Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Memorial Service

The Memorial Service for Melissa Harper was held today.

It was a beautiful ceremony held at the Parador (courtesy of James Stafford and Deborah Keyser). A collection of family and friends all spoke about what a wonderful person, attorney, and friend Melissa was to so many people.

There was an impressive gathering of members of the D.A.'s Office, the Defense Bar, and the Judges who came to pay their respects to someone who earned the love and respect of so many. Seeing us all together under one roof really reinforced what a family we truly are.

We all truly miss you, Melissa. And Kelli, we love you and are there for anything you could possibly need.

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Anonymous said...

It was beautiful and amazing. It was evident how much Melissa is loved. And all those people are there for Kelli, as well. Melissa, I will always miss you and remember you, and Kelli, we are all here for you, and love you.