I may have to take back every single last teasing and rude thing I've ever said about Alan Bernstein.

Tonight on his blog, he has posted a story about Robert Eckels being behind one of the three slam mailers sent out on behalf of the Lykos campaign.

It seems that Mr. Eckels was the sole donor of a whopping $17,500 to the misleadingly named GOP PAC for them to send out a slam piece on Kelly Siegler, attempting to associate her with Chuck Rosenthal. It notes that the money came out of his leftovers from his own campaign fund, given to him by people who donated money to him, only to have it diverted to Lykos' gutter-dwelling campaign.

Alan notes:

Eckels said he was not trying to conceal his involvement in the anti-Siegler piece by contributing $17,500 to an otherwise-dormant organization.

Um, okay, then why didn't I see his name signed off on the mail out trash?

His official statement?

"The language is perhaps a little stronger than I might use, but there are problems within the district attorney's office and with the attitude that Chuck and his team have had down there and it is time for a change."

So, what's the deal here, Mr. Eckels? I mean, you've already funneled an extremely large amount of money to the Lykos fund without really running it by the people who gave you that money. Now, you are funding out slam pieces on Kelly Siegler and doing some sort of "Who? Me?" routine.

Why do you feel the need to sponsor a slam piece that is deliberately misleading as to being some sort of "official prounouncement" from the Republican Party?

Why don't you just let Pat run on her own merits?

Oh, wait, that's right. She doesn't seem to have any.

As an addendum, Alan notes that Lykos' comment on the topic was that everything on it is "factually based (with) nothing deceitful."

Uh, yeah, we're really going to go to you on the issue of truthfulness, Pat.


Anonymous said…
I have lost all respect for Judge Eckels and so many others in the Harris County Republican Party. I have always been a Republican, but I believe that the damage is irreparable. I am infuriated that so many in county government and the Party have suggested that the leadership of the Office, and not just Chuck Rosenthal, needs to be changed. I have given my heart and my soul to the Office for over 15 years. It is not like I need to work in the public sector for much lower pay. I have actually enjoyed public service. Be careful what you wish for, Judge Eckels. You may just get it. How much time will pass before career prosecutors are willing to work at the Office again without fear that someone who has never spent a day there will trash them in public?

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