Last Thoughts On Lykos

And I do truly hope that these are the last thoughts that any voter ever has to have about her.

Bernstein's blog listed two articles today about Lykos.

The first listed her e-mails out to her supporters, finally finding a "victim" and a "former Assistant D.A." who supported her. The victim is named "Cheryl" (no last name given) which I won't make fun of, because if Cheryl truly exists and is truly a victim, then I'm not going to question her choosing not to reveal her last name. I will, however, point out (as the commenter did) that out of "20,000 criminal cases tried", Lykos now has only one single victim endorsing her.

Lykos also a former prosecutor endorsing her named James Rust, who apparently did a two year stint within the D.A.'s Office some time in the 80s.

That would be the equivalent of me doing a tour of the White House in 1973 and proclaiming that during the short time I spent there that I thought Nixon was a fantastic president.

It's a weak attempt at her trying to show that she has the backing of "victims" and "prosecutors". I can only hope that the voters recognize it for the pathetically weak attempt to make herself relevant that it is.

The second of Bernstein's posts has to deal with the fact that Commissioner Steve Radack has publicly endorsed Kelly Siegler as the only candidate with the experience to be the D.A.

Alan makes a couple of barbed references, questioning who sent them.

Ron, I'm trying to give Bernstein a fair shake, but seriously, what the hell was that all about?

Bernstein concludes his article by writing:

The statements from Radack and Lykos pretty much sum up the positive messages of both candidates.


What part of the Lykos campaign has been a "positive message"? Her entire reason for being has been to hide her lack of qualifications by trying to associate Kelly Siegler with Chuck Rosenthal. She has tried to form a bond with the voters by creating a pseudo "common enemy" with the District Attorney's Office.

It sends a bad message that the Office doesn't currently exist to serve the citizens of Harris County, Texas, which it always has -- under good leadership, and under bad.

Lykos' negative campaigning has illustrated so very clearly that she is a political hack that doesn't deserve or qualify for the job of District Attorney. She has exhibited nothing less than a malicious disregard for the job (that over 200 Assistant District Attorneys do every day) in the face of shameless self-promotion.

As a citizen of Harris County, I expect more out of my leadership than someone who tries to breed distrust of a system in the name of her own self-interest.

Pat Lykos should be ashamed of the way that she and Terry Lowry have run her campaign.


Anonymous said…
JAGJO writes:

From the indications I heard of last week's voting status, it is Lykos' last night as a candidate for HCDA! Now she will have more time to devote to "her" (not "the") "rule of law"...

As for all of us, now we have to adjust to another unworthy opponent: Kelly Vs Clarence. Quiet Clarence won't be so quiet anymore...

Before you can whine or gloat.. you must Vote! For every person out there that doesn't think their vote will make a difference, please know that it does. Take 10 mins to exercise that privilege.
Murray Newman said…
One can only hope, JAGJO. One can only hope.
Ron in Houston said…

I don't think AB was saying that Lykos ran a positive campaign, I think he was saying that her "I'm a reformer" was part of the positive message of her campaign.

You're just too sensitive to AB.

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