Is It Really So Hard to Believe?

For those who scoff at the idea of Kelly Siegler disagreeing with Chuck Rosenthal and being ignored by him, or her making suggestions to him that he also ignored, consider this:

When Clarence Bradford's crime lab scandal broke and so many cases had to be reviewed for faulty DNA results, 22 out of 22 District Court Judges asked him to remove the Harris County District Attorney's Office from being in charge of the review. These weren't 22 District Court Judges that he had no respect for. They were, for the vast majority, alumni of the District Attorney's Office and people who had worked with him. Some were even personal friends of his. All of them were Republicans like him. It wasn't as if he had no reason to listen to them.

But he ignored their request completely.

After the e-mail scandal broke on December 27th, 15 out of 15 Republican leadership members asked him to not run again.

He ignored their request completely, and told the media that he was going to run again and he was going to win.

Is it really so hard to believe that he would ignore the people who worked for him, as well?

Just food for thought.


Thomas Hobbes said…
So, Obi-Wan Holmes trained well his young apprentice, Anakin Rosenthal. But in time, Anakin, aided by his faithful androids, Bert 3PO and R2 Durfee, donned a respirator and drifted to the dark side. He came to be known as Darth Lawyer, Lord of the Sixth. Armed with but a light saber and a delete button, Darth cut a swath through his virtual inbox and what shortly would be the remnants of his political career.

Wrapped up in his own issues, Darth didn't notice another Redeye Knight trained by Obi-Wan - Kelly Skywalker. Ignoring Darth's words, "I am your supervisor," Kelly soon found herself embroiled in a pitched battle with the green, wrinkled Muppet, Pat Yoda. Armed with newer kleig light sabers, Kelly and Yoda went at each other with a ferocity not seen since the last GLOW mud wrestling extravaganza . . .

Okay, I haven't gotten much sleep lately and I just watched Star Wars (plug in a number) with my oldest. Just stopped in to say hello.
Murray Newman said…
Without a doubt, the greatest comment ever left on this blog.

The only error in the analogy is that obviously Luke and Yoda never fought each other in the movies. However, given Pat's stunning resemblance to Yoda, perhaps your way actually works better.

Glad you stopped by.

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