Lykos Changes Mind

Pat Lykos is deeply sorry for her dirty campaigning, longtime public spokesman Alan Bernstein stated today.

"For all the Siegler signs I had cut up," the tearful candidate said. "For all the baseless attacks on Kelly Siegler. I hereby denounce that idiot Terry Lowry and his slanderous LinkLetter. I condemn Kimberly Ann White for trying to list Mrs. Siegler's home address on the internet. I'm sorry for signing into that brilliant blog under the name of Snookems. I did it all to cover my own inadequacies as a candidate. I am deeply sorry, and I will be enrolling in Anger Management Classes immediately. I will also be voting for Kelly Siegler."

Yeah right.

Happy April Fool's Day!


Mark Bennett said…
You had me fooled until "brilliant."
Anonymous said…
Mark, please stop. I hate it when mommy and daddy fight.

For Lykos to apologize would be a first in a 30+ year career of desperately grasping for titles, so don't hold your breath.
Murray Newman said…
You are right. I should have labeled it as "devlishly insightful".
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes: AHCL, it is labeled appropriately. Anything with the word 'fool' is resonatus with the word ' Lykos'! :-)

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