Go Kelly! Go!

It's finally here, folks! Call all your friends and family and tell them to call their friends and family and co-workers.

Tell them to go vote!

And tell them to remember that there is only One Qualified Candidate in this Race!


anonymous c said…
Go, Kelly, go!

Big hugs to the ADAs!

It's gonna be a blow out, baby!
Anonymous said…
YOU SOB'S will all get FIRED ha ha ha.....
Anonymous said…
AHCL you think you and "agg rob" will be available to try something against me Now.....I think you and him are about to be fired....
Thomas Hobbes said…
It is nearly 2300 hours. Fate has spoken.

"Remember that thou art an actor in a play, and of such sort as the Author chooses, whether long or short. If it be his good pleasure to assign thee the part of a beggar, a ruler, or a simple citizen, thine it is to play it fitly. For thy business is to act the part assigned thee, well; to choose it, is another's."

Epictetus (Translated)
Murray Newman said…
Anon 10:05,
Thank you for your classy response, which typifies the way in which Lykos ran her campaign.

I don't think I would qualify this as a "blow out" any stretch of the imagination.

Anon 10:14,
Rob and I will be waiting for you. Of course, that will require you to go to law school first, but he and I will be glad to show you how to try a case, whether you are posting under the name of EZsinSor or whatever.

Thank you. I will take a deep breath and realize that life goes on.
anonymous c said…
To put it much less eloquently and much more bluntly (with apologies to AHCL and Leviathan)...

Congratu-fuckin'-lations, Snookems, AB, Leitner,"Anarchists" and co.

Dance an effin' jig on the graves of the careers of strong and principled people who have devoted their lives to protecting y'all's unworthy asses.

Laugh while they pack up. Yay, you!

To the victor goes the spoils, right? Spoils, indeed...

To Anon 10:05/10:14 (i.e. "Gatekeeper", EZ or whoever the f*ck you are):

You are clearly an uneducated, ill-informed idiot who will get what he deserves. Remember that I said that.
anonymous c said…
While I absolutely don't apologize for the sentiment, I do want to apologize for the cussing above, y'all.

It was just that kind of night.
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes :

Anon C - you've been pardoned. ;)
Under the circumstances that was pretty mild actually. If that was offensive, then good thing you were not standing next to me last night. ;-0. I posted under the "Hero" topic from Monday as did not want to add any more fuel to this string of what started to be mostly derelictus type posts from anon's that had nothing better to do than log on to computer right at 10pm to dish on ACHL and the ADA's. I am a competitive person by nature but I exemplify the same grace whether I win or loose to my competitors. Had the count been in Kelly's favor, I would not have been chomping at the bit , waiting to log online to rush to Pro Liemyway's supporter's sites to berate them. All that stood between Kelly and victory were a measly 2113 votes. I am more disenchanted with my party right now and of almost 2 mil registered voters in Harris County and only almost 40 k voted in the DA run off. I know that there are some Repubs out there right now voicing opinions about this race and saying what a shame it is about Liemyway winning but it matters not, since they did not take the time to vote.
anonymous c said…
Thanks, JagJo.

I hear you about last night. Rough as hell.

It was especially hard to look into the devastated faces of particular ADAs who I’ve grown to greatly respect and care for after the news was passed out.

People that mock the sadness and general melancholy and malaise of those ADAs so immediately after Kelly’s loss are indeed “tools”.

Why shouldn’t they take it personally? What, to most people, was just idle, dinnertime chat was to those people a bloody fight for all that they stand for. It was/is personal for them and for the people that care about them. And it hurt them deeply.

To shamelessly bastardize H. Clinton’s recent comment…it proves they’re human, which you know, for some people, is a revelation.

Sure, they’ll recover and move on, but damn! Give them some space before you start shoving their noses in it. Or, better yet, don’t shove their noses in it at all.

What is their crime really? Fighting too hard for those of us who unfortunately find ourselves victimized?

Which reminds me…some of us argued ‘round and ‘round about the prosecutor’s role a while back on this blog and on others. People can debate the legalese and the particulars of that role all the live long day, but I don’t think that anyone can dispute that the actual, real-life prosecutors do what they do because they genuinely believe it to be the right thing.

They genuinely believe that they are righting wrongs. And they are, whether people want to say that out loud or not.

And now, for some, that calling is threatened. More than that, dashed.

Bottom line…kind of hard to have perspective when you’re wrapped around your potentially sinking livelihood, people.

So, the end result…the very personal result of last night is bigger, for many people, than a bunch of smug bloggers bloviating.

(Damn. I never can resist alliteration. Or O’Reilly.)

I have to believe that things will somehow be okay. To be honest, though…I am now skeptical of my own beliefs. I was just so sure that Kelly would pull it out. Been raised on too many books in which the good guy wins, I guess.

You’re completely right, JagJo. The real villain in this was pervasive apathy…just as AHCL predicted.

Congrats on your guy’s victory, though.

Go, Bradford, go!
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Anon C - A sincere THANK YOU for your vote for Moore. It is a vote well cast. A very sweet victory albeit servered up with a side of bitter (Kelly's loss). None the less, thank you and thanks to the other readers that voted for Moore.

If you vote for CB in Nov ,you can't vote for Moore so rethink that.. lol** I'd rather see as few votes as possible for Liemyway and as few for CB. That will make more of a voice than flipping parties. The projected Dem turn out will far alone beat Liemyway's supporting votes. I imagine CB is already getting measurements for the office space. Nov isn't going to be about issues and character. It will be a numbers game.
anonymous c said…

I was "Moore" than happy to cast that vote for your guy. ;-)

Actually thought about good, ol' "JagJo" in the voting booth. Hehe!

Isn't everyone on the same ballot in the general, though?
Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

Good Morning Anon c (and you too AHCL :-)

" "Moore" than happy" hehe..
You're a sweetie! Nice to know someone thought of me in the voting booth, but according to MB, I am Moore. So,in essence, if you thought of Moore while voting for Moore and thought of me before voting for Moore, you were actually thinking of Moore twice and not me at all. LOL

Silliness abounds...

I don't know about you all, but T.G.I.F..weekend come and get me!

And just because you are so special, I have personally arranged for the General election to be well, general. You can vote for whoever you desire. :-) I was just being funny in the other post or attempting to be( hence, the "lol" stuck at the end) I was just implying to not vote for CB or Liemyway. Making a cognitive choice to not vote for either candidate IS a choice. With the democratic upsurge and those that will vote straight ticket, CB will beat Liemyway with or without help from the republicans. It is a fate that would probably happen to any republican DA candidate. The romantics that we are ( ie, that little crazy ol' thing called passion we discussed earlier in the week) we would rather not see that as a reality but it is what it is. Everything happens for a reason and Kelly will get the longest straw yet! (as will, the ADA's)
anonymous c said…
Wow, JagJo (err! I mean Bill Moore)!

You rearranged the general election just for me! Awww! Hehe!

Sorry! Missed that "lol". I hadn't yet completed my caffeine infusion and was, thus, typing while still half asleep. :-)

As far as CB or Liemyway, I've placed myself in AHCL's voting block. As he/she goes, I go.

We'll see how it all shakes out. It's quite a ways 'til November.

Big Friday hugs!

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