On a more positive note . . .

Long before Kelly Siegler announced her candidacy, and the Houston Chronicle decided that they didn't have much nice to say about her, they used to do articles on her ability every once in awhile.

I found this one in the Chronicle archives.

And yeah, I know that it has a quote from Chuck Rosenthal, but who cares? Take a look at it and the big picture of the prosecutor that it describes.

A prosecutor with the respect of former-Judge (now Congressman) Ted Poe:

"She talks to jurors in a language that they understand, and she addresses them with the fervor of a courthouse Joan of Arc with a Texas twang," said state District Judge Ted Poe.

Poe, who presides in the court where Siegler was the chief prosecutor until recently, said she is so genuine that jurors never think her down-to-earth approach is fake.

"It's not an act, not something learned at some training class," Poe said. "Juries are smarter than we sometimes give them credit for, and they can pick up a con job quicker than anybody. And she's not doing that."

Poe and others describe Siegler as "the 13th juror."

A prosecutor who has the weight of her cases on her shoulders, describing a death penalty case:

Davis now sits on death row, but Siegler didn't celebrate. She was sick to her stomach and cried the night he was sentenced to die.

"He was like every boy I grew up with," Siegler said.

A diligent and hard working prosecutor:

"She prepares her cases three times over," said prosecutor Craig Goodhart. "There is nothing that she won't know. You won't catch her off-guard."

And even had the respect of the Defense Bar:

"She's always prepared," [Katherine] Scardino said. "Not only is she so effective in the courtroom because she has a way of making jurors love her, but you don't go to trial with Kelly and not be prepared. She is damn good. I think she's the best trial attorney the D.A. has got."

So why has so much changed since when the article was written? I don't think anybody would argue that Kelly has changed.

But she did announce that she was running for office . . .


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