! Do it! ;-)

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